Classes and Workshops

Intermediate Shamanic Interspecies Communication

Join me for an online workshop diving even deeper into communicating with animals and all of nature

Sunday, August 7, 2022. 10:00 am to 4:00 pm (Sydney time). Via Zoom.

** Update: Recording Now Available. Just register to get access and watch the recording. **

Join me for a special gathering dedicated to communicating with those on the other side

* Animals and Humans *

Update: Recording Now Available. Just register to get access and watch the recording and do the guided meditations in your own time.

Join me for a magical Solstice celebration, journeying with the fae. Online. December 19, 2021.

Wyld Shamanism and the Faerie Way

There has never been a more vital time for the shamanic/druidic/fae perspective.  Wyld Shamanism is an earth-honouring path of the heart that recognises all life as sentient and sovereign.  It’s a non-human centric perspective.. and this is badly needed at a time when the human-centric perspective has created extinctions in other life forms on a mass scale, and raped and plundered our Mother Earth for centuries.  Wyld Shamanism teachings are a paradigm shift away from the current mainstream culture, and are sorely needed to help  turn the world “right side up ” again.  It’s an exciting, grounded, fun way to remember your own wyld nature. and grow into the authentic, integrous, big-hearted, light-filled human being you were always meant to be, understanding and connecting to animals, nature and the fae in a very deep and meaningful way.

Many people walk nature-based spiritual paths already, but my School of Wyld  Shamanism, breaks with outmoded shamanic traditions and weaves global teachings, with the bright thread of the Council of Elvin Fae Elders who want to guide humanity to be the highest versions of themselves, so they can become benevolent stewards of the earth in a very real way, stripped of the human conditioning and programming that has created imbalances and fear for thousands of years.

These classes are perfect for people who are ready to make a real difference. Because each one of us who awakens to the truth of a world of non-violence, helps create the world of peace, plenty, and safety we all dream of.. for all beings, in all realms.

About Shamanism

In the old days a shaman was made through birth, illness or initiation, becoming an important part of the tribe because they were the bridge between the worlds. Like the Druids, a high shaman would have studied many years, cultivating their natural gifts to benefit the tribe in all manner of ways, working wit helper spirits from beyond this realm.

And this is also the difference between animism and shamanism. Animism, like shamanism, sees the whole world as alive.. the stones, the trees, the rivers, the mountains.  The shamanic perspective understands this deeply and also bridges the divide between the worlds, often employing the spirits to help with healing for example.

The shaman usually always  understood and had deep connections with other life forms.  They were the healers and protectors, the fire keepers, the keepers of mystery and wisdom.  In Celtic lore, there were the bards who understood the power of words in battle and healing, who wove stories to teach, understand, and keep the history of the tribes.  There were the Ovates who were the oracles, the diviners, the Seers , the healers.  And then the Druids who were trained in all of this and became the Wyse.  They understood the great mysteries, had the ability to use power, and were the judges and lore keepers. They all understood magic.  And how to use it for the good of all so as not to upset the greater balance.  The Wyse understood ripples.

The perspective and practises I teach come from a lifetime of understanding the silent language all beings speak, including the trees, the flowers, the mountains, streams stones, animals and unseen.  I’m an innate interspecies telepath walking the path of the heart as an animal advocate, a wisdom keeper, and the protector and carer for hundreds of animals who live in sacred, safe sanctuary  at my home in NSW, Australia. I’ve worked as an animal shaman with my helping spirit healers for decades, becoming a global authority on animal spirituality.

The non-human perspective isn’t just something I teach.  It’s who I am.

Being a voice for the unheard is not a job.  Its a calling.

My Own Training

At a time when there are so many people abusing animals through ignorance and ego, it is more important than ever that students and seekers are discerning and look for authenticity and integrity.

All profits from the classes in the School of Wyld Shamanism support the animals of the Deep Peace Trust’s farm animal and wild horse sanctuary, A Place of Peace.  Every class is a fundraiser.  So none of this teaching is for personal financial gain.

I love to acknowledge the teachers who helped me on my journey and to become what I am today.  I am still always learning, always open, always finding new things to share and to make life better for All.

I was born knowing that all life mattered, no matter how large or small and by the time I was 10 I was well and truly advocating on the rights of cows who screamed, horses with bloody mouths from sharp bits,  trees who needed their leaves, and ants who didn’t need to be stepped on.  I was one of those children.

My first teacher was J. Allen Boone who wrote the book Kinship with All Life.  Even though I never met him, his words touched me deeply and he finally gave a name to the gift I had.  Communication.  He was the only other person I knew who both understood the silent language and held a benevolent viewpoint for the world.  I was studying herbalism and naturopathy with Denis Stewart at the time, and this flowed into acupressure and all kinds of other modalities over the years.  My boss at Nature and Helath magazine in the early 80s was a writer called Neville Drury who studied the occult and shamanism.  And wrote about it.  He introduced me to drumming journeys long before I studied with other shamanic teachers such as  authors Denise Linn and Lynn Andrews, and also Grandmother Kitty of the Seneca Wolfclan Healing Lodge who named me She Who Remembers.

I was communing with my own animals who taught me so much, and with trees and mother earth and the farm and other animals who suffered so much, but it was my dog Suki who made me step up and find a healer in the Otherworld to connect with consciously.  Grandfather saved her life, and helped me for decades, making the work shamanic rather than just communicating.  I studied Andean shamanic healing through the Four Winds Society over a period of four years. And my Druid training came from the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids in England, and the fae elders themselves.  I spent many years being taught by the fae and the tree spirits who are my friends and guides in life. This is on-going.

I have also studied yoga and meditation and this path is definitely Ahimsan.. if that’s a word.  All life is connected and when we hurt others, we hurt not just ourselves, but it ripples. And that includes farm animals.  So many traditions still believe these animals are food.  But I have known since I was a small child that they are not and they dont want to be.

The other bright thread I weave into these classes is the bright thread from quantum teachings.  That speaks to me so clearly as it is aligned with the shamanic viewpoint. Nothing is solid.  We can change things.  We can make the impossible, possible.

Let’s do it together

Current Classes

  • Animal Shamanism Level I. A course that helps you get in touch with psychic nature of both yourself and animals. You can read more about the course or register for it.
  • 30 Days of Spiritual Wildness. A course which takes you into the New Earth, helping you be the change the earth needs you to be.
  • Wyld Shamanism: Meeting the Unseen. Through the majick of journeying, we will bring back the wisdom and empowerment we each need to fulfil our roles today. This is why we incarnated. This is what we each put our hands up for. 


“This course is amazing and is exactly what is needed for all of us all as we try to navigate through this time. The journeys Billie takes us on are unique, mystical and magical speaking to each individual at a heart and soul level. The drumming is other wordly!”
— Mel Reidy, NSW


“The Wyld Shamanism: Meeting the Unseen course has opened doors to a new world and allowed me to explore and extend my consciousness without limitations. Highly recommended for anyone who knows there’s another world alongside us.”
— Robin Tennant-Wood, NSW

“Through Wyld Shamanism: Meeting the Unseen, Billie has shown me the kind, gentle and true way of the world. It is empowering to find that my voice meant something and Wyld Shamanism has brought me so much knowledge and reassurance to bring it all together. Thank you, Billie. Deep blessings to you and the precious planet upon which we live.”
— Bernadette van den Acker, Victoria

“Wyld Shamanism: Meeting the Unseen — I recommend it to anyone who feels lost in this mad world. Keeps one sane and is so inspiring. Loving it all. Namaste.”
— Joy Allenby-Acuna, NSW

“With all Billie’s courses, and especially this one, the work keeps one uplifted in challenging times and gives one purposeful ways to help Mother Earth and ourselves, sending light into the darkness. It is also a great forum for like-minded souls to share experiences.”
— Judy Fountain, NSW



Billie Dean is the co-founder of the Deep Peace Trust, an organisation for social change, based on ancient shamanic wisdom. She’s an innate, world-renowned telepath with all beings, and works with animals, the natural world, the unseen and those who have passed on. Billie and her husband and daughter run Australia’s largest farm animal sanctuary from their home in rural NSW, and also work as writers for Wild Pure Heart, their family story studio. Billie’s signature work, Secret Animal Business, is a book which changes lives. Wyld Shamanism is Billie’s own shamanic path, which is deeply rooted in the ways of Faerie.


I met Billie 12 years ago as my Shamanic teacher. I realised straight away that she was an extraordinary soul with great knowledge and skills, and so happy to share. Her heart and integrity shone from her like a light. She has walked the path she teaches, and I feel blessed to have found her to start my awesome journey into interspecies communication and very authentic shamanism practices. My training with her changed my life, helped me find a depth I was craving, and gave me new eyes to be more conscious on this planet and see the illusion we are fed. Bless you Billie for your heartfelt sharings and helping to heal this glorious planet.

— Debra Lansdowne Yoga Teacher and Transpersonal Art and movement Therapist

Billie’s teachings are life changing! When you immerse yourself in the animal world, you get to understand the importance of why we have to change the way we view and treat animal beings. Compassion at its core.
— Juliana Braunsroth, USA