Munay-Ki and the Earthkeepers Course

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Don Francisco and Billie Dean

What are the Munay-Ki?

“The Munay-Ki are the nine rites of initiation to become a person of wisdom and power who has accepted the stewardship for all creation. The nine rites are common to all shamanic traditions, even though they are expressed in different forms and styles in different cultures.”
— Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.

The Munay-Ki Rites are energetic transmissions from the Inka Q’ero nation. They have been released in an attempt to help people fast track their spiritual growth and personal healing, in an attempt to create Earthkeepers — people who Walk in Beauty and understand how to steward the Earth. It is said they help anchor people into the new time to come. But by helping people heal themselves, we also help create the time to come. When people are released from their old stories, fears and limitations, they will Walk in Beauty with love in their hearts and service in their souls.

Energetic transmissions are common in all shamanic traditions, and in the past, the person who wanted to walk the shaman path would receive these initiations as part of their healing and training.

The Munay-ki were released so that people could bypass the 25 or so years of training and take a short cut. However the initiations themselves do not make a shaman or a healer, and without the benefit of training and guidance, the seeds ignited may not flourish.

In my training with the Q’ero and the Four Winds Society, I was taught by Doña Bernadina that it is important to cleanse and clear the body before giving rites of initiation. We do this with the shamanic healing practises taught in the tradition. Students are taught shamanic practises and processes to help with clearing negativity, and to ground and grow the seeds. The object of the training is to clear the chakras of sludge so they eventually shine their true rainbow colours — creating the “rainbow warriors” of indigenous prophecy. This is not automatic. It takes working with the shaman to strip everything that is not your essential, authentic self.

Personally I found the Munay-ki, which translated, means “love power” or “be as thou art”, stirs the pot of your essential self. Cleaning the sludge from the Luminious Energy Field can be easy and blissful, or difficult and challenging depending on the individual. Using the Munay-ki with the Healing the Light Body school training has shifted me 180 degrees on my axis. I feel lighter, empowered and am fulfilling my visions for creating a new world – a kinder, more compassionate world where people and animals live in sacred harmony.

My vision for sharing these initiations was always to create a community or tribe of people who would be human angels for animals. Healed people who cast no shadow on the animals they loved and would be ready and willing to be of service to the animal kingdom.

About the Earthkeepers Course

Rainbow Fianna: Wisdom School for Earthkeepers is a training of the animal shaman – a transformational shamanic course which helps people understand the language of all of nature, the interconnection between animals, nature and humans, and the needs of animals as psychic and sentient beings.

My Earthkeepers course is the course for people who are perhaps more focused on their personal journey. It includes the rites of initiation, but also includes shamanic healing and guidance. People are helped to reconnect with nature and animals, as this is an essential part of our personal healing. This disconnect I believe, is what is the root cause of the problems of our planet today.

In this course we focus on the Munay-Ki rites and the shaman path of the Inka, blended with a special emphasis on communicating with the natural world and animals to help you step onto the path of the Earthkeeper in a holistic way. This is a course steeped in ceremony for the healing of yourself, the ancestors, and Mother Earth. It is important training for Rainbow Warriors, animal and earth stewards, and those interested in the 2012 Phenomenon.

In this class, you:

  • Receive all the Munay Ki rites of initiation
  • Learn what they are and how to use them in every day life
  • Learn the importance of ceremony and dancing in the sacred
  • Perform fire ceremony in the Inkan tradition.
  • Learn the importance of ayni or right relations.
  • Be introduced to the wisdom of the animal, plant and faerie kingdoms and how to access that wisdom.
  • Learn how be the best Earthkeeper you can be, for your family, your animals, and Mother Earth.

The course is transformational and shamanic in nature. This means you learn by experience, and the learning goes beyond the class room. Training includes personal healing and ceremony, as ritual and ceremony help bypass the limbic brain to create personal change. People are also taught how to call in the lineage for help , healing and growth.

My vision with my school is to create a strong community of healed people who can then work for change. Gatherings of apprentice shaman who are free of the web of stories which hold them, are a rich experience on many levels for all concerned and can contribute hugely to the health of the planet. These gatherings can be physical or connected by the world wide web.

I have had the great honour of being able to complete my training in shamanic healing with the Four Winds Society, finishing all seven required courses, working with the Q’ero elders, and doing extra Master’s courses and sitting at Shamanic Gatherings with other medicine men and women who were full mesa carriers in this tradition – to work on further personal and global change.

It is this depth and understanding that I bring to my teaching of the munay-ki, as well as, of course, a lifetime of communicating with animals and nature, which, according to Michael Harner, is the definition of a shaman.

In some traditions you are not a shaman until you can converse with all your relations.

The Munay-ki in its essential form is an Andean teaching and I would ask that all students come to class as an empty cup, ready to learn and experience something new, exciting and life-changing.

Don Francisco and Billie Dean

Don Francisco, Spiritual Leader of the Inka Q'ero, with Billie Dean in 2008

How I Received the Rites

In February 2007, I joined 250 western shamans from around the world to meet with four Inka Elders and receive the Munay-Ki. Troubled by the state of the planet and hearing the call of their own prophecy, the Inka have gifted the Munay-Ki or “love power” to the West. Munay-Ki protégés receive the nine great rites of initiation which heal and transform their energy field into “homo luminous” – the new humans of the prophecies of the ancient Americas. These people become Earthkeepers, stewards of the planet in the true sense of the word. They also heal, age and die differently. So in February 2007, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to study the  Munay-Ki with Dr Alberto Villoldo, Wake Wheeler andthe  four Inkan Elders . In 2008, I studied at an advanced course in the Munay-Ki rites called Rites of Passage with Wake and Katie Wheeler.

My Experience of the Munay-Ki

Do you hear the call? As soon as I read the Four Winds Society email announcing the Ninth or Creator Rite, I knew it was the missing piece of the spiritual mastery puzzle I had been waiting for for a lifetime. Actually, many lifetimes. I had to be there.

Those of you who know me will know how much I dislike being away from Andrew, let alone Tamsin and the animals here at A Place of Peace, so for me to feel the call so desperately that I would be away two weeks, on my own, in America – know how loudly I heard the call.

It was everything I expected and more. I received all Nine Rites in the company of Four Winds staff and Inka Elders, the only Australian among 250 western shaman, lightworkers and energy healers.

I experienced bliss and timelessness. Like the Q’ero, I too Walked in Beauty. My elemental wings turned into angel’s wings. I soared like an eagle all the way home.

Since receiving the Rites, and gifting them to others, my life has accelerated into Destiny. From the intense pain of constant nursing and loss of my horse Sollie, my dad and my older dogs and other beloved animals, I am now literally flying all over the world, feeding my hungry soul with the information it craves so I can share this with others. My manifestation ability has accelerated. I am youthing. My eyesight has improved. I’m motivated to run again in the beautiful back hills of our property. I was always in communion with animals and nature so that hasn’t changed, but I now have a beautiful connection to Spirit which had been severed, probably at the early loss of my mother.

My light being is lighter. I am acutely aware of walking in the fifth dimension and find the third dimension more challenging than ever before – yet at the same time, my love of humanity and faith in our ability to grow and change, has been magnified one hundred fold.

Working in animal rescue, my views of humanity were less than generous before I got my eagle’s wings.

Before I left for America, I was walking in grace and understood the significance of synchronicity and the power of intent. Now I am a finely tuned rudder sailing through life.

And my life has changed dramatically.

We live in very exciting times and I am so very honoured to bring you this gift from Dr Alberto Villoldo and the Inka peoples, the Munay-Ki.

Please come to one of our courses and experience it for yourself. Please see our Courses page for when courses are being held.

What Others Have Said About the Munay Ki

When I first received Billie’s email on Munay-Ki I had little idea of what it was about but I knew I had to be there. I found this to be true of a number of other people who came. We heard the call. During the weekend it became apparent to me that Munay-Ki was different from anything else I had participated in, and my previous “knowing” – that I had to be there – was true. After receiving the first four Rites I feel lighter in my physical and etheric bodies. The dross from the past that collected in my auric field has gone. Healing has taken place on a number of levels. Joy bubbles within me – and my spirit is buoyant. I can’t wait to receive the remaining five Rites” – Pam Adams, Soul Companions.
* * * * *
Thank you so much for having the courage and energy to bring us to the Munay-Ki. I think I can say I have been waiting for this since I awoke in 1985. I could not answer the Christian call and may others of the New Age movement, but I could answer the call of this vibration and lineage. I am honoured and feel honoured and I believe I have been protected and guided and prepared throughout my life to stay slightly aloof and safe for this.
Again, Billie, I hope many blessings come upon you bringing this to this part of the world. I gladly take up the call and I think many will who have become disillusioned with the old religions and much of the New Age movement that has been linings its pockets but not living the way.
– Aletha Baldwin, NSW