Set Yourself Free with the Magic of the Fae

Rainbow Fianna: Wisdom School for Earthkeepers presents

Set Yourself Free –  

with the Magic of the Fae


Billie Dean

August 31 – September 1, 2013

Laughing Woman

This unique two day workshop introduces you to the magic of The Shining Ones – the Fae.  

Find the sacred world of the New Avalon, and meet the guardians of the Time to Come. Discover your faerie lineage and wings. and learn to walk  the Faerie Path.

The Fae are calling us from the future to step up, break free, be your best, live your best, increase your frequency, find your soul’s true mission and positively impact the world. Just by being You.

 Put the sparkle back in your life – and  make the world a better place by setting yourself free.

This unique two-day event located near Canberra in the beautiful heritage town of Braidwood is for people who are ready to enter the magical realm of the Shining Ones, and make a powerful difference to this realm.

“Forget safety.
Live where you fear to live.
Destroy your reputation.
Be notorious.”
― Rumi

You’ll meet and befriend Otherworld guides to help you in every day living, learn the secrets of reality, empower your manifestation, regain your courageous curiosity,  and through the power of shamanic soul retrieval , open your heart to healing, wholeness and to love.

Numbers are limited to keep the experience personal and be warned, there will be laughter and fun. When you put the sparkle back into your life, you can resonate at a higher level, shine more brightly and understand how you can be effective for social change.

This two-day workshop is also important training for the Spring Equinox gateway in September 2013, which is supposed to be the real birthday of those humans taking the quantum leap in evolution. As the magic three is very potent right now, the timing of the event is three weeks before the much anticipated Equinox, giving students time to prepare themselves using the tools learned in class.

For students going around the Animal Shamanism wheel, this is the Element of Air – Level 4. And while this class is open to all those who feel called to come and study with me at this time, students at this level and higher will get VIP access to me during the weekend for special learning for Lost Animals, Psychic Tracking, Advanced Telepathy, Divination, and Death Rites. Bring your questions!

“Over the years consciously following a spiritual path and growing my medicine, this particular mentor and friend has been a huge inspiration and source of wisdom, and through her my own growth has progressed in ways which have expanded my perspective, enriched my sense of being, and educated me more deeply to the sentience of all. I invite everyone to participate in hearing the insights and quirky messages of inspiration this gifted, sensitive woman has to share.” – Kat Breakwell, Victoria

“To work with Billie Dean is indeed a privilege. To be taught by her, an absolute pleasure not to be missed.” – Marilyn Clymo, Victoria

“The experience and the teachings changed my life and the way I see the world.” – Lisa Robertson, Victoria

If you think Braidwood is too hard to get to, please know that people have come from as far away as Hong Kong and New Zealand  to study in this little town, which is just a shortish hop from Canberra airport. Getting here really is pretty simple, and we can lay out all your options for you.

Come and experience the magic of the fae .. and set yourself free.

Looking forward to you joining us!

— Billie

Billie Dean is an internationally recognised  animal shaman, visionary and faerie Bard, who was born remembering the silent language and sacred connections to animals, nature and the Otherworld.  She is a full mesa carrier in the Inkan tradition of healing, is a Druid of the Celtic Faerie Faith,  founded the New Shamanism, is the author of Secret Animal Business, is a storyteller and writer,  and is in demand as a keynote speaker.  She also spent many years working as a stand up and improvisional comic, and has performed on stages around the world.

Want more information or want to book in? Send contact us and we can send you a participant’s information sheet and a course registration form.

Course Information

Set Yourself Free
Dates: August 31 – September 1, 2013
Venue: The Old Mill, Braidwood, NSW 2622
Cost: $595. (Payment plans available if needed).
Bookings: Book by using the Contact page to send Andrew a message or phone (02) 4842 2819.


Photo by Unhindered by Talent