Essential First Aid Tools for Animals Downloads

Thank you for purchasing the teleseminar Essential First Aid Tools for Animals.  I hope you find this teleseminar helpful for stocking a first aid cabinet for use with your animal friends.

Listening Now

Use this audio player to listen to the recording of the teleseminar now.

Downloading the Audio

There are two versions of the audio file for the teleseminar, both with the same content. I encourage you to download the larger file, since it has a much better sound, but I also provide the smaller, lower audio quality file for people with slow download speeds or with data cap issues. Note that the streaming player above uses the larger file.

As the files are in .mp3 format, you should be able to play them on any computer with most popular media players (including Windows Media Player and iTunes).

Download Audio File (High-Quality) (.mp3 format, 59 minutes, 56.5 Mb)

Downloading the eBook

This is where the ebook will be, once it is available. The text is in the pdf format and approximately 1.2 Mb. As such, you will need a program that can read a pdf file. You can use the Acrobat Reader, which is free from Adobe. If you are on a Mac, the built-in Preview program works fine.

We will contact you when the ebook is available.

How to Download a File

To download a file, right-click the appropriate download link, then choose Save As or Save Link As (depending on your machine). Choose a location on your hard disc, then click OK (or Save). The file should download to that location.

If you have any problems, please feel free to use the Contact page to get in touch so we can help you out.