Animal Shamanism Level II

Online Course – You Can Start Now (If you have finished Animal Shamanism Level I)


Welcome to the second level of animal shamanism.  Once upon a time I called this calls Death, Divination and Destiny because it covers both the death and dying process of our beloveds in detail so we can feel comfortable with this very important stage of their lives, and it also covers passion and life.

We’ll continue to expand our knowledge and understanding of animal communication, and begin a very important relationship with the element of fire.

This is the course where we look at some bright threads of  Celtic shamanism to help bring depth, richness and meaning to your life.  And we introduce power animals and allies, divination and symbolism into the tapestry.

We also study energy and how the animals see us and sense us — what’s best for them, and how we can apply this in our every day lives for better animal/human relations.

The course covers six weeks, with each week featuring a recorded lesson from me, plus exercises.  There is an private Facebook group where you can join in, ask questions, share your experiences of the work, support each other, and generally come together as a like-minded community.

Totem, one of the goats at A Place of PeaceWhy Do Animal Shamanism Level II?

You need strong foundations to build a castle, and like Level I, Level II is a strong and necessary foundation.

This is where we begin our dance with the whole world of Death and Dying, which ends in Level IV.    We’ve all lost our animal companions at one stage or other, and it is important that we understand the process and how the animals feel about it, so we can be the best for them at this time, while living in a culture which largely tends to shut down around the subject and make it almost taboo.

This course is where we take animal communication to a deeper level and understand how our energy field affects the world around us.  At the end of the course you will have learned a lot about your own energy field, and how it affects animals.  Also the energy fields of others.   You’ll learn how to shed and shift so that you can  come into greater harmony with the animals you love.

It’s also important for your personal growth and sacred connections to learn about the nature elementals.

What We’ll Cover

In Level II, we explore the element of fire in its ancient Celtic context for life and passion, and also understand the many nuances of death and dying to help our animal friends through this very important final stage of their lives with us.  We also look at dreams, divination and spirit animals, and experience much journeying and fun.We include processes, practices, ceremony and song to help us shed and shift and raise our frequency so you can come into greater harmony with the animals you love.

You will also begin to understand a lot more about animal behaviour.

Doughal, one of the Brumbies at A Place of PeaceHow the Course Works

Each week, I release a set of teaching materials – a combination of recorded audio and written materials. These materials cover the week’s topics, and set out exercises for you to do in your own time and at your own pace.

Private Facebook Group

I encourage you to take your experiences to the private Facebook group, and I hope you will share your experiences with others in this safe space, and to learn from each other as much as you learn from me. Use the contact form to request an invitation to that group.

My intention is to provide you with maximum flexibility in your learning, while still having it relate to where you are personally at in your journey.

Common Questions

1. I’m awfully busy at the moment (or for part of that time). Can I still do the course? Will it be worthwhile?

We all live busy lives, and believe me, I understand the time concern. I have designed this course, with its recorded and written materials, to be accessible when and how you need it.  I’ll release the materials on a regular schedule, but you can always catch up if you happen to fall behind. Plus, the materials will be freely downloadable to you, which means that even if our time together ends up not being a good timing for you, you can still enjoy and work with the learning materials when things settle down in your life.

You will have already done Level I, so you know that we build in flexibility.

2. I’m having trouble paying for the course. Is there a payment plan?

You bet. I always prefer that people do my courses rather than not, and I try not to make the money an issue.  As such, there is a one-off payment option, or a three-part payment plan (which is slightly more expensive).  Details are below.  Feel free to choose the option that suits you best.

Or if you need some other arrangement (like different timing), use the Contact page to send me a note, and I’ll have Andrew get in touch with you to work something out.

3. I’ve studied with you before. Do I need to do this course to be able to do the other courses?

In a word, no. If you have done a Path of the Wild Pure Heart Level II, or a Secret Animal Business Level II, or an Animal Shamanism Level II with me before, either live or online, then you do not need to do this course again to do Level III and beyond.

Having said that, people often enjoy the process of repeating and refreshing, as well as coming together as a community.  And my classes are organic and grow as I do, so I always tend to bring some fresh material to a new class.  I offer a significant discount for students who would like to be part of the Level II journey again.

4. What about homework?

As you saw in Level I, I do set tasks for you to do in your own time each week. But, again, I know how busy we all are, so I expect these exercises to be able to be done in a reasonable amount of time. At some level, how much time they take will be up to you. If an exercise calls to you deeply, you will want to explore it further, which will take more time. My goal, however, is that the homework will be a joy to engage with, something you will want to do, and in no way onerous.

5. I want to work with animals, but don’t necessarily want to be an animal communicator. Is this course for me?

Absolutely. While the teachings certainly incorporate animal communication, the scope is much broader than that, and will certainly be relevant to whatever you want to do with animals, from working with them professionally to simply sharing your life with them.

The Details

Start Date: The course is online, and can be started whenever it suits you after you finish Level I.

End Date: Approximately six weeks later.

Cost: One payment of $325, or three fortnightly payments of $125.

How to Pay

Our preference is that you pay for the course by EFT, as that saves us Paypal fees. Please contact us for those banking details. Otherwise, use one of the Paypal buttons below.  Note that if you are choosing the three-part payment option, you must use the Paypal button so those payments are automatic. If you prefer to pay by cheque or some other method, then, again, get in contact and we can work that out.

How You Would Like to Pay:

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One-time Payment, $325.

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