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Welcome to Rainbow Fianna!

Welcome to my school Rainbow Fianna: Wisdom School for Earthkeepers.  This is a school for those who wish to work professionally with animals, or  you can also learn simply to deepen your sacred connections to animals, nature and yourself.  And this is vital at this time for so many of the world’s problems have stemmed from human beings being disconnected from the natural world and the truth of our animal kin.

Shamanism is an ancient path of healing, understanding energy and working with Spirit.  The shaman communes with all of life and helps bring balance through ceremony.  Journeying is also a fundamental tool in the shamanic tool kit – to find answers to questions and to help another heal.

Because I have an affinity with the animals and the fae, I have developed the New Shamanism, which takes  the wisdom of the ancient, native ways, entwined with the New Messages coming from the animals, fae and nature to make shamanism a bright, shining path with even greater respect and reverence for all species.  At the heart of it is communion, but also holding that communion in a vessel of great understanding and wisdom of animal behaviour and the world of energy in which they (and we) live.

“I highly recommend expanding your mind and heart through the information, lessons, and knowledge that Billie Dean shares in relation to deepening your connection to animals at a spiritual level. As they say, once you become aware, you can’t go backwards and become unaware. Life changes, soul grows, heart expands, and importantly, you will never see the world or animals with a limited view again.”

– Kathryn Breakwell, Melbourne

The School follows the Elemental Wheel, winding a deeper understanding of the elements and spirits we share the planet with, into a world of animal mysticism and spirituality.  Each animal is a soul come to be in a certain place, with a certain person (or not), for a reason.  Finding the reasons, the truth, is the journey the school takes you on.  This is a transformative journey, shedding the old, stepping out of the skin of old conditioning, and becoming aware of your shadow, so you no longer project this onto other people, and especially not animals.  The goal is to initiate you into the realm of human angels for animals – luminous warriors who can walk softly across the land in gentle, compassionate action for our sisters and brothers.  That action may simply be to listen to what they have to say, to hold them with love, or it could be more.  Through  this training, you will know what your heart calls you to do.

“Billie’s teachings instil us with new perceptions of our own potential, transforming our old patterns and paradigms into ones of unlimited thinking and being.”

– Kayla Jakota, Adelaide

So, welcome to Animal Shamanism Level I, your first step on the journey with me.  And I am thrilled to be able to bring you this, my foundation course, in a way that lets you study at your own pace where ever you are on the planet.

There are six modules in the course (one released each week after you sign up). Each features a recorded lesson from me, a text version of that lesson, and exercises for you to try. In addition, I invite you to join the private Rainbow Fianna Facebook group, which is a gathering of my students online for the purpose of sharing and support. There you can share your experiences, ask questions, and enjoy a community of likeminded souls. 

Sarah and Willow, two of the animals at A Place of PeaceWhy Do Animal Shamanism Level I?

Most people come to me because they want to learn to commune with animals telepathically, and they want that study with the depth of knowledge that a shamanic path brings.  This is not just about being an animal communicator, but being the very best you can be for the animals you love.  If you are a beginner or have had telepathic experience, it doesn’t matter — this course is the foundation of the work to come.  It will help you see the world of animals in a new light.

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Know how to feed your animals naturally, so that they have a healthier, more energetic life.
  • Have practiced the fundamentals of animal communication, which will help you connect more deeply with animals and nature so that you can hear their wisdom and guidance.
  • Be able to choose your language and perspective around animals carefully, which will help shape the place of animals in your life, and in the lives of those around you.
  • Have practiced journeying, which will help you develop the strength of your inner guidance.

 A seed of a deeper more mature love and understanding has been planted through this course. Regardless of if I personally have any skill as a ‘communicator’, the main thing to me is I try to deepen my understanding and respect. And even if I can’t always understand what the animal kin ‘say’ to me, I do trust that they understand me. The implications of how I conduct myself around, and in relationship to, animals is profound.

– Anne Bindu

What We’ll Cover

This is the foundation course where we look at:

  • Language and the words we use around animals
  • The importance of The Word
  • Naming
  • Diet
  • The Way of Beauty
  • Unwitting Sorcery
  • The importance of Love and Acknowledgement
  • Changing Your Perspective
  • Human as Predator
  • And of course, Animal Communication.

You will also learn through journeying and ceremony.  Specifically in this course, we will journey into the Earth realm, as we wind the teachings with bright threads from the Element of Earth.

How the Course Works

As mentioned above, each week for six weeks you receive a set of teaching materials.  These include audio and text version of the materials, and are downloadable from a secure online page. These materials will cover the week’s topics, and set out exercises for you to do in your own time and at your own pace.

Private Facebook Group

I encourage you to take your experiences to the private Facebook group, and I hope you will share your experiences with others in this safe space, and to learn from each other as much as you learn from me. Use the contact form to request an invitation to that group.

My intention is to provide you with maximum flexibility in your learning, while still having it relate to where you are personally at in your journey.

Pagan, one of the A Place of Peace brumbiesCommon Questions

1. I’m awfully busy at the moment. Can I still do the course? Will it be worthwhile?

We all live busy lives, and believe me, I understand the time concern. I have designed this course, with its recorded and written materials, to be accessible when and how you need it.  I’ll release the materials on a regular schedule, but you can inevitably, people take the course at their own pace, and I encourage you to do the same. The materials are freely downloadable to you when you sign up, which means you can still enjoy and work with the learning materials when things settle down in your life.

2. I’m having trouble paying for the course. Is there a payment plan?

You bet. I always prefer that people do my courses rather than not, and I try not to make the money an issue.  As such, there is a one-off payment option, or a three-part payment plan (which is slightly more expensive).  Details are below.  Feel free to choose the option that suits you best.

Or if you need some other arrangement, use the Contact page to send me a note, and I’ll have Andrew get in touch with you to work something out.

3. I’ve studied with you before. Do I need to do this course to be able to do the other courses?

If you have done Animal Shamanism Level I with me before, either live or online, then you do not need to do this course again to do Animals Shamanism Level II. If you studied a Level I version of my previous courses, Secret Animal Business or Path of the Wild Pure Heart, then yes, you do Animal Shamanism Level I before continuing. How I teach and what I teach has changed since then, and to have the best foundation for later study, you need these basics.

4. What about homework?

I do set out tasks for you to do in your own time each week. But, again, I know how busy we all are, so I expect these exercises to be able to be done in a reasonable amount of time. At some level, how much time they take will be up to you. If an exercise calls to you deeply, you will want to explore it further, which will take more time. My goal, however, is that the homework will be a joy to engage with, something you will want to do, and in no way onerous. Also, I do not require you to turn anything in, as it is the experiences you have on the journey that matter.

5. I want to work with animals, but don’t necessarily want to be an animal communicator. Is this course for me?

Absolutely. While the teachings certainly incorporate animal communication, the scope is much, much broader than that, and will certainly be relevant to whatever you want to do with animals, from working with them professionally to simply sharing your life with them.

6. I have studied with [Insert name] or the course [Insert course name]. Do I really need to do your Level I?

I think you will find my course is unique, and Level I is definitely a foundation for the other levels. It is not just about animal communication, but a perspective that I teach – a perspective steeped in the ancient ways of respect and ethics and knowledge about the unseen. Further, with this course, I take the students on a journey through the elemental wheel. And it is vital that you thoroughly explore and ground in the earth energies of Level I. Being an animal communicator carries a responsibility. The animals have been abused enough from people’s ignorance, so I want to equip you with as much wisdom as possible – wisdom being knowledge grounded in experience.

I also teach the New Shamanism, something no one else is teaching as I pioneered this thinking. The course shifts people’s programming and gently opens them to more visionary thinking about animals, nature and the planet. The course is intensive, and transformative and takes you into the world the animals live in – the world of energy and the unseen. And it teaches you to tread quietly and gently and harm none with your actions.

I talk about my school as being like Avalon. The world of the animal shaman is energetic, and there is an energy of transformation released when you begin studying. Students always tell us how grateful they are that they learn so much about ethics and that their teacher walks her talk and walks in the Light. So I encourage you to do Level I. And I know you will not be bored at all! We often have other practising shaman and practising animal communicators in our school, and they all get a great deal from this level and the others.

 7. Will I get a certificate?

I get this question surprisingly often. To be honest, I’m not a big fan of certificates. What does a certificate of completion say? Someone showed up – but not much more. In this class, I am not grading you. The shamanic path is one of experience. I invite you to come on this journey for the ride, and for your own growth.

Plus, animal communication in particular takes time and experience to develop and hone, to make sure that you are coming at it from a healed place, and not from a space where you are projecting your stuff on your animal client. So, while I absolutely encourage people to practice what they learn out in the real world, I also want people to maintain a sense of perspective about where they are at in their process.

So I only give out certificates to students who have done the whole program. Thanks for your understanding about that.

The Details

Start Date: Open. You can sign up and begin when ever you like.

Cost: One payment of $297, or three fortnightly payments of $120.

You also need a copy of my book Secret Animal Business, because it is a reference and foundation stone for this work.

How to Pay:

To enrol in the course, simply use one of the options below to make a purchase.

If you’d prefer to pay by EFT (which does save us some fees)  or some other method, then get in contact and we can work that out.

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