Wisdom School

My school is Rainbow Fianna: Wisdom School for Earthkeepers, and I look forward to you joining us on the journey to self-discovery.

I’ve been teaching animal communication for about two decades now, but in 2007 I started my school Rainbow Fianna: Wisdom School for Earthkeepers which includes The Australian Centre for the Munay Ki. Under the Rainbow Fianna banner, we are constantly growing to meet the needs of people who are learning that animals are indeed teachers and healers, and that a deeper connection to nature and an earth-honouring spirituality is a path to personal and planetary healing.
Rainbow Fianna: Wisdom School for Earthkeepers

Many of my courses cover animal communication, as learning the silent language of nature is core to all the work of an Earthkeeper. Ancient wisdoms from many traditions are wound around the teaching of coming into greater alignment and harmony with yourself, your animal friends and the planet.

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