New Era RisingSolstice, December 2012

Well, the date I have been waiting for and working towards since 1978 is now upon us. And I certainly didn’t expect to feel like I do, which is to simply withdraw from the younger souls, the negativity, the violence, the cruelty and the rest of the barbaric nature of third dimensional reality. Lately, I have found myself so sensitive that it’s challenging to go into a supermarket, be in the company of people eating the flesh of another, be on Facebook, or have anything at all to do with the third dimension. I couldn’t even go to the Farmer’s Market near Fox Studios recently, because I was so sensitive to the hunks of skinned dead animals everywhere. It just seemed too brutish, and like I was visiting a very primitive planet. I feel raw and vulnerable and “new born”, and I have a powerful need to be still, to be quiet, to go within. I’ve even started feeling nauseous when thinking about or confronted with the the sickening nature of the old humanity and social systems. Tears are too easy.  And I say all this without judgement – I just can’t be in that harsh world. It is too harsh. Retreating to integrate the outpourings of finer energies is literally all I am capable of.

Andrew’s interpretation of his state is, “I’m finished for the year. It’s time for a break.” This from him is huge. We have an enormous workload still, and normally don’t take a break until the season’s holidays. So please forgive us for being behind in our schedule. It’s difficult to get things happening when one is in the middle of this shift. And make plans? Forget it. All I do know is that my long-cherished dreams are unfolding and 2013 is already exciting. And that is truly what this shift is about – creating heaven on earth and having true dreams come true.

I have cancelled all thoughts that I “should” celebrate the end of the Piscean Age and the dawn of Aquarius this weekend, and uninvited our friends. My very strong sense for this weekend is to be at home with my family, my animals and our home and land. To me, it isn’t a time to be distracted. It is a time to listen, feel and use our extra senses. Some are saying it is a perfect time to download “cosmic information” that will be relayed to us during this extraordinary, once in every 26,500 year alignment. This information, to be written down, can be used to help the New Earth be all it can be. Others are saying similar things – manifest from your highest perspective.

This is really important.

I say it even more clearly. With every thought and every word you are creating your tomorrow. Make it PERFECT. Instead of seeing the world as it currently is, see the beauty and magic and wonder of the world as it could be. Imagine a world of deep peace for all species, a world of harmony, love, serenity, fun , laughter and beauty. It’s about really creating from that high space of imagination, kindness, love and vision. As one of my friends said recently, “My world is only filled with people I love and trust”. In my own world, the animals are at peace and living in love and safety, there is plenty of rain, plenty of sunshine, the grass grows, and there is lots of laughter and love and friendship. In my world, there is beauty – in nature and also in human settlements. Everything is harmonious and easy and I spend a lot of time surfing and playing banjo. As I haven’t surfed for several years now, and haven’t touched my banjo for several months, I’m looking forward to that! And I’m determined to start winding that back into my life right now – well, soon!

How is your New Era world looking? Create the perfect world, from that point of stillness and limitlessness. Remember everything is different and we are becoming the equivilent of ascended masters. We’ll be able to use all our “junk” DNA, so a world of the future is telepathic, without illness or death or poverty or crime. If you are truly LOVE personified, then it changes the game of life completely.

My sense is also to complete any shedding you still need to do (forgive! forgive!)

The astrology of this time is profound.  But as far as I can gather the word GRACE  really speaks of what is happening at this time.  So many people say this time is just another day.  But it is the end of a cycle, the metaphoric death of an outmoded way of being and possibly an opportunity for human beings to actually grow up and take a quantum leap in evolution.  Hooray!

And while channelled and other messages abound, one today from my friend Arthur Cushman felt like it should be shared:


On Dec. 21 2012 it is important that EVERYONE get up before dawn and go outside and greet VENUS, Morning Star, El Señor de la Aurora, Quetzalcoatl ( Precious Twin ) as he guides our FATHER SUN as it arrives in alignment with the Sun behind the Sun, our Galactic Center. Maya Elder Hunbatz Men suggests that we say K’in 7 times drawing the energy into each chakra. This is NOT a Maya, Azteka or Native American thing.
We must all stand in a circle with NO ONE in front, behind, below or above us. 
The age of the Guru, Priest, Rabbi and false prophet will end. 
We can go directly to the Great Spirit ,Hunab Ku, Ometeotl, Wantan Tanka, Viracocha or Father Mother Creator. Our Creator has a thousand names but is the UNNAMABLE ONE

There is a ton of information out there about the day.  Have fun googling if you want to.  Honouring the Solstice (10.11 pm Sydney time on Dec 21)  is very ancient and here in the south, we celebrate the longest day and the shortest night.  It is a time of the fae.  It is a time for play.  And it is the time of a very thin veil.  On top of that we have of course this amazing galactic alignment that doesn’t happen very often!

The exciting thing is ,  what happens on earth affects the other planets, so there is a lot riding on our ability to shift upward in frequency.  It’s big, and important.  And …well, planetary.

Tear in the Fabric of Time

It was said many years ago that we would have an opportunity to go through a “tear in the fabric of time”. And this is what it feels like I am experiencing. I don’t feel attached to the world anymore. So I’m either suffering major burn out, or I’ve slid through the tear. Slid, and floated through a tear. And that happened a little while ago.  I remember feeling like I had torn away from the world.  It’s a floaty feeling. I wondered if this was what the Buddhist’s meant by “detachment”.  I just could not be concerned with the affairs of  humanity.   Detaching from animal suffering is much harder, but I managed to achieve a place where I saw animals free.  I don’t want to ever hold them in a place of suffering, so seeing the world from a place of Divine Perfection, means to me, that they have a better chance of living in peace and freedom.  Pouring anger and hurt into the wounds of the world, holds everyone in suffering.  So compassion (and action) from a place of the evolved heart will make the world a far better place more quickly.   My focus in this moment  is to BE love and peace, reaching that very high frequency which then touches others in my orbit.  This is what we all worked on in my recent retreat, so the seeds of high frequency could spread.    When all people embody Divine Love and Deep Peace,  the animals will be well taken care of.

It feels right now that we are in the middle of a huge wide gaping hole that opened at the beginning of the month and may not close till the full moon. The veil is thin and I feel we have a choice – get caught up in the seduction of 3D drama and create karmic ties that keep you bound, or set yourself free through love, praise and gratitude. And forgiveness.

For me the fifth world (which we are going into) means the fifth dimension which is far more refined in energy, more light-filled, definitely more peaceful, and is all about real freedom.  I love the word freedom.  My soul craves it and demands it.  And it pulls me into actions which create a life of freedom, instead of the vast sleeping lands of what author Stuart Wilde used to call “tick tock”.  To me true freedom also means “magical”.

Our family  have all been feeling the dizziness and light-headedness  that comes with the shifts. One of my friends watched UFO lights just outside Melbourne. I’ve just seen shooting stars.  But every night I go out and stare at the night sky, which in the country, is bright and enormous.

This is a month of numbers, which are codes, and I feel our pre-coded souls, singing to the resonance of the numbers – that aren’t even about a calendar, but more a signal for activation. It is an extraordinary sensation. It is a month full of threes, and nines , nine being the number of completion. And then there is the master number 11.  Highly spiritual.

Numerology and astrology have been with us for centuries. I’ve only just realised their deepest meaning, like the hidden messages of the great mystery, in the tarot. Hidden in plain sight.

While many people are familiar with the 11:11 code, 12:12 has been popping up recently on clocks and computers .  According to Shekina  (http://www.(shekinaspeaks.com/meaning_of_numbers.html

12:12 means:
The doorway to the higher realms are opening. Enjoy the journey

On 12/12/12 we had a huge download of Divine Love. You may have been feeling tired or dizzy. We slept. I can see why this process has been gradual. It takes a bit of adjusting to.  That plus the retreat is what led to me feeling so raw I felt fragile, squeaky clean, brand new.   It is a very refined energy.  Like a new skin.

Are You Feeling It?

After talking to several people, I felt the urge to share that depression, sadness, crying and wanting to go “Home” is part of the evolutionary process we are going through. So if you are feeling this way, please understand you are not alone and it does, eventually pass. Especially if you can use the spiritual tools of gratitude, praise and love. For everything. I praise the creek for running and the grass for growing. My life is one long song of praise because  I know all of life is alive and responds to love.

The darkness, however, is a very intense process, and some people aren’t making it. So please know that doing your spiritual work, and really doing your forgiveness, like we talk about in This Sacred Earth:The 2012 Phenomenon, is vital. I was shown in a dream how those cords between people trap you like a spider’s web, and keep you stuck in karmic debt. This is vital to shed now if you want to move into infinity and be released from the wheel of reincarnation.

Now with the planets the way they are, it is like the webs and cords can dissolve if we understand what is happening. So use the momentum of the cosmic wave.

Free of Suffering

The process of the 2012 Phenomenon won’t end on Dec 21, 2012. We are being shifted and activated at each energetic gateway and apparently this big one, some are saying is the immortal activation. This thought pleases me greatly, because who wants to get old and crotchety? I’ve lived long enough to become eccentric, but I’m too excited about creative projects to ever want to slow down. There are so many stories to tell! Physical immortality was the topic for discussion at the 1987 Harmonic Convergence in Glastonbury, which Andrew and I filmed.

All I can tell you is that my cells are already singing and I feel different. I would love to master physical immortality this lifetime, choosing to live with vitality and joy in every single moment. And choosing when and if to drop my physical temple. The old esoteric texts tell us this is how it was supposed to be. Eastern masters do this already. To paraphrase one of the books I have read: ( I can’t remember which one, but the phrase stuck), “Death is separation and separation causes pain and suffering.”

The New Era will become free of suffering.

March Equinox 2013 is another major junction, another door. So we still have time to lay down the new tracks into the new world and absorb the energetic residue of the cosmic downloads.  But there is some kind of closure then. 2013 feels like a year of transition. It feels like we have this opportunity to lay down the tracks of the new era with our thoughts, deeds and actions. So it is really a time to fully ground and embody the New Era thinking every moment.

Think cruelty free diet. Think random acts of kindness. Think random tithing. Think – how can I go the extra mile for someone else. Think self-sufficiency, sustainability. Do you have water tanks, a small garden, fruit and nut trees? Can you take in another homeless animal? How compassionate can you be? How beautiful can you make your entire world. And please include the animals. They shouldn’t have to suffer either and that old idea that they are “here for us” – that has to go. They have families and suffer in the slaughter houses and there is no such thing as “humane” killing. When you kill an animal, you hurt a family. I live with animal families who are allowed to be. They are tribal, they have baby sitting mums, they are closely bonded to their families and they don’t forget those bonds. In so many ways, they are just like us and what we do is so wrong it is frightening. In the future everyone will see our old world as barbaric and inhumane.  Be kind to all non-humans.  This is their home too and for too long humans have arrogantly trashed the place, and treated everyone else who lives here with disrespect and little heart.

Now we are moving into the heart-centered world.

My sense is that there are people ready to move through this energetic door to the higher frequency  (5D) and they will. I’m hoping the collective will begin to shift from this weekend and the energy will continue helping others to break free from old cultural conditioning and shifting up when they are ready.

Ascension writer Lauren Corgo writes that the Pleadian High Council also says that some people will move through this weekend’s door and others will later. Not everyone is ready.

Ascension writer Patricia Rota Cobles is the only person I have come across so far who says that everyone will go through the door.  She says the downloads will effect all to the better so the energy on earth will be lifted. ( I hope so!)   Dolores Cannon, like Lauren Corgo, says everyone will eventually, and those who choose to hang out in the brutish old world will continue to need their schooling.

It would be wonderful if Patricia is right, but old paradigm thinking just can’t come through to muddy the 5 D waters! The new world is shiny and clean and .. free of bloodshed.

The prophecy is one of peace, after all.

On the other hand, there are so many people meditating on peace over this weekend, that you don’t know what will happen. We might just have a tipping point.   I am praying this is so and that the world shifts up!!!   I would love my animal advocacy work to become redundant. Surf’s up!


The other thing that is important to be aware of is the  supposed “three days of darkness”. This could be interpreted in so many ways. We are having a major , major alignment which could affect the electricals – or maybe it does when you don’t notice. So much could happen, but my sense is some people will be affected, like those who are sensitive to the moon. Others might not be aware of anything – except for maybe feeling stressed or grumpy or out of sorts like one does when a solar flare comes through.  Some might just sleep through it because of the high frequency activation.

Animals might or might not act out. So watch out for any restlessness, and hold the peace. My sense is to gather your loved ones around you. Spend time in meditation, in ceremony and in listening and stillness. This just seems so much more important than distraction and loudness and crowds. It seems important to anchor this cosmic energy, join with intention the many various meditations for peace, and make sure you lift up. Dance, music and laughter is a good idea when it feels right!!  The fae tell me that dance and yoga are very important for this time.  But not the brain dead dance of alcohol and drugs — this is a dance of earth love, because we are all connected and the movement is important for our bodies, to move stuck energies, and ground the downloads.

 Join In

You might like  to join one of the many events happening this weekend – the Big Om is a good one for example. Join the collective and chant, meditate and think high thoughts of love, praise and gratitude. If this is the focus of the collective, our species (and therefore all the other species who are our brothers and sisters) has a chance at a beautiful world and a beautiful life. The power of the collective cannot be underestimated. And sadly, we have to counter all those focussed on fear and the end of the world. : http://www.onebillionoms.com

You do know that is why you are here right now.  So make a difference and be the lightworker you are by holding the light, love and joy this weekend!!

It would be interesting to hear what other people are intending to do.  Rising at dawn, chanting, meditating, visiting the sacred spaces on the land, having my senses wide open to listen, a note book at the ready — fire ceremony at night …. going with the flow and the feel. This is my intention.  And  doing things that make us feel good.  Bring out the banjo!  And move the body!

Being Ready

Because the fear  (the world is ending and the zombies are coming!!) and intensity and Christmas craziness could make the world seem crunchily out of whack, it seems like good time to stay home. Have extra food, keep your car filled with petrol, be prepared for any kind of weather (in case we do have a pole shift that is greater than “normal” but I doubt it) and make sure you have candles and matches and basic needs things.  This isn’t about fear. It is because we have learnt now that the Mother Earth is changing and as well as being high vibrating individuals, we need to take care of our families should the electricity be interrupted for whatever reason.  So it is just  matter of being free because you are prepared.

My sense at the time of writing today is that the tension is building.  Things will look a lot different on Monday.  Things will look even better on Wednesday when the Christmas stress has completely passed as well.

So please, stay in your heart space.  Activate your higher heart (thymus) and fly above the chaos.  Stay in love and faith, not fear, irritation or anger.  Beam out love from both heart centres, and through this, help others through the transit.  Be conscious of your driving and when you walk through the shopping malls with your vibe up and your heart beaming, you’ll touch others and help others.

2012 was full of changes for all of us. It seems like a ripping away of that which no longer serves you to step more fully into who you are meant to be in the New Era.  So while the old you might have been pummelled, focus on what the Divine is saying about the authentic you and how the support for that is there for you.  People I know are going travelling next year, moving homes, winning prizes … and we’re riding on the wings of grace back into the arts, telling the stories the animals want you to hear. (Very happy about that!)

So know you can look forward to a beautiful world, that you can create with your beautiful thoughts and words and deeds.  And have a very very happy BIRTH- day!!

 . . . . . .

If you liked this article and would like to give an exchange of energy, please put through a heart gift for the animals in our care.  Heart gifts help make the new world go around, and the animals all thank you!  

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