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A Dark Winter of Political Scullduggery.

It has been a terrible winter, and my Druid eyes are tired of seeing so much darkness.  I am outside under the full moon, doing ceremony and holding space. In the spirit world, I stand alone in the snow, holding a lantern for the ghosts of animals murdered to find their way to the Light.

There are so many of them.

“Deep peace of the quiet grove to you,” I begin, “Your spirits are safe.”

I breathe and reach for  the Earth beneath me, until my grieving heart slows, and I begin to feel the peace I need to be.  The living Earth lends me strength. What’s done is done. There’s no turning back. I’m so sorry they had to die this way, to have their lives cut short by the worst predator on the planet. There is anger, there are tears. There are the silent, the defeated, the defiant.

They have all come to this Druid for healing and release.  So they can go Home,.My heart opens to all of them.

This is the work I do every full moon. But little did I know that a tiny foal would be the one to rock my world that night,

Back in the land of the third dimension., life in Australia has gone darker for animals — if that could be possible.  The Australian Federal Minister for the Environment, Tanya Pilbersek, announced proudly that Australia was leading the “global war” against invasive species. And that is what it is.. A war. A long and brutal war between the Dark and the Light. The innocent animals being the Light. And the people doing their best to protect them. The rest are on the Dark side… because if you do nothing, you automatically align with the dark. You let the dark happen..

Apathy has no place in the crucial time of this ancient war,

We old souls in human bodies are here to stand strong and united against the Dark.  To push back so we can have the New Earth where all beings are safe and living in peace and joy and harmony,.

Ever since I was a child I have spoken out about the atrocities to animals and nature.  It’s been over half a century now.  It’s time for change.

So why is Australia so keen to slaughter and see blood shed?  Why is the Invasive Species Council so keen to bring back  cruel aerial culling across Australia. And why have they been lying about the numbers of wild horses in the Snowy Mountains, and lying about the supposed damage they do to achieve this goal.

Why do we even have an “Invasive Species Council” at a time when introduced animals are being seen in a different light by conservationists and ecologists across the world.  Their old patriarchal arguments are pure projection.  Let’s blame animals for the mess the humans are making.  We cover the earth with cement (which she hates) , build sprawling cities  and towns,  with industries like logging and mining and animal agriculture, and blame animals for the lack of habitat and extinction rates of other animals.

And people believe them.

It’s a witch-hunt. And one has to follow the money trail to find out who is really pulling the strings.

I live with wild horses in their natural state. So they can’t pull the wool over my eyes.  Plus my eyes see more than most — deep into the world of spirit.

There is a large group of us who live with brumbies, photograph them in the wild, live locally and know the truth. Including environmental scientist Karen Summers and others. like her, who have probably more qualifications than the men footing the Invasive Species Council.  I mean how can they complain bout the lack of biodiversity on one hand, but not look at the overwhelming evidence that wild equines improve biodiversity.

Like other issues the Government wants to push their hidden agendas on, our voices are silenced.  There is a mostly media block, and it’s a frightening situation to not even be able to present your case.. no matter how many petitions and submissions and protests you do.

But still we have to stand up for animals and be the  Resistance. Otherwise what are we here for?

The Little Foal who came to me on the night of the August Full Moon, with all her angst and anger… showed me how I could do so much more for her kind.  I’ve been trying to document everything on film.  It’s easier to just write.  She begged me to tell her story.  In the bigger context of the political scene.

And so I am.

What is it about wild horses that makes the Bureau of Land Management in the USA and the Australian Government want to hurt them so much.  Why are they eradicating them?

They will call them damaging feral pests to reduce their beauty and light in the eyes of the public.  They have hypnotised and placed word spells on the public to make them hate one of the oldest species on the planet. Equines have survived over 30 million years.   Their unique ability to adapt to the environment they live in ensures this survival.  They line up their magnetic field with the Earth.. who loves them. They heal the land and others in their presence because of the huge magnetic field round their hearts, and in every way they are remarkable with a sophisticated and deeply loving society.

But the public who only know horses as toys and beasts of burden .. don’t know this.

A fight for their freedom, is seriously a fight for our own.  

A Winter of Grief.

My winter of grief  started at the beginning of the cold, back in May with  the grizzly discovery of 67 brutally shot wild horses were discovered in a Kosciousko National Park retention zone (a place where they are “allowed “ to be), left to rot, polluting the waterways and shocking both locals and tourists alike.

It was an act of brutality by NSW Parks and Wildlife, under the orders of the Minister for the Environment , Penny Sharpe.

The shock reverberated throughout the animal-loving community and the tide of grief took out a good friend, who took her own life a few days later.

She was a beautiful, gentle human who  supported several animals and sanctuaries. A good, kind and gentle soul. Very fae.

I was numb with grief and shock.

And so winter began.

It was a dark story of political skullduggery, protests, letter writing, brumby counts by people who cared, the NSW Minister for Environment , Penny Sharpe, completely ignoring the actual June count ( 653 wild horses sighted, with maybe  a generous 1,000 somewhere else in the Park.)  And also a count done by independent   Clare Galea, proving the Government’s  March number of 14,000 to be completely inflated.

Further shocks as Sharpe  blatantly tells the world that there is now 23,500 horses in the Snowy and they need to reintroduce aerial culling to deal with it. What?

It was a lie so bold, I still can’t think about it without finding myself short of breath with the audacity of it,  Even if their former lie of 14,000 horses in March was true, you still couldn’t  get 23.5000 or even 18,000 horses over a few short months.  Do they think people are stupid?  It is impossible biologically, and it was like they just plucked a number from thin air to make people anxious and brainwash them into saying yes to brutal aerial culling.

And why such cruelty?

I mean, what sort of human promotes aerial shooting… which is war… genocide… totally unacceptable. We saw that in 2000 after the grizzly Guy Fawkes massacre and Labor banned the practise because of the public outcry.

The political show continued. News reports on the so-called thousands of brumbies flashed on the screen. But they were all clips from The Man from Snowy River. And not even brumbies. Horse actors in the film. Thoroughbreds. Smoke and mirrors. Again, the lies took my breath away.

They must think we are all so gullible. And again one has to ask why?  We know they want more than the current three million visitors to the Snowy mountains.   We know the horses are a convenient scapegoat for the harm done to the environment by the heavy human footprint. We know the horses  aren’t hurting the habitat of other animals and indeed, provide many positive impacts.

But somewhere there is a dark agenda to remove them. And it isn’t about the environment or other species.

On one of these news flashes we learn, that while the NSW Minister says she  loves horses (really?), she is busy having them shot in the KNP, against the law and Legislation…as there are supposed to be 3000 kept safe and protected.  And there is nowhere near that number now.

So many are left rotting, so many trapped, and hauled away to the slaughterhouse.

And being the animal shaman I am, I hear and feel it all.

I leave myself open to their pain. so I can write about it.  So I can tell humans what the animals are feeling and saying.  And the other voices and anxiety I’ve been experiencing.. have been none other than the Little Ones who the Government are claiming the horses are hurting,  No.. not at all.  The horses protect and heal them, keep down the fire danger, make little tracks they can follow, and help them get food in the winter.  The Little Ones are worried about losing their big protectors after living with them for 200 years.

Sadly this is not a perspective the Minister will hear.

Knowing these horses as I do, I can’t stand the thought of the suffering they are going through. They are so loving, so innocent, so pure and so family oriented.   They are also ancient and wise.

And from others who actually study the positive impacts of wild equines in the environment it becomes very clear and obvious that eradicating them  is actually a very bad idea.

Back to the Little Foal Who Wanted Her Mummy on the Night of the Powerful August Super Moon.

On the night of the last Super Full Moon in August, there were so many souls who came to be released from their earth-bound state, leaving through the portal created. Much more than normal. I could see them in the dark, illuminated by the moon, bunched together , longing to be heard, angry, hurting.

I held my spirit lamp high. It was going to be a long night.

Amongst the crowd were  the wild horses. There was their anger and my Ho’opono pono… so much forgiveness and counselling. So much.  

And then it was over, except for a tiny teeny foal who refused to go to the Light,

She  stood there rooted on the ground.  And refused the healing, and the open portal.

She had been aborted  when her mother was cruelly shot in the Snowy Mountains.

She wanted her mother.

“Will I be able to be with my mum? “ she asked. I was outside under the brilliant moonlight, on this chilly August night and I dropped to my knees on the cold earth, holding  out my arms to her.

“Oh baby,” I said, tears coursing down my cheeks. “I’ll do everything I can to make that happen.”

She clung to me, trembling. I could see the trauma embedded in her field. That was something I had to remove before she could go gently into the Light. Otherwise, she would return for another round of life on earth, with that trauma in her light body, trapping her in a life of persecution, until it was healed.

So we set about healing. I called in her spirit people, her mother, and my helping guides — the ones who assist those having trouble crossing. We all worked together for understanding and peace, forgiveness and divine love.

That wasn’t easy since the Foal  had been so brutally removed from life before it began. And she felt the loss of her mother so deeply. Horses gestate for eleven long months, and in all that time she had been nurtured by her mother’s great love.

 She wanted me to write about her. She wanted humans to know. She was strong and wise and ancient and angry.

An old soul who had been denied a chance of life.  Of freedom in the body of a wild hors growing up in the loving embrace of herd society.

A baby not yet born. Yet fully formed. Aborted because her mother was so stressed by being hunted by a  psychopathic gunmen. And in so much pain from the bullet wounds in her side, and gut and chest.

Her little face did not light ups when she saw her mother.. because she could see with her spirit eyes, the trauma left in her mother’s light body.

The bay mare was gentle, sweet and filled with sorrow,  It showed  in her sad brown eyes.  She radiated sadness.  She told me it too three days for her to pass.  She was so grateful to be reunited with her baby.  But it wasn’t enough.  They had planned a life together.   And that had been ripped away.. by lies, deceit and shotguns.

She asked me why.

I had no answer.

It was so touching to see their spirits together, but their combined pain was palpable. This still was no happy ending.

I watched as the foal  shifted her form into a human child and stared at me. She would cross over, but she would not forget, no matter what form her next incarnation took.

As mothers, we all try to protect our children from harm. And this little soul was harmed. Her beautiful mother was so sad about that.

I am haunted by that little foal face, and the face of the child she also was. I’ll never forget her piercing eyes, willing me to promise that I would tell her story.

If I had any doubts before, she made me understand my purpose with crystal clarity.Be their voice. Tell these stories.”

Of course I do tell their stories, over and over. But still her we are… looking down the barrel of wild horse extinction because there is someone in a position of influence, with an agenda.

Hours have passed and the crowds of spirits have gone.,  I’m shivering  from both the cold and the emotional exchange.  I ‘m  standing alone under that huge moon, listening to the whispering of the pine trees nearby.  The tree spirits try to comfort me. My own brumbies send their healing to me, which feels like a warm embrace. They alone save me from shutting down completely. Their huge magnetic presence is all love, and I feel that love in my own heart space, which opens like a flower… a beautiful flower.  A rose.

This is the gift of wild horse medicine.  They are so much older, wiser and bigger than humans..

They don’t forget.. but they can forgive.

Please Send A Submission to Stop the Horrific Aerial Culling.

Please send in a short submission to Penny Sharpe, and say no to aerial culling. The other side  will do their best to stack the odds against us.So we need lots of submissions,

t I fear that if all the brumbies go, a huge light will leave the Snowy Mountains.  And my sense it is so important that they stay there to hold the Light Grids.

And to help the Little Ones survive.

This is not at all about the environment or the extinction of other species.  If the Minister really cared about that, she would stop logging i the Tallaganda to help the sugar gliders survive, protect koalas and kangaroos, listen to people like environmental scientist Karen Summers for a balanced point of view about wild equines, and so much more.

But she doesn’t. (She rudely stood up Karen who travelled from South Australia to meet her in the KNP). Instead she posts about her desire for “pest-free havens”.

I consider this to be  spiritual war, Take out the Light. Anger and squash the Light Workers. Control everyone. Keep the  Field’s frequency as low as possible. Keep them apathetic with brainwashing.

Please don’t let this happen.

The  wild horses are being sacrificed.  One of the oldest species on the planet.

They are so different to domestic horses and once they are gone we will realise that we have lost something precious.

Please don’t let that happen.

We have until midnight o  MONDAY, SEPTEMBER  11   to make a difference.  Please write a short submission now.

Here is the link to management plan draft  amendment, which they are trying to amend to allow aerial culling.  Please fill out the submission form and say no, and why you think aerial culling is completely unacceptable.

Here’s a link to an article by Animal Liberation to help you make a submission if you feel you need it.


You can also read my submission for the senate inquiry and take notes from there. Or t least learnstsff about wild horses that you won’t hear about on the media.

You can respond in these different ways:

Say no and say why… at the minimum tell them it is too cruel to contemplate.

Thank you.

About Billie Dean:

Billie is a writer and award-winning filmmaker, an animal advocate and animal shaman.  She is also a Druid and an innate telepath and empath. She spent 40 years using these gifts to help people and animals around the world and today runs one  of the largest farm animal and wild horse sanctuaries in Australia. She also founded the not -for -profit Deep Peace Trustt, working for a world of non-violence and kindness — deep peace for all species. She teaches the non-human perspective through her school of Wyld  Shamanism, Her book Secret Ainimal Business changes lives. And her film Ode to Wild Horses is currently on the film festival circuit being lauded internationally.

You can see more of her work on You Tube (Wild Pure Heart) or at her other websites deeppeacetrust.com  wildpureheart.com billiedean.com