4153268757_cd8cb90474_zEclipse, Equinox, Easter, Serpent Energy and A Message from Gypsy, the Centaur Queen of Avalon

16 March 2016

March is a month in which surrender is the best thing we can all do! The biggest month astrologically this year, it is a time for endings. For re-set. For re-think. For letting go. For going within.

I’ve been trying to get this newsletter out for two weeks — but even here in Avalon, the powerful pull of the Otherworld’s tide, found us in shock, grieving and keeping vigil around the clock as animals decided to cross. And if we look at the wider world, animals and people are leaving in droves. Their souls know what they are doing. And it speaks volumes about the times, and the strength of the warriors for peace — the old souls holding the new energies.

Gypsy died. One of the tall centaurs who lived in Avalon before we came here, who we saved from an uncertain future as they were all bred for the racetrack. Instead of that life, a dozen horses suddenly found themselves enjoying a reign of peace. Gypsy had 20 years of peace. Two of that original herd remain now. But Gypsy — with her glossy coat glistening like burnished gold — she grew to be a Centaur Queen. And I miss her. Her love and her presence. We had a special bond.

Gypsy gave me a powerful message. Shamaniically, her illness was another initiation. A story for another time. But she told me the 20th was important.  Very important.

Equinox. The 20th is Equinox.

This  eclipse period is about endings. The Equinox marks the end of a cycle of shifting. Easter, symbolically is the resurrection, or time of something new or renewed. That comes just after a full moon with another eclipse — big endings. And if you weren’t aware the recent new moon was a Super moon with a full solar eclipse.

No wonder so many people and animals are leaving. The door is open and the tidal pull is strong.  Their deaths are like initiations for us. To make us stronger, to wake us up, to make us live more fully alive.

In the planetary mix right now we have Chiron – the centaur.  The wounded healer.  The one who heralds new ways of healing.  We are seeing the collapse of Big Pharma as truths come to light.  We are also seeing the embracing of new, gentle understandings of our divine blue print, our power to heal, and our wider understanding of frequency.

Here at home, we shockingly lost two of our beloveds to snake bite. One on the last full moon. One on the New Moon.

Hot, agitated  relentless weather. Snake bites. Chiron meeting serpents. Serpents being the supreme symbol of healing. And shedding. Gypsy also talked about the importance of the sun and the snakes spoke of the  rise of the Divine Feminine — the reclaiming of our original power as a people fully awake and sacredly connected to the land — our Mother.  And all this happened at a time when the sun was beating down on us with unbearable hot weather and solar flares were shaking us to the core and  shifting our electro magnetic fields.

Wake up — you are divine beings — not slaves.

We have never had beloveds being bitten before and i don’t believe they were accidents. I believe there were soul contracts to be fulfilled at this very time in astrological history. There is just too much going on to think otherwise.

While it’s very tough on our tender hearts (we are still in shock I think). there are messages here for all in the wider community..

We are being aided powerfully to shed whatever is left to keep us from being Love, and to reset and step up for our Divine nature.

So make sure you take some time out on Sunday, March 20 – the Equinox. Light a candle for you and your lost loved ones. And meditate on how the world could look if we all woke up out of our trancelike state and began to honour the Divine Feminine within. Powerfully creative, wildly impulsive, deeply nurturing and caring (of all species). Deeply loving of self.  And actively making change to make the world a better place.  No more complacency. Now is the time to be the new human.  Just embody Love.

I know that’s hard at a time when the world is crashing down around us.  But imagine yourself a powerful merkabah to sit inside, protected from all the noise in the world. Still yourselves. Get centred. And take a pair of golden scissors to the past.

This is a time for new stories, complete reinvention. Something you can get excited about. It’s a time to upcycle, recycle, give to others, get connected, activate your community, plan to get off the grid, downsize, prepare to start your business out of things you love to do, do something fun with your family, and be kind to all living beings.  Walk lightly!  Go plant based, grow your own veggies and fruit and nut trees if you can.  Be the change. Set the example.  Encourage others.  Together we can use this time to actively dream in a beautiful world. Invite the street for a  vegan pot luck or a vegan barbecue in the local green space.  Get others thinking and acting too.  Don’t wait for the world to change.  Be the change.  It’s time for people power.

Take the opportunity on the Equinox to use those powerful energies to anchor in the new you — a beautiful being of light, radiant with the Divine Feminine and Divine Love, a manifesting super star, creating a gentle new world of deep peace for all species  with every step.

Use this time to focus on the kind of world you really want.  Re do your treasure maps.  Write and paint what you want.  And not “I want a big car”.  That kind of list is so old world.  How about “I am thriving and happy with my family, taking down time to surf and play guitar”.  Or whatever the equivalent is for you.

The Equinox is a time for the Divine Codes to activate and the veil will be thin. It’s a good time to gather with friends, do some uplifting ceremony and listen to what the Otherworld may be whispering. There’s a lot going on right now in the Unseen. Feel the turn of the season’s wheel, listen to the Earth, and always be honouring. This is definitely a time to give back. We use oats and cake to honour the Spirits of Place and the fae.

And on Easter, you can rise again — reborn, anchoring your new intentions with every step.

Thanks for being amazing and wonderful you, and helping this new world to be birthed. This is how we do it.  Step by step, each one of us — collectively making the difference.  Love being the key to transmute everything.

RIP Gypsy – you humble me with your Great Love,  and the gorgeous, brave and loving warrior cat Bhakti.  RIP Little Sally the sheep who just wanted to be with her mum, Zac the goat kid  who thought he wasn’t good enough to live in a place of peace ( we healed that thought before he left) and Shimmer the cat who received so much love and acknowledgement , she decided to leave while purring and holding my hand.  So peaceful.  All of you are deeply loved and deeply missed.  Thank you for your presence in our lives. You each made it richer.


Love Candles photo © kate fisher. Used with permission under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.