June 17, 2013

Red, with Totem the goat

Red, with Totem the goat

It’s been such a difficult time for so many people that the challenges of 2012 for many have been looking like a holiday! My goodness what a difficult eclipse passage! Ouch.

May was so challenging on so many levels that I wasn’t able to think, let alone write. Being a sensitive little antennae, I could feel the collective grief and struggle. The weight was oppressive. There has been so much death and loss and grief as both animal and human souls let go and go elsewhere. So Andrew and I and Tamsin want to extend condolences to all those struggling with loss or illness, or illness of loved ones, and just send you our greatest love. Know you are not alone. My heart goes out to those who have had loss after loss after loss.

In the big picture, know this is all as it is meant to be. And it is okay. Be gentle with yourselves.

Disease seems rife, and also emotional heartache. People are feeling the pinch financially, and others are simply exhausted. My favourite phrase “stripped to the core of our authentic selves” has never been more apt. On some days I felt completely shredded. Others I felt like I was imploding. And I really got the manifesting boomerang. Talk about quick show ups of thoughts — both good and bad. Don’t “worry”. It shows up! It is truly time for thought mastery. Focus on what you want.

And right now — crunchy energies abound as we go through the dark, choppy seas of our portal of light this solstice weekend. Yes, it is a portal of light — and after the super moon, things will get better.

Lots of transition, and change. People are turning inward and many wonder if it will ever get better. Some people are feeling disenchanted.

But the difference about 2013 is there is hope and new frequencies dazzling in their brightness. More about that below.

Here at home we haven’t been untouched, and our beautiful senior cat Red passed, after insisting that I bring more cats into our family to keep his sister Lilac company. We rescued their entire family from living in cages in filthy conditions nearly two decades ago. So she isn’t used to being an only cat.

What followed was a few weeks of pound rescue where we saved more than 50 animals from death row, from wolfhounds to baby kittens too young to be away from their mothers. All have settled into their new homes in Perth, New Zealand, Queensland, NSW, Melbourne and the ACT. Yes, New Zealand.

It took an enormous amount of effort and I’m grateful to those people who helped and took in new family members. And so are all those animals. Huge, huge thank you. I hope others will continue the work of saving precious lives. Because as I keep saying – all life is precious. The world is richer for an animal whose life has been saved.

Andrew was away when Red started his transition. But as they were always close, Red waited, and slipped from this world with Andrew holding space for him. Lilac was comforted by the fire that night so very sweetly by one of the new rescue cats whom Tamsin called Benedict after the actor who plays Sherlock Holmes. Last night, Lilac had the two kittens we kept seek her out for company and comfort on my lap. Both of these small cat people were instrumental to groups of cats being rescued, calling loudly for help. Both are motherless. So Red was right in asking me to step up and help another round of animals in need for the healing it represented on many levels – for Lilac, and for the ones whose lives were saved.

And the plus side is that Lilac has begun to act more kitten-ish — she is right now sitting on my shoulder purring loudly. She never used to sit on shoulders, until one of the kittens did it!

Transition is not just about death. Many people are changing and feeling the call to do something different. This has been welling up for a long time. But for many it has reached crisis point. Their soul is yearning for change.

And now is the time for it.

We have so many planetary forces acting upon us, with major solar flares for over two weeks in May, and the resultant dizziness and high emotion, fatigue and other health challenges. I was hit by a wave of light headedness in the local supermarket the other day, so much so I thought I was going to faint! I later learned there had been an earthquake in Uluru.

For the entire eclipse season in May, I felt the earth very unstable. The house didn’t feel stable, and I was convinced the foundations would crumble at any moment. Not a comfortable feeling when one lives in an ancient cottage in need of renovation. The earth felt not only hollow but sideways. It was tilting and indeed, it appears the poles are shifting more quickly now.

The earth changes are in full force. And nature is acting confused. My spring plants are flowering — a bit, in the opposite season. But the animals and the fae both tell me that stillness is vital, and to trust. And I think that that advice is universal. Further it is definitely a time to raise our frequency with lots of rest, good organic food, and self-nourishment. Here in the southern hemisphere, it is time for hot chocolate and warm fires, good movies and books, and doing whatever creative thing you might be into.

You might enjoy our films Finding Joy, (still some people’s favourite feature film) or 7 Days with 7 Dogs. You might like to read Secret Animal Business, which has lots of animal stories in it, and peoole have blamed me for their staying up way too late because they can’t put it down!

I know people are grieving and hurting, but it doesn’t, sadly, serve us.   I mean, of course we grieve, but the souls who have left, always want us to celebrate their life.  They know the weight of our grief keeps them bound.  So” keen” in the ancient Celtic tradition, and empty your selves of loss ,and  remember the good times.  What serves the collective is inner peace and gentleness.  Honouring the dead.  And letting go. This can be helped through meditation, forgiveness and staying in the moment.

The moments are the magic.

We are manifesting very quickly, also. So watch your thoughts. Especially the quiet ones. You might make affirmations for something, but your heart is sending messages out for something else – and that is what will show up.

We’ve got tons of astrology applying pressure to us right now. The first thing that’s hurtling towards us is the solstice, and it is definitely something to pay attention to this year. A gorgeous cat client recently showed me an image of a boat sailing through choppy dark waters through a portal.

I don’t know where the portal went. But it seemed to be high ground — a beautiful beach. More love. Definitely heading to more light and and calmer waters. But we had to sit tight to go through.

It seems like the earth is getting ready for a huge activation, but I don’t know if that will be on solstice, or perhaps the massive super moon on June 23.

And then of course we have Mercury going retrograde on June 26. And the energy of that is already affecting us.

It’s all full on.

Here’s a thought.  If we were spiritually conceived or born on solstice 2012, it might take nine months or more for ourselves to grow into who we are becoming.  For me, this solstice marks a turning point.  I see a lot of Jupiter in the charts and this means expansion of good things.

In shamanism, we talk about medicine. Not pills. Not potions. But the medicine held within. And when life gets too much and you are dis-spiirited, it is time to use the medicine we were born with – dance, song, self expression.

Laugh. We are changing. Let go and flow through the portal. Perhaps where you are going will be exciting. The world is rapidly changing and we need to focus on manifesting a better one. So give to yourself, and give to others. When we are kind to ourselves and others, kindness grows.

It’s so important to remember that we are all going through this time together. When we give love and support to others, it helps them get through. When we give love to ourselves in the form of rest, good food, chocolate and a good laugh, then we are more able to help others. And the circle of connection continues to grow as we travel the new pathways as one.

. . . . . .

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