Since the Blue Moon on July 31, everything seems brighter, more positive and more hopeful. The energies are light and intensely bright and it feels like that moon was a turning point for many people. August has rocked and this culminates with the Pisces Super Moon on August 29, 2015. Depending where you are at in your evolutionary process, this moon will either see you highly creative and laughing, or dealing with more “stuff”.  Or maybe a bit of both.

Tips for The Wilderness of Dark Stuff

We are stardust.  We are golden.  We are billion year old carbon.  And we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden.”  Joni Mitchell , Woodstock.

Personally I can’t think of much that is more important than helping the world awaken and get back to “the garden” of higher frequency and dimensions.  And so many people are doing just that –both professionally and privately.  What it means for the world of animals and nature is that people will be more empathetic, sensitive and compassionate. And that means a lot to me and I suspect, you too.

To arrive at this wonderful destination means shedding old programming and story, and many people are experiencing this as the  dark wilderness of despair and general crunchy stuff.  Please never feel alone. So many humans have either experienced this or are going through it now. It is part of this process of evolution because how can we keep old predatory, fearful habits in a new world of love? If our thoughts are focussed on fear, lack and negativity, then that is what will come rushing towards us. We must be our own light in the darkness, with our own personal mastery, listening and acting on the compass of our intuition.

One of my secrets to getting through the dark times was to stay focussed on the moment and the moment only.

Combine that with knowing that the world isn’t as solid and real as we’ve been led to believe, and you have a very powerful tool.

I had a big test one year when I was told there was no hay for that awkward end-of-winter-grass-hasn’t-grown-yet period. It seemed like all the hay sellers had run out. And I had hundreds of animals to feed. So that wasn’t going to happen in my world. I told the Universe there would be hay, and found some surprisingly “local” in a feed store I didn’t usually frequent. Then I “ran into a friend” (thank you Universe) at the same feed store who had grown some hay, and bought hay at a good price from her. Phew! My mantra was: Today I have hay. And so I did. Nobody missed a meal throughout the entire winter. Or ever. I did have to do my work though. I had to believe and know I could find hay; I had to look for it, and I had to listen to conversations and say “yes”.   I had to show up.  Such is the nature of this world at this time.

Focussing on the good news is another good tool. The bad news can spin you out and put you into fear and despair. So focus on the wins in animal rights and welfare, the small justices for Gaia, and every compassionate, kind-hearted act towards humans and non-humans alike. It is a real joy to see the rise in compassion and relatedly, veganism, which is compassion for animals, the planet and you. Compassion is a sign of consciousness.

The other thing is perspective. There is great magic in perspective. So for me, my perspective is that I am one of the souls who volunteered to work for the Prophecy of Peace, and probably if you are reading this, you are too.  And all of us who did that are stronger and more courageous than we think! We can endure!!

The Prophecy has been in my awareness since 1978 and informs all my work with both myself (spiritual goals) and our Deep Peace Sanctuary, where we are building a model for the future. Building a new model is a quicker transition to social change in a society stuck in an old loop, than trying to fight it, which causes resistance.  So perhaps you too are pioneering, and flying against the norm.  It’s been challenging for renegades in the past.  Best thing to do is accept it.  Reframe it.  Move on.  Change your thoughts about it.  Maybe since the Blood Moon, the blood is shed, the healing happened, and pioneers, outcasts, renegades and those of us on the fringe of society, are now on the home stretch.  The journey is so much easier.

The years after 2012 were designed to facilitate change, and the road was full of roadblocks called shamanic initiations.   (Read: quite brutal!) So if you are experiencing a dark night of the soul, reframe it as an initiation to a higher frequency and a kinder world, and you might find it easier to handle.

The other big thing I did to keep myself sane during the challenging times was to start to take the advice of my fae guides to savour life more, to be authentic to my soul and grateful for every little thing. There is humility and magic in being truly grateful.

This is the shift we have all been moving towards, and it is so important. It’s about ditching the old story and stepping into who you are — without the programming, so you can be available for your Divine Self.

Can you nurture yourself more? It might be as simple as a brisk walk, a surf, sitting in the sun with a furry beloved, time in the garden, or a new yoga class. Whatever it is to make you feel good, do it.

Finally, if you can keep your perspective to that idea of change for the greater good– a world of peace — it does help tremendously. When we change and lift our vibration by listening to our heart and acting on how we feel, we follow the directions of the soul. And that is what we need to do more of.

Soul Merge

The process of evolutionary change includes embodying our higher selves. When the Higher Soul Self settles into the body, we can begin to expand our love for everything including our selves, and be present to the activations from the sun. The trick is to focus on becoming Love. Love is the Divine. And in every situation you can ask, “How would Love act?”

Cecil and the Lion’s Gate

Animals are killed horribly every single day in 3D/Old Earth. So it was a huge surprise to find such an outpouring of love from all over the world at the death of Cecil the Lion. His noble presence reverberated throughout the globe, breaking people’s hearts wide open. Personally, I didn’t want to know about what he went through. I knew there was no coincidence, that he had a higher purpose — and it hurt too much to know what he went through. I wanted to focus on his beauty and the reason he sacrificed himself. For love. He did big, big work for animal-kind.

Apparently, he turned up the volume to be heard by any sensitive who could hear him, and I noticed a few animal communicators posting his message. But I was very surprised that he turned up for me when I invited souls who needed healing to our family fire ceremony on the full moon.

Here’s the gist of what he said:

He said he wanted the world to be quiet and gentle. He was well in the land of free souls. He was glad of the “uproar” (even lions have a sense of humour!). He wanted love and forgiveness and a banning of killing everywhere. His death heralded the new dawning. “And many will make the leap, breaking through the old, dark energy into the new and Divine.”

He said, “Be brave, be lion-hearted, be love, be peace, be kings of the jungle, and rise above the grey waste matter. Be free.”

He also told me to share this message.

Lion’s Gate: 8 8 8

Cecil left us during the energy of the Lion’s Gate which culminated on the 8/8/2015 (8) This was a very special golden gateway in our prophecy of peace/”ascension” process,/great transformation/Butterfly metamorphosis/shift or whatever you choose to call it.

Believe me his death was no coincidence. I just wish this world was more grown up, so he didn’t have to endure what he did. The lion and the lamb in one. Consider all the significances of this symbolic gesture.

Physical Stuff

The light has been pouring onto the planet and it is simply gorgeous! Things for many people are moving rapidly towards the next climactic portal of love, and as such there is much physical clearing going on with people reporting everything from tummy disturbances to colds and flu, lots of light headedness, dizzy spells, tremendous fatigue, irritability and a need to slow down and have some self-time in peace. But it’s go go go!

So breathe, savour life, keep forgiving and letting go the old. Keep focussing on beauty and moments and gratitudes, nature and love, and understanding that the world is changing and the more of us who are smiling and loving, the quicker the waves of compassion will break through to the mass consciousness.

On the other hand, notice also what is coming up for you so you can take action to change it. It could be your home, your job, your friends, family, or lover. It could be the style of clothes you wear, your music collection, your diet. We are changing so rapidly and lots of people are also finding they can’t tolerate the dense vibration of animal products anymore. Vegan living is on the rise and that is a good thing. Because it is kind, compassionate, sustainable and healthier for everyone — especially the farm animals!

Wave X

We are on the downhill run now to the September Equinox, the final Eclipse period, and Wave X — which is a phenomenon of more loving light to propel us into our Divine selves as we have never been before. It’s exciting for us, and for the planet. It’s supposed to propel millions of people into higher dimensional living, which means “hearts wide open”. Imagine a world of compassionate, caring, kind, gentle, peace-loving, magical people!! Yay!!

The powers that “rule” this lovely planet are familiar with this influx of gamma rays too. So I’m just going to hold space for good to happen. “Be like the leaf on the river” is a great saying to remember when change crashes into your life. This is a time to surrender, let go, be flexible, and be as children who view life with innocence and wonder. There may be all kinds of ploys to hold us in fear. But fear not! “Love, not fear” is the chant of 2015!

All this change is supposed to come at the end of September, be mindful from the Equinox and be prepared to be open to some wonderful changes.  How could we not be changed as we move through an intense tunnel of solar flares, three super moons, an Equinox,  an Eclipse period, and Wave X.  Plus all the astrological influences.   It’s bound to bring up stuff for many people to handle and heal.  And for some, a bit more of the realisation of our human selves as Divine. That is, more and more Love.  It could be amazing.

Don’t forget this life we are living now, is the sub-creation, not the original blue print. And we can change it with what we focus on and intend, and fill our heads with. Meditation is great for this time we find ourselves in, and mindfulness practices like yoga.

Here’s a link to an article on Wave X. There are others like, this one.


Onward and upward!

. . . . . .

Photo credit: Gisela Giardino

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Billie Dean is an award-winning writer, actress and animal advocate. She holds a vision of global deep peace through human evolution. Billie is the world’s leading authority on animal spirituality and she and her family care for many, many animals who had nowhere else to go. She and her husband Andrew trod the stage as comics for many years, and made indie films for a living, as well as writing children’s books and for children’s TV. Billie can be found at billiedean.com, wildpureheart.com, and deeppeacetrust.com.

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