Sunset with dog

February 13, 2016

So we are still in a major shifting time and the world is very thin at the moment. Here at the faegan haven, we are noticing a lot of animal activity. On one hand, there are some beings who are loving the heightened frequency. The cows are jumping about and the wildlife-human connection is ever deepening. Animal messengers and guides are everywhere for a source of wonder and magic showing the shift. And then there are some animals who are adjusting. Just like us humans.

It’s been harvesting time here in the Southern Hemisphere, and I wanted to celebrate Lughnasagh last week — to honour the rain and the green blanket of grass, the mushrooms and peaches and spinach that have managed to grow despite the animals (goat people!) and birds. It’s good to honour and respect Our Mother for the plenty. And give Her something in return. (Cake!)

Instead, we found one of our sheep people had unexpectedly passed, leaving the daughter who could have always been with her. That was devastating to me as I watched the little one look at the body of her mother in sadness and some confusion. She has an aunt and a boy cousin she always hangs with, though. So she still has family. Still, RIP Gracie. You’ were loved and you will be deeply missed. It is always such a shock when they go that without warning. Although, I had been sad and teary (my heart intelligence at work) the days prior, but she didn’t seem sick or ailing at all so I had no heads up that Gracie was the one leaving.

Also on that day, one of our beloved senior goat people needed intense nursing all day and all night. (He is good now, thanks to herbs and homeopathy).

Some of the young ones of the tribes seemed a little off too and I knew the energies were intense on this day, and there was an open portal.

And then came word of the outer world of animals in distress, and acting out and being aggressive. Folks, if you aren’t listening to the silent language, then they have no other way to communicate with you, other than through behaviour. So please understand that the world is shifting, that animals are all sensitives, and what they need most is your love and understanding and hugs. Just like all humans do too.

How to Help Your Animals if They are Feeling It

Aside from being patient and loving, you can reassure your animal family members that you are listening to them and understanding that something is going on. Try to make your home as clear and as peaceful as possible. Take dogs for walks — they need the earth under their paws, to see the world, and to have some fun with you. And you need the same. This is where the species can help each other. Grounding and connecting with the Mother is vital right now, as we all anchor in the Light.

It might be time to space clear the home — and yourself.

Kick back with a cat cuddle and lose yourself in naps, wonderful books and feel-good movies. When you are calm, they are reassured, and can be calmer themselves.

Lavender, Peace and Calming and even Orange medicinal oils are great to uplift and calm. So diffuse these around the house.

I’ve found that our pack will get a bit squabbly when the solar flares are about. They give me a heads up to check what’s happening with Grandfather Sun. I always thank them, tell them I understand, and give them a ball game to ease that extra tension.

Remember that with all animals, all behaviour is a communication. So if furry people are peeing inappropriately, having tummy upsets, squabbling and so on, tune in and connect deeply with them. Even if you just say, “Oh, I get it.” It’s a heads up to be mindful of your own state, the state of Mother Earth and the Cosmos, and make sure you are riding the waves as gracefully as possible — even when dumped! Drink water, rest when you need, and literally allow Mother Earth to transmute the negative stuff.

In this wonderful time of no time, and increasing multi-dimensionality, be patient, shed your old stuff, focus on laughter and nature and being the best human you can be. You may also be feeling off. The solar flares, and we have had so much of them, can make people feel tense, irritable and ungrounded, and the earth shifting can make people feel woozy, dizzy and light headed. Lots of that too, with earthquakes and volcanos shimmying and shaking everywhere. And I’m sure lots of other symptoms are floating about right now, like veil bleed-throughs (are you seeing people and animals who aren’t there?) time lapses, forgetfulness, sleeplessness, intense dreams, fatigue, midnight hot sweats, and feeling intensely vulnerable and raw. Just to name a few.

We are dealing with core issues now. And you are being born anew. Ride the wave.

You are in the birthing process. Hang in there. Dance, sing, write, paint, run wild, barefoot in nature, hugs trees, throw all your emotional “stuff”into the fire. Lie on Mother Earth. Thank Grandfather Sun. Thank the rain spirits. Be one with Nature. Choose to shift upwards and to focus on beauty. Because, as I keep quoting from Keats, “Beauty is truth.”

This is indeed a shifting and changing year, and there is lots of fear being activated. Ignore it. Focus on love instead. You are powerful creators. Create the world you want to see.

The world may seem in chaos, but each one of us striving for a noble vision and self, anchors in a track for others to follow.

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