Full Moon

As I write this so many of my friends are facing fire in the Blue Mountains. Animals have lost their lives and homes, the forest burns,  the energies speak of unsettledness and waiting.   It fills my heart with sadness. This full moon and eclipse is intense on many levels. Perhaps it is an initiation for many. The last hurdle.

Many, many people have been talking about the feeling of something huge coming. This could be physical or spiritual, or both.  Lots are reporting feeling woozy, light headed, vertigo, dizzy, headachy. There’s heart stuff , flu stuff and digestive stuff. Some are having sleepless nights. There are relationship issues and money issues. There is the loss of beloved ones. There are ascension symptoms and the Earth talking to us. At home, the dogs have been barky and restless. I’ve had vertigo for two weeks — waves of wooziness that make me feel in two dimensions at once. And we have been having some major earthquakes around the planet and a ton of solar flare and solar storm activity.

It feels like a shift coming.

This full moon in Aries with its Lunar Eclipse and followed closely by Mercury Retrograde is the biggest of the year. It is little wonder NSW is in flames. The energy is an explosive one. I wish it didn’t have to be. For sensitives, it puts us on edge when we really must be in peace. Challenging.

Being peace is the best service to the planet we can be right now. We were all taught to stay in faith, not fear. And this, now, is the challenge. When you raise your frequency high enough, you can rise above the seductive drama of the other reality. It won’t touch you. You can ‘create your own reality”. This is what author Dolores Cannon does, living where she is in tornado country, knowing in her heart that the tornadoes won’t touch her. However when you are an empath, you feel the pain of others, and their fear, and it is even more of a challenge to stay centred. Ground, breathe. Meditate. Yoga. Do what you can to put yourself in that place of peace.  And perhaps that means, do what you can to put yourself in a place of self nurture and love.

I’ve been told over and over this year by Spirit to “make friends with the elementals”. And they mean the spirits of earth, wind, water and fire.

The challenge today is to do all your spiritual work, and have faith when it feels like Spirit has deserted you. When the world you once lived has disappeared, when the things you used to do no longer work. It feels a bit like Mack truck or sledge hammer time for so many people. Like falling off the cliff, wondering if we can fly with our wobbly, newborn wings. It really is time to step into who we really are.  To accept our Divinity.  What did we really come here to do?  No more denial of our true nature.

I’ve been doing a  lot of shamanic healing for humans recently and many are being told to dance.  To move.  To shift their energy.  To raise their frequency.

There is so much light pouring onto the planet, and Divine synchronicities abound. Dreams are coming true. Especially when people surrender. The phrase “let go and let God” has always been powerful and I’ve seen it work in my life with magical ease. I let go needing a man, and my husband showed up. I let go needing to buy a home when my animals, including my horses and goats, were about to be homeless, and we found one with immediate access. Phew.  And always, my Higher Self was there, letting me know I was on track.

So, as in healing, set the intention, and get out of the way. This is the lesson of trust and faith. We are in a new world, and the old one is collapsing around us, and we need to listen, and act on our intuition and the voice of our hearts.  It is a time for love.  To act with loving kindness not only to others, but to yourself.

One example I had recently was my lack of my normal get up and go to do all the vegan/earth friendly/green expos that are on at this time of year. It bothered me. They are great fun and wonderful community and networking. But it wasn’t in me. I didn’t have the physical energy to be that busy. I’m being told to stay put, despite the potential to be out there and earn a much needed living.  And the animals at home are  keeping me busy nursing. At the same time I received a message to re-read Autobiography of a Yogi, a book in my collection so old it is falling apart. Once again I felt curious about Kriya Yoga, the style taught by Yogananda. A Kriya teacher from India was suddenly in Canberra. I saw the notice, felt the immediate pull of the soul, and because I was free that day, instead of being at an expo, I was able to go. And my Higher Self was definitely telling me that I had to be there and there was a part of me that came home. It felt right. I felt shifts swirling around me, which said again, that my spiritual path was the only thing I needed to focus on right now. Surrender.  Be peace.  Unattached to outcomes.  Whatever will be, will be.

So what is the impending feeling? Is it a shift in consciousness?   Right now we are in the Lunar influence of the eclipse cycle and it feels very inward.   The Solar Eclipse happens on November 3.  Scorpio.  Deep.  Spiritual.  The only thing we can be certain of — is change.   And that must include the financial world, because so many of us can feel the shift there.  I’m on many business and marketing lists this year as I strive to do better for my animal and human family.  And now they  feel old world.  The new way isn’t here yet.  More listening with our hearts and being present.  It is not a comfortable place.  But we have to trust.  The new is being made manifest somehow.

We have had the on-going solar flares and there is the upcoming solar flip. This could happen any time. It happens every eleven years, but now we are in a full swing time of change so we don’t know what it will really mean or how it will effect us this year. Some people are telling us what it might mean — but really we are all souls having our own experience. My advice is to stay in faith not fear. I didn’t notice the one 11 years ago, but 2002 was a sucky year, not unlike this one, with a lot of animal loss here at home, including my beloved horse Sollie, who I write about in Secret Animal Business, and we nearly lost Andrew to pneumonia. Not my favourite year at all. It was however, also the year we completed our first feature film Finding Joy, and premiered it at a film festival in Queensland. Andrew stepped out of doing work he disliked to aligning himself with his creative soul.  So that was powerfully positive.

The uneasiness people are feeling might be the NSW bush fires, which are terrible and frightening, and I can’t think about the suffering of the animals who I bow to in the deepest respect to their souls. It might be a big personal shift. It might mean giant dreams comes true, but not the sort of dreams that belong to the old world. It might mean that you are being “forced” onto the path your Higher S-elf really came here to walk. It might mean marital splits, new romance, moving house, loss of jobs leading to better lifestyles – intense change. We don’t know. It will be different things to different people. Go with the flow. Surrender to your Higher S-elf. We are in a time of change and we can sense something on the wind, rushing towards us. Let’s intend it is something good for the highest good for all.

It could also mean the final initiation into the higher realms of being as our cells absorb the Light, ground it into the Earth, and grow Source or Divine wings.

Perhaps the butterflies just born, will begin to take flight.

According to prophecy, there are all kinds of things expected to pull down the old patriarchy — the earth changes, the plagues, the economy, the leaving of many people and animals. The people will leave because they either want to help another way, or they aren’t able to hold the light beaming down on us right now; the animals because their souls are serving the planet in this way.  It is all positive and for the higher plan, no matter how hard it might be to let go.

The rate of change is rapid. Look at what is happening when people power puts its foot down. This is a time for action, for going against the flow to honour your own moral compass. For standing up and saying — this is wrong. This other way is better.

For me, it does my heart good to see all the lies coming to the surface about people eating the flesh of another. It’s not healthy like people have been taught. The horrible truths about the suffering of animals are being told now and increasingly people are opening their hearts to kindness and compassion. This is such a joy, for when the animals are free, the human heart will be at peace.  I can only think that contributing to the suffering of others creates karma, and now is the time to be karma free.

We have another eclipse coming soon (a solar eclipse on November 3)  and the time between eclipses are normally intense. Add Mercury in Retrograde till November 10, and you have a time of mindfulness. This is a time when really it is time to go inwards and reflect on what is coming at you right now. Are you communicating clearly, are there unresolved relationships, are people coming out of the woodwork of your past? It is time to be very mindful of your words. Be clear. Be careful. Watch cars. Watch words. You might want to hibernate, but do your work to clear your stuff. It will make the next part of the journey easier. Who is triggering you?  What is triggering you?  Make mental notes.  Be aware.  Let it go.  Forgive. Set your co-ordinates to happy, and head there.

I was being mildly triggered by everyone who mentioned they were going on a holiday!!  It’s got nothing to do with the people, and I know that!   It’s got everything to do with a need for me to take a break and nurture me.  Not easy right now, but we did have my birthday weekend where as a family we just curled up together and watched movies.  We “got away” for a break by staying in the living room.  That re-charged  us after our beloved animal losses.  It might not be the beach, but it was enough to make me regain balance.  So take note of your triggers.  And look after you.

On the plus side, we have to keep our eye on the plus side! The old world is being shaken up. People of the light will be guided to be in the right place at the right time and we will get through this period of intense change and create the new world of Love.  By being Love.   Forget the old world of separation.  Today is the new world of Unity — and Comm-unity.  We must remember that our world is made up of our dreams and thoughts, So keep the faith, dream the good dreams, and let’s see with excitement where our soul footsteps take us.

It would be fabulous to hear how people’s lives are unfolding in the highest ways, so please feel free to share your stories in the comments below.

. . . . . .

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Billie Dean is an award-winning writer, and she and her family care for many animals who had nowhere else to go.  She  can be found at billiedean.com, wildpureheart.com and deeppeacetrust.com. Copyright © Billie Dean, 2013. You are welcome to share this article but only in its complete form with author and website attached. Thank you!

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