Leaves in Transition

Full Moon, September 12, 2011

It has been a very rough few months, with the dying of the old dark energy of the wounded male archetype (which can be seen in women too).   We’ve seen lots of abuse and unnecessary  attack.  And so much animal grief – and grief for animals.  It truly has been horrendous.  My sense is that it has been, and still is triggered by the rise of the Divine Feminine.

But we have also seen human beings standing up and saying no to this abuse and as I keep mentioning, the astrology we are in, is the same as the 1960s.  We all said “no” then to the things we didn’t want.  And we can say “no” now.  The 1960s saw tremendous social change.  This time around, it will be faster – so be prepared to change with it.  Wake up to the fact that the world is changing and nothing is the same as it was before.

The great Divine Feminine is on the rise and this  is setting off a lot of change.  This is not something outside of us, it is within.  It is a return of an ancient way of being in the world that has been suppressed for a very long time.

The Divine Feminine is that which is alive, vital, unbridled joy and passion, intuitive, empathetic and instinctive.  We have all been taught to be asleep and live mundane lives.  That’s all changing as people rediscover their true spiritual nature – walking with their inner male and female in harmonious balance and incredible respect for animals and nature.

This is evolution.  And it is unstoppable.

This is what I focus on, instead of all the old third dimensional drama, even as we act compassionately to help those in true need stuck in that drama.  And animals are definitely stuck in that drama and need our help.

So this period now is about letting go our limitations and fears and all that does not serve us, so we can fully step into who we are meant to be.

We are right now facing the end of the ninth and final underworld of the Mayan calender, according to the translation by Carl Johan Calleman (Amazon affiliate link).  It ends on October 28, 2011.

It’s time to really walk our talk of peace, by being still and centred in the middle of drama and chaos,  It’s not easy, but this is something I teach, as I think it is so important.

The veils are definitely thinning and may disappear completely sooner than we think.  Already I have moved into living with my multi-dimensional selves, which could be disconcerting for people who might not understand what is happening.  I foretell a period of spiritual emergency for many, and lightworkers are needed to help people through that experience.  It’s all fantastic, but can be, as I said, unnerving for those going through it.  You are not going mad.  You are simply coming home to your true self.

As the layers of sleep dust fall away, realise that you are not living in a fantasy novel.  That you have had past lives and you are multi-dimensional.

The new era we are moving into demands that we open, allow and let go all those old chains holding us to the coarse, third dimensional way of doing things.

I have found that even though I have always communicated with the world, now I am the world.  If you go within and find your stillness and your other senses, you will find that you are too.  It is called “oneness”.  How can one be angry when the peace of the rivers live within us, and the wind, and the birds who chirp and sing?   When the trees are within us, and the gentle sunshine.

Find a place in nature to be and see how by hurting nature and the animals, we hurt ourselves.  It is time to be gentle and kind and compassionate and patient and tolerant.

Our Mother, the Earth, cannot take our pain anymore, and neither can the animals.  Leave the wounds and old stories behind and become peace.

This year’s Equinox comes at the Mayan Sixth Night.  This is a time of balance and an important time that ancients around the globe would always celebrate with ceremony.

So please join us in meditation and light a candle or a fire – for this very special day.

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Billie Dean


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