November 27, 2013

Snake SkinAs we go deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole of new vibrant light and the breaking dawn of the promised land, there are two ways of behaving.

You can express yourself as the New Human – someone who is kind, courageous, communicative, who walks in integrity, honesty and with ethics. Someone who behaves impeccably and for the Highest Good of All.

Or, you can choose to be seduced by the drama of the old world and still act out betrayals, back stabbing, gossip, competition, control, fear, sorcery, lies and general nastiness and mean-spiritedness.

Right now there seems to be a lot of this latter choice, as the Dark Energies lash about in their death throes.

But there is a problem to the old behaviour.

In this life we have free choice, but as we are connected to Mother Earth, it is vital we Lightworkers do what we came here to do. And that is to heal and release old karma, not make any more, and be the new human we came here to be.

The “not make any more” is actually really important.

This is what it means to behave impeccably. When we behave to an inner moral and ethical code of conduct, we affect the world in a positive way. We affect our Mother Earth in a positive way. We are all connected. When humans behave in a dark and negative manner, it affects our Mother in a negative way. To come into harmony with the world and the weather, we need to do our work. It is that simple.

This is what I teach in Level II of my Animal Shamanism course. I give a code of conduct based on the ancients, which are still relevant today.

When we act out of integrity, we create new karma for ourselves.  New karma effectively keeps us from the sweetness of a higher dimension.

That is why it is so important we choose to be kind as much as we humanly can.

And I’m not just talking about being kind to animals, and alleviating their suffering.   I’m talking being kind to each other. Where can you be generous of spirit? Where can you be kind? Are you treating people the way you want to be treated yourself?

Lately I’ve seen both behaviours – beautiful kindnesses as well as shocking, hurtful behaviours and dreadful mean-spiritedness, lies, dishonesty and betrayals.

From the number of light workers who have suddenly written about the need for integrity, it seems this is across the board.

One of the things we need to understand that those behaviours belong to people who are still acting in an old 3D way. It is painful and hurtful to see and to be a part of that, but you can remove yourself from it by letting go the people who are still stuck. And understanding, with compassion, that they have not yet evolved.  So it is, in my humble opinion, rather pointless to engage.  You can set the standard, but people see themselves through their own eyes and they don’t like to be made wrong — unless they are aspirational and willing to shift upwards. And do the work it takes.

Each soul is on a journey and it is everyone’s choice to create more karma if they want.

What is happening right now is that people’s shadows are activated. People are sucked up in a backwash of negativity and swirling around as a group negative force.

But we are being asked to heal, not hurt. We are being asked to help, not hate.

We are asked to stand by our codes of conduct and be the best human being we can be.

So, while so many are caught in the grip of shadow, remember to practise responding not reacting, and the art of non-engagement. In martial arts, you learn to dance out of the way of the blows. It is something Andrew and I also teach in our improv comedy classes. When there is no energy to fight against, the energy drops. That’s when true communication can begin.

Navigating the Heavy Waters

The energies of the moment are very high and it is purely our choice as to how we walk in them. It can be very lonely and difficult to navigate through these heavy waters of the dark backlash, and I have been contacted by more than one person who is sitting alone, wondering if life is worth living.

One of the things that I tell them is of course it is, and it will get better.

We have to continue to be kind to others. We are all the same under the skin. Who knows what people are going through at home? One unkind act might send someone over the edge. At this time on the planet, people are fragile.

The other thing I tell them is to remember that what we are going through right now is like a war between negativity and positivity. We are heading toward the golden sand of peace and unity, but there are land mines. That might not be the best analogy, but it does seem to feel like a war when all your stuff is up in your face for healing and release. It’s a long, dark night of the soul and anyone who tells you it isn’t, hasn’t been shedding their skin.

I also mention they are not alone in what they are feeling, and this is the most empowering thing of all. If you are feeling the dark oppression like a majorly bleak depression, join a club of fellow travellers.   It is part of the dying process — the death of the old.   And I have spoken about this before  Sooooo many people are going through it, or have been through it,  The trick is to keep reaching for the light and the hope. To turn within, contact spirit, and find joy in the moments.  There are many, many people walking this wilderness trail. My sense is that it is the wayshowers that make the trail, making the path easier for the rest of humanity to follow.

So keep up the good work. We are in this together and we chose to be the wayshowers.

The choice we have is how we shed our skins. We can get sucked into the drama of it. Or we can laugh about it. Sometimes it takes until the shock has worn off, and you have worked out an appropriate response to the new challenge, but then you can laugh.

And laughter is a transformer.

The quicker you can laugh about it the better. In my school Rainbow Fianna, I teach about the anam cara – the soul friend. They are the ones you bear your heart to, and instead of colluding, they hold up the light so you can better see your path.

Throwing Back Love

When life or humans throw you a curve ball, throw back Love. Truly it is the only thing to do.  Sit in the middle of the High Road, and practise emotional mastery.  Because hate and abuse only ever perpetuates a problem and continues the cycle.

It is also a time to nurture the self. It is a time to be kind to self. We are going through a metamorphosis like warp speed now, and if you stay in the old ways of doing things, the path could get bumpy.  This is a difficult bridge to transit right now, but keep meditating and listening to spirit’s wisdom.

Spirit is within.

Energy Alert:

People have been reporting headaches and foggy brains, losing time, not sleeping, the continuing waves of vertigo. I’ve been seeing the Otherworld as if the veil is so transparent it is practically not there. I also feel out of my body and am conscious of a need to ground – this is not common for me as I live on a farm and do daily work outside with animals and nature. But I barely feel here.  Very light.

I also have an unsettling feeling of the need to get all my affairs in order. I no longer feel the same old passions and I don’t think it is fatigue.  I just feel detached from the old, 3D world.

I can’t and won’t tolerate any pictures or acts of unkindness, I can’t stand the sight of the newspaper or the news — my sensitivity has gone through the roof, and really, the only thing I want to focus on right now is my spiritual path, and the art of living well. Simple things, like carving out time for family and true friends. Spending more down time with animals and trees. The more I think about the old world, the more intense and crazy it seems. It is a very odd feeling of floating away, of not being of the world as we know it.

Sadly it is not yet possible to step fully into the new, as there are those things called bills and other challenges that pull you back into a 3D reality. And the 3D reality is the most challenging it has ever been. It is a world imploding.  Deal with whatever comes at you with grace, acceptance, surrender and appropriate action, and keep opening yourself to the new. It’s like cleaning your house and getting it ready for sale. Clean your life up, get ready to leave the old, and step on the shores of the new as it arrives in your field.

Do take care of the people around you. The old way is to trash loyalty and friendship, leaving karma in your wake. Do that and you may find the doors to the New Earth closed to you.

The New Earth has to be peopled by people who behave like New Humans – because they are New Humans, and New Humans are kind and don’t hurt people by their actions.  They are conscious and loving, humble and wise.

We’re in November. Any minute now it will be 2014. And there is a lot more change coming. When you surrender and learn to let go of the wheel, you might find your Higher Self taking over at the helm, and taking you to safe shores.

Take time to listen and to act on those small whispers from Spirit. Watch who is in your life, and who is walking out. It is just a revolving door. Let go your attachments. This is what spiritual masters have been telling us all for years. The river of life is so much easier to wade through when you listen to the heart and not to the head.

Astrologically we’ve been hammered by solar storms, and every full moon is a huge one which seems to suck away souls to the Other Side. These days I feel so battered by loss that I am viewing full moons with half dread and that is not the place I want to be in. It comes back to acceptance and knowing that souls all have their own journey, no matter how much we love them.

Comet ISON

Astrologically, the big news is Comet Ison , a comet the size of Australia who might or might not survive a meeting with the sun. Metaphysically all the planets and solar flares and comets are lining up like proud parents to give us all the help we need to evolve. Comet Ison is no exception.

Here’s what my friend Anda Li Whitman has to say about Comet ISON

On November 28th, Thanksgiving day in the USA, the comet conjuncts our Sun within 1 degree. It will appear brighter than Venus, and be visible in the twilight sky at 35 deg North latitude in the ESE. It will be photographed, so we’ll all be able to witness the event virtually at some point.

Also on the 28th, The Sun in Sagittarius conjuncts Mercury aspecting the Moon in Libra which is Sextile the Sun. This symbolically portends higher philosophy becoming the undeniable focus for the social-emotions of all on Earth. Who is the ‘other’: it is ourselves.

ISON then passes behind the Sun, to re-emerge on the 29th. What’s left of it. It may be absorbed by the Sun; we shall see. At perihelion it is only 730,000 miles from the Sun’s surface.

The symbolism of this event is poignantly immense. When the comet commemorated in the Bayeux tapestry, thought by astronomers to be Halley’s comet, flew past England in the late 11th Century, the world was changed forever. The social order changed, and European civilization expanded into the Renaissance and Age of Enlightenment.

In our times, the re-emerging of the Divine Feminine and the expansion of Christ Consciousness globally is and has been occurring. This week’s event is a milestone along the way to our inner liberation from the status quo, dominant paradigm.

The ‘second coming’ is an internal shift in awareness.

As a civilization we are coming out of the galactic and spiritual shadows. Rejoice, this is a momentous Thanksgiving event.

And finally…

If you are an American, please consider sparing a turkey’s life this Thanksgiving. They will be truly grateful.

 . . . . . .

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Billie Dean is an award-winning writer,  actress and animal advocate.  She holds a vision of peace through human evolution.  Billie  is the world’s leading authority on animal spirituality and she and her family care for many, many  animals who had nowhere else to go.  She  can be found at billiedean.com, wildpureheart.com and deeppeacetrust.com. Copyright © Billie Dean, 2013. You are welcome to share this article but only in its complete form with author and website attached. Thank you!

Photo credit: Keri Leaman (birderkeri)