Teleseminar – Messages from Beyond – August 14, 2013

Recorded 14 August 2013. Older Dog

In this teleseminar, I spoke to loved ones in spirit (both animal and human). The messages that came through were relevant to everyone, both the individuals whose loved ones had passed on and to others who simply joined in for the wisdom and the experience. One person described the experience this way:

Thanks for holding this event, I got a lot out of listening to the responses from those who have passed on. The message from our horse was just what I needed to help me process his sudden departure.” – Karen H, Australia

I talk Messages from Beyond and the importance of peace and wholeness in this video:


Here’s what people have said about Messages from Beyond.

“Billie is an amazing soul and it was an honour to be part of the call and to be present to her helping heal so many souls. I found it very healing myself. I got many messages from the call and as an animal lover and dog trainer what really hit home is how much our animal (and human) companions want us to let go of our grief and celebrate their lives and our time together and to live our lives to the fullest. – Sam C, Australia

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the most amazing experience.” – Danielle R, Australia

As I said before, I think there is a real need for completion and wholeness right now. I hope this recording helps you find that completion and wholeness.

Details about accessing the recording are below.

“A deeply moving experience and it was definitely a powerful healing experience for me.” – Mel R, Australia

“To have my question answered by both my cats was simply wonderful and laid to rest at last a burden I’d been carrying for years! Awesome!” – Patricia O, Australia

“I enjoyed the webinar very much, in fact it brought tears to my eyes several times, particularly the two instances of cattle coming through. I feel for them deeply.” – Maggie H, Australia

“I loved messages from beyond! A truly beautiful experience. I found it to be very accurate and honest. I think it’s a great way for people to connect to their loved ones and hear others’ stories.” – Rachel S, Australia

About Billie Dean

Billie Dean, author of Secret Animal Business is a natural telepath, shaman, and psychic, and a remarkable, experienced channel for the spirit world. She has a wealth of experience communicating with those who have passed over, both animals and people. Billie connects with laser focus on the most relevant guidance that needs to come through, and facilitates whatever completion is needed.

“I am a huge advocate of endorsing Billie’s work, as I and many others have seen and experienced first-hand what this incredibly gifted woman does.” – Kathryn Breakwell

“These messages are perfect for our time.” – Heather Coleman

“Thank you so much for your beautiful, gentle and immensely helpful and thoughtful session.” – Tara Venn

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Photo: Angela