Willow and the sky

I just wanted to thank everyone on the call last night for coming and holding space with me during our meditation to lift the vibration, send DIvine Love and Peace, ask for balance, for the highest good of all concerned, and step out of fear into love.

As I said to the group, when I did this meditation at home with Andrew, it stopped raining.

The best thing we can do at the moment is keep on expecting the best, keep staying in love, keep positive and keep compassionate, rolling up our sleeves and doing what we can to help everyone in Queensland and Northern NSW during these floods.

A lot of people are blaming the floods on climate change, and indigenous people around the world have talked about the Earth Changes for a long long time.  It was in the early ’90s that  a native American elder phoned me and told me I had to start writing about the coming Earth Changes.  Well, here we are.

According to Aboriginal elder Minmia, who I interviewed for This Sacred Earth: The 2012 Phenomenon, the Earth Changes are here to help us “get our priorities right”.

Well, who can not be affected during these times of natural disaster?  Nothing else makes us get our priorities than a crisis, and I am so sorry it seems to be this way for humans.

There is talk, talk, talk about the loss of human life on the news.  And that is terrible — the stories are terrible — but knowing what is happening to the animals is just shocking to me, even as I know that on one level, they all signed up in that other place outside time to be here at this time.  Compassion from humans for the animals is a wonderful thing.  And that is what they need from us.  Urgently. They need humans with big open hearts — and we are seeing that.  People are rescuing kangaroos, and lining up to help the RSPCA, helping each other help their animal families. It’s fantastic.  I can’t think about it without my tears welling.  It fills my heart — and that is what it is supposed to do.

We have to become a kinder, more compassionate, more gentle, more humble species.  A species who pays attention and respect to Mother Earth, who asks permission, and who listens.

I look forward to the day when animal life gets as much airplay as human life.  Because we all know how important they are to us.

So this is an invitation to light a candle for the lives lost in the floods, animal and human, and also those affected by the tragic Perth fires, which I heard were deliberately lit.  Please don’t get angry with the arsonist — send forgiveness and blessings instead, because that is the only thing that will affect soul change.  Anger just creates karma, and hurts further.

I mentioned a couple of organisations who need help and are helping animals in my last newsletter (SE QLD Horse Rescue for Flood VictimsQueensland RSPCA Flood Appeal, and Wildcats). Another is Lynette Sutton of Hoofs2010, who is organising a trip up to the affected area on Friday from the Hunter Valley — taking feed and everything else needed for horses.

There is lots happening now and if there is anyone who can help me with a list I can publish, we would be very grateful.

The other news is that Smokey, so far, is fine.  Let’s hold him as perfectly safe.

After our meditation and before we went to bed, Andrew saw a little bird at the window — the sort you don’t see at midnight.  He had his own message about listening to the signs of nature, but when I tuned in I was told, “It’s not over yet.”

To minimise the destruction and change things for the better, we have to step into our hearts NOW.  We have to drop the cloaks of anger and negativity and especially fear, and start trusting and surrendering and doing the things which give us more joy so we can raise our vibration — above the level of disaster.  As Dolores Cannon said when I interviewed her for This Sacred Earth — “I live in tornado country, but they dont touch me.”

This is what it means to be a safe person.  It doesnt mean you won’t be affected by what is going on — but you would be safe.

So everyone, please light a candle for the lives lost.  Send them your prayers.  Do ceremony for them.  And expect the best outcome for everyone.  Love, don’t fear, hold sacred space, and keep the vibration high.

Focus on all the good stories of animals saved. Focus on the outcome we all want — which are good ones and miracles.  This way there will be more of them.

With love and blessings,