Galahad on hill ready to come home

21 November 2021

Soooo… the eclipse moon for me was one of wonder, magic and anxious heartbreak.

After the unexpected death of Big Mama, my beautiful grown up foal (Galahad ) went missing. Most of you will know about Galahad, the Snowy Mountain brumby foal we hand-raised.and fell deeply in love with six years ago. To find him missing… just missing… was beyond terrifying. I’ve never had a horse vanish before. I couldn’t sense him anywhere. And he holds my heart.

This is a tale of a family of three who didn’t stop walking for two days and two nights in our search for a horse. It’s a tale of a group of gifted former animal communication students, psychic friends, and shamanic trackers, all of whom helped in different ways, In the end, it came down to Galahad and me, my horse in spirit, Sollie, and a large gathering of spirit allies, some sent by friends.

We noticed Galahad was missing around dinner time. Andrew, Tamsin and I searched all through the night and all the next day. I wasted many hours searching fence lines, when my guidance kept telling me to go higher and higher into the mountain. Through this journey on the day of the full moon, I had so many incredible encounters with all manner of beings, from trees to butterflies, the fae, kangaroos, and other horses. I filmed it all, because despite being frantic and shattered, Galahad kept telling me he was alive, that he was in his body, and that he would come home. That gave me a feeling of hope and a small certainty that I would be writing about his return rather than a tragic loss.

But when I first tuned in, he was stuck and couldn’t get home, which sent me into an initial panic, because we had a week of rain coming.

Lost animals are one of the hardest things animal communicators do, because there is always so much emotion involved. Many animal communicators refuse to take them on. But over the years, I’ve got a system that works. It doesn’t always mean a happy ending, but most of the time it does. Despite my shock and exhaustion, I started doing everything I usually do. I finally realised I wasn’t going to find him in the acres of bush in the mountains or along the creek. I was going to have to bring him home by other means. Magical means. And I had to trust. He had to be brought home before a week of rain would make a creek crossing impossible.

I asked him, Are you alive?


Are you in your body?


Can you get home?

Yes, I can now.

What time will you be home?

6 am.

I went to bed, completely shattered.

The next morning I woke up to find my white ponies staring intently at me from the yards. Something had spooked them. I ran down to where they were, and felt something was off. And then three physical, bright-coloured king parrots came right into my face to tell me that Galahad was in trouble in the mountain.

Thank you!

Where is he? I asked Taliesin the pony.

The three ponies turned and pointed their noses across the creek. To the mountain. The mountain where’d we’d already searched several times.

I splashed across the fast-running water and there he was, a speck of a ghost horse, up the mountain, above the woolshed, where many people had “seen” him. They had seen the future. They had seen this moment, because I had scoured that area for two days and he hadn’t been there.

Galahad was stuck because he doesn’t know the area and he could see the wild horses in a far paddock but there were fences in the way. If he hadn’t been scared, he would have figured it out and been home by 6 am. But horses like to go in a straight line to where the herd is. And he couldn’t get there.

He started calming when he saw us and the ute and we got him into the sheep paddock, where the woolshed is. And then I ran and got Taleisin and Erin to help him get the rest of the way. Taleisin is also a wild horse, but not from the Snowy, and I’ve never had a more magical helper with young horses than him. As soon as Galahad saw them, he raced down the mountain and the three of them galloped home. Galahad went straight into his paddock with his own herd.

Galahad was home. OMG… he was home. And just in time, before it bucketed and the creek rose. He was home.

The tale of why he went and what he experienced is one between him and me for now, but when you understand that non-ordinary reality is very real, and you live it, you know that life is truly magical, and that everything is connected and for a spiritual higher purpose. Nature is alive. And everything speaks a language, which we too can understand when we understand how to be sensitive to the subtle.

There is nothing more upsetting than when animals disappear, and I had just gone through this for days as well, with a friend who whose elderly dog had gone missing. But I aways say, animals, with their highly-tuned senses, are usually not lost, there is a purpose behind their disappearance. It’s just not easy for the human heart, and there are lots of actions you often need to take to bring them home.

So, I want to thank a beautiful group of people who kept me sane and showed me loving support and shared their beautiful psychic sensibilities with me for Galahad. I know it made a difference on so many levels. The ripple effect is far-reaching. I am so full of gratitude for these beautiful, beautiful souls who responded to my cry for help. Bless you all.

And I want to thank the natural and Other world folk or taking good care of my boy, and bringing him home.

I’m almost in tears as I write this. It has been a tough week emotionally, but now Galahad is home and the world is right again.

The picture above is Galahad the moment I saw him again for the first time in two days.

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