Partial Solar EclipseThis Friday (July 1, 2011) heralds the end of the current eclipse season with the New Moon and a partial solar eclipse.  It is a very powerful and potent day.

Whereas the beginning of the eclipse season felt like a purging, the energies post solstice have felt like, “Okay, now you have let go of the past, step into the new dawn of a new era.”  Consciously.

It really is time to let out the authentic you without the inhibitions of your upbringing and culture.  Really ask yourself, what is it that makes you grin and feel excited?  What makes you feel peaceful?  What makes you feel alive?  Who are you?

We have a tremendous opportunity with all the planets behind us to move forward.  It’s a time of intuition and heart.  A new place.

We can expect more change globally.  I feel the old guard trying to keep control and keep a lid on the eruption of people restlessly awakening.   So this is being acted out in crazy ways.  Just be strong, keep your eye on the big picture, and if you don’t know what that is, please see our film This Sacred Earth: The 2012 Phenomenon.

My sense is there will be an answering call to the wilderness of the dark by a light-filled explosion of new ideas and creative thinking.   People will create social change.  Remember, this is the energy of the 1960s, multiplied. So let’s create the kinder, more gentle world we all yearn for.

Many people think the new era is something that will just happen.  They don’t understand that we are creating that new dawn with every thought and action right now, which is why it is so important to live ethically and to fly high as an eagle.  Living from the heart intelligence is the way through any wilderness – and this will be the way through the dreaming forest we call the new reality.

This is why it is important to nurture and have joy and keep your vibration high.  Because that is the frequency and energy needed for the new era.  Instead of being a victim, see life as a game.   Be curious about it.

Here at Owl Cottage, I am taking the advice of the animals and doing what I can to de-clutter a house which has really suffered the loss, a few years ago, of the mudroom/laundry!  (Our house is over 100 years old and in dire need of patching.)

Clutter is dense energy.  There is an urgency that the animals have been feeling the last few years to really get our homes turned into sanctuaries of peace.  The animals think this is really important, and I can understand why.   So while our kitchen table holds a treasure map of  magazine cutouts of light-filled rooms, with storage for dog towels and dog bedding, and delicious warm laundries where a lamb or a goat baby might be happy to spend the night,  I wrap my head around  these possible renovations, which seem to be coming together in beautiful synchronicity.  We have found recycled timbers and windows and doors in our local area.  And I am tremendously excited to think we might soon have a west wall back up again after three years without one.  (Before the cold wind season, please!)

I’ve found lots of people are feeling “nesty” and trying to find their special place in the world.  Home seems to be a focus for many, many people.  This feels important as we humans embark on a new social movement to become more attuned to the land on which we live, honouring the spirits of place, growing our own food and becoming more involved in local community.  This is an ultra-green movement, with an emphasis on sustainability with heart.  It’s been building but watch it mushroom over the next year or so.

For many lightworkers, it feels as if the hard work we have done is now complete.  Wow. So it means we can now turn our attention to service in a new way. A lighter way. A fun way.  A heart way.

It’s time to leave the past struggle behind, drop the old suit of despair and “woe is me”, and move into trust, faith, love and fun.


The new framework of the new world is standing there now.  It takes new skills to live there.  Duality is a thing of the past.  So is density.   All the skills we have been learning about setting intention and watching our thoughts really need to come into play now.  It’s like we have been human apprentices to our God/Goddess natures and now we can begin to step up into a more expanded state of being.  This eclipse and solstice season was a period of initiation for many.

If you are still waking up or not yet awoken, know the energies will continue to create situations in your life so that you do.  So best to go with the flow with the awareness that we are the new humans walking on a new earth in a new era of peace.  It’s not time to resist.  The world of scientific materialism hasn’t worked.  So try something else!  Accept the changes!  And join in the fun, creating a new world with the very best our collaborative imaginations have to offer.

. . . . . .

Photo credit: rhysdjones

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