I have a range of products that I hope you will enjoy, which help foster your connection to animals and the natural world.

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  • Time of the Drum – a series of guided meditations that take you into a world of ancient forests and caves, Native American elders, fairies and water spirits, magic rock pools and empowering unicorns.
  • Safe People, Safe Places – my companion talk to This Sacred Earth that discusses how you can be a safe person in these uncertain times.


  • A New Era for Animals – My talk on how we can make the world a better place for animals and humans alike.
  • This Sacred Earth: The 2012 Phenomenon – My documentary where we interviewed 17 wisdomkeepers from around the world, searching for what we can do to make sure that the 2012 indigenous prophecy of a millennium of peace comes into being.
  • 7 Days with 7 Dogs – Go on the trip of a doggie lifetime with seven rescued dogs from A Place of Peace.
  • Finding Joy – My full-length feature film about a woman who wants to be a singer, but who can’t sing, whose life changes when she takes in a stray dog.



Time of the Drum by Billie Dean

Time of the Drum CD and audio download by Billie Dean