The Fae Elders’ Guide to the Higher Dimensions


Through the veil of mists between dimensions comes the sacred guidance of the Fae Elders, the animals and the elementals. It’s guidance that can help you with your journey, living the highest version of you, and anchoring in the shift of the ages.


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173-page book with 45 cards by Billie Dean, and art by Chrissie Leefe

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About The Fae Elders' Guide to the Higher Dimensions

Do you dream of the enchanted realms?

Are you tired of life in the third dimension?

Are you seeking more magick and deeper and deeper connections with the unseen, the animals and the natural world?

Do you long for humanity to take the promised quantum shift in consciousness?

Or do you just want some inspired guidance for every day matters?

The Fae Elders, the animals and the elementals come together for you in The Fae Elders Guide to the Higher Dimensions to take you into a magickal realm. To help you anchor in the higher timeline for yourself and the collective.

They want you to know a golden age of radical reverence, love, compassion, kindness, peace, and a deep connection with nature and your own divinity. You might call this “The Shift of the Ages”. Or Pachakuti. Or the New Earth. But the Fae call it “The Age of Delight”.

Have you ever noticed how movies depicting the future paint a picture of apocalypse? They flood our minds with grim pictures of a broken world. A bleak future.

The news, too, talks about a sixth extinction event, a dreadful reckoning for humans and animals, with climate disasters increasing in ferocity every year.

It doesn’t have to be like that.

The Fae Elders asked me many years ago, if I would make a deck of cards for them. Something that would speak of their ways and teachings. They wanted to invite humans to become Initiates, helping them remember the Old Wise Ways, connection to divinity, and the mystical reality of the unseen and the higher dimensions. These cards would uplift and inspire and help the collective consciousness to shift during the dark times.

The images had to be bright and light-filled, and in 2012 I channelled them from the Fae Elders, and asked the lovely Australian artist Chrissie Leefe to paint them.

But the world wasn’t ready back then. It was like the famous quote by French philosopher Henri Bergson, who said, “The eye only sees what the mind can comprehend.” At that time, most people didn’t even realise there was a paradigm to be shifted... a paradigm which could be shifted.

Today, more people are growing in conscious awareness, but so many are still caught up with, and focussing on, all the distractions, fear, and frustrations that are part of the dying patriarchy. And humans are still so disconnected from nature.

It was decided that the guide book was to be completed in 2022, and the deck released into the world like a brightly shining seed of change.

The Fae Elders want you to use the cards’ beautiful images to remind yourself of the possible future, so it can be anchored in and made reality. Both for you and the collective.

They want you to know a Golden Age has been foreseen, and that it can happen, if humans embrace the old teachings, and learn a lighter way of walking in the world.

We don’t have to have an apocalypse.

Humans just need to adopt simple spiritual practises that will bring them into harmony with the earth. And this in itself, brings a shift, and also hope, joy, peace and contentment.

The cards can be used in many ways. They can lift you up when you get down by helping you focus on beauty and the magick and enchantment of the other realms. They can anchor in the higher timelines, and assist you to make the quantum evolutionary leap needed for the shift.

They can help with personal guidance for both your problems, and your spiritual path.

They might inspire your own creativity and light work. Just using the cards makes you an instrument of change.

The Fae Elders’ Guide to the Higher Dimensions have been designed to uplift and inspire. We hope and intend they bring you great joy!


How the cards and book were printed was really important to all of us involved in creating this beautiful product. It definitely wasn’t right to kill trees for the printing, even so-called “sustainable” ones. Let’s face it, it’s still killing a tree! And pine trees are especially important to me personally.

So we searched for ethical printers, and found one in Melbourne that we liked, and did the print run on recycled paper. That includes the cards, the book, the box — everything. It was and is our intention to always “walk the talk” of the book’s guidance, to be as ethical as possible, leaving “no tracks” — the lightest footprint possible.

Further, of all profits made, 30% go to the artist and designer, and 70% will be donated to our charity, the Deep Peace Trust in support of our farm animal and wild horse sanctuary, which is home to hundreds of souls who needed refuge.

So know that when you hold the card deck and book in your hand, it’s not mass-produced. It’s been lovingly and ethically crafted in a limited print run, to be a high-frequency product aligned with the Fae teachings.The cards and book are filled with Fae Light. Let them take you through the process of transition and transmutation into the higher dimensions. where anything is possible.

With love from all of us,

Billie and Andrew, Wild Pure Heart
Chris and John, Leefe Creations

About Billie Dean

Billie Dean is an interspecies telepath who has had a life-long relationship with the fae.

Highly telepathic and empathic, she has used these gifts to help animals around the planet for nearly four decades.

Billie also founded the Billie Dean Deep Peace Trust, a charity whose vision and mission is to foster a world of deep peace for all species. The charity also promotes social change through Billie’s classes in Wyld Shamanism, and supports, A Place of Peace, its farm animal and wild horse sanctuary, which also provides a safe refuge for local wildlife.

The sanctuary, with its Lemurian and Avalonion energies, is, for Billie, a sacred, spiritual community of souls and she manages it in the tradition of the Fae Druid Priestesses.

A writer and award-winning filmmaker, Billie loves to champion animals, nature and the unseen as a creative advocate, winding their true voice into the stories she tells.

Her signature book is Secret Animal Business.

On a more personal note, Billie lives and works out of an ancient weatherboard cottage in country NSW, Australia, with her beloved author husband Andrew, their beloved daughter Tamsin — and any number of wild cats, dogs, sheep, goats, geese, horses, and cows. They are a vegan, homeschooling-before-it-was-a-thing, alternative (traditional) medicine family who love stories, all things film, vegan chocolate cake, and ,of course, their hundreds of amazing animal and Unseen friends.

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