Road and Sky, by Billie Dean

I was talking on the phone to a fellow horse rescuer when, suddenly, the world shifted and I fell into a conscious faint, heading for the newly painted old kitchen cabinet sitting on the verandah. I was able to stop myself in time and carried on the conversation as if nothing had happened. Perhaps this dizziness was part of the flu? Was I, more worriedly, reacting to the phone’s EMR?  Or perhaps it was related to an earthquake.

I have felt Earth Changes within my own body before, but this was almost a total loss of consciousness – except I didn’t lose consciousness.

Much dizziness and some dog squabbling (which is always a sign of Earth Changes in our household) later, I learned that, indeed, we had earthquakes happening in a major way all around the planet.

So many sensitive people have reported dizziness, headaches, feeling faint, panic-like attacks, fatigue, restlessness, frustration, irritability and more.  And it is all connected to our Mother Earth going through her shifting.

When you can feel Her, and the animals do feel Her too, you can begin to see how we are so incredibly interconnected and how we are all One.  “What we do to the Earth, she does to us.  It’s that simple.”  These are the words of Hawaiian Elder Haleaka Iolani Pule Dooley, in our film This Sacred Earth: The 2012 Phenomenon.

So when these symptoms happen, I really urge you to find your centre and be peace.  This is not a time to panic and add to the fear which is polluting the planet like toxic waste.  It is time to take time out.  Meditate.  Be still.  Croon soothingly to the organism which is our Mother Earth,  as well as to your own body.  Nurture.  When we still ourselves, we send that message of love and peace to our Mother.

If all 7 billion humans did this on a daily basis, the world would be a very different place.  Perhaps the only reason we have any stability at all is because the so many animals hold the energy for us.  The ones who are at peace anyway.   Think for now of the cattle  and sheep grazing quietly in a paddock.   Their serenity is palpable.   But then so is their fear when hauled out of their peaceful connection with Mother Earth, by rough handling humans, and sent to a horrible, frightening, dreadful death.   Another big reason  to go vegan.

Since the Equinox, and that beautiful big Easter Full Moon, we have had a major shift.   The planets are finally in forward movement.   The first part of the year was like a big shedding.  All old karmic loops were given a shake up and shake out.   I was told in no uncertain terms to stay home, be still, listen to my spiritual lessons (from the trees, spirits of place , the animals and fae), take copious notes and expand my heart chakra.  I was not to be distracted.

Of course when Spirit says “don’t be distracted” one tends not to think “uh oh – big distraction coming.”  Of course there was and a career opportunity came– and went.  One which at any other time in my life I would have leapt at.  Was I insane?

I let it go because it is more important to be spiritual  in 2012..  And I sensed that if I took this career opportunity I would not be able to focus on doing my spiritual work .  It would take me away from the animals in my care, and would have been a lot of pressure with the prize ultimately being  a major distraction from my true path and my destiny.  Which has nothing to do with careers and bright lights.

When I thought about it I saw it as a test.  I saw it belonged to 3D.  And I was grateful I let it go.

The world has changed.   The old world and the way things used to work, no longer serve us and it is time to step off the merry-go-round and out of the box.  It is time to step out of denial and follow our heart.  The truth of our heart.  It is time to say “no” to all those societal injustices and stop lamenting ” this is the way it has always been done.”  The way it has always been done, has proven to be incredibly detrimental to our Mother, the animals, the plants and ourselves.  Humans have to wake up and change.  Now.  We have quite simply run out of time and excuses.

For me it is much more important to focus on the big picture of social change and human evolution than a career path I once thought was important.   In my blog and teachings I have talked a lot about the need for us all to become more and more authentic, getting down into our true essence so that we can become peace and go up into the next dimension.

When the last shift happened, I noticed another change.   I could not tolerate ANY animal cruelty.  It made me feel physically ill.  It was time to say NO, and rebel against a draconian old mindset.  We’ve been talking about how wrong this is for centuries.  It hasn’t changed.  So now is the time to just become steel.  It is time for Big action. It is time to force change.   I am currently working on a couple of big initiatives which I hope will bring more a bit more peace to this world, and I’m doing it because of the steel of resolution that has moulded inside me.  Courage comes from conviction.  I believe it is unacceptable to cause suffering to the non humans who share our Mother Earth.  And that is that.

I realised that if others had  similar steel, revolution could be quick, and the Golden Era of Peace could be realised.  I clearly saw a world populated by people of courage and conviction – who would live in harmony with each other and other species, because they had fought for change and won.  There are  a lot of talkers in this world.  The ones who will forge this path of peace, will be the ones who walk it.

Last night, I was listening to an interview with Drumvalo Melchizadek, who echoed my understanding of this time of social revolution.  He said women would become strong and just say “no”.  And through this we would see social change.  So I am happy to announce from my own internal radar, that this is happening.  That’s exciting.

He also said that there could be several big “events”, and the way to survive them was to go to the next dimension.  So many of us are being prepared for this right now.  We  are being moved into “position” to hold the light.  The fae call this process of dimensional moving,  alchemy.  This is  an internal process of light – inner change.  They tell me to work on my heart chakra and keep surrendering and keep trusting.   Alchemical changes are also happening through exposure to the sun’s rays, especially during the solar flares.  Drumming, chanting, forgiveness, committing to a non-violent, cruelty-free path, drinking in the information from the sun, meditation and working with the light body are some of the things we can be doing right now.  So my sense is that many of us will become a lot lighter  during the big solar flare season coming this (southern hemisphere) winter.  Hang on to your hats!!

The other thing he said  was that the Mayans are celebrating the end of the calendar on December 21, 2012 – a normal kind of completion ceremony.  But on December 22, they are celebrating the beginning of the new time, the new era of peace! I love that, and will be working on those two days with those thoughts with whomever I am sharing the time with. How exciting!  Party!!

What Drumvalo was saying really coincides with a very intense astrological period.  There’s creativity and grace and possible drama and chaos.  There is definitely change. One of the anticipated dramas is the possible meltdown of computers and communications due to unprecented solar fllare activity.  Here’s a hint: buy journals and remember how to use a pen!  I know, old fashioned!

The other bit of news I found interesting came from here at A Place of Peace.  One of our horses, Hedgerose, came down with an abscess, which can be nasty and painful for horses.   She was limping badly one day, and the very next, when I came to treat her, the abscess had already popped.  “Things are healing quickly now,” she said to me.  Normally I would have been giving her homeopathic Silicea or Hepar Sulph or both, for days.

So please remember this. Feel free to indulge in your dis-ease if it gets more of what you need, but really, you can heal more quickly now!

I also had a request for prayers for a dying horse in Adelaide.  The vet wanted to put him down and his person was desperate to save him.  He went into our prayers during our Full Moon Ceremony and I was thrilled to receive a stunned email from his person saying he was making a rapid recovery!!

Note: We always work with permission – healing happens only to those who want to heal. Many  animals indeed are crossing right now.

A note about the animals and behaviour:  If animals are behaving “badly” please be mindful.  The solar flares and earthquakes and general unsettledness is making everyone tense and the animals will be your best radar if a disaster is happening, so be mindful of them.  They are not trying to annoy you, they are communicating with you. We had a couple of dogs who are best of friends fly into fight  in the kitchen. They didn’t hurt each other, but it alerted me that something was up.  The next day there was the earthquake news from Indonesia.

In short, the guidance I’m receiving right now continues to be keep surrendering and allowing a life of love, peace and grace.  Tend to your foundation with survival supplies, extra torches and whatever you need in case supplies are cut off for a period of time for whatever reason, and take time to practise stillness and LIstening.  Honour your animals, and let their wisdom and intelligence guide you.  And keep your frequency compass attuned to joy, love and peace.   Learn to act on your instincts and intuition.  The dance of life is about being in the moment, honouring the wisdom of your heart intelligence, and understanding that the world is changing every minute, so surf,and glide with glee.

. . . . . .

Billie Dean is an internationally recognised interspecies telepath, animal and peace advocate and award-winning creative artist.  She  is the author of Secret Animal Business, and  an independent filmmaker of inspiring and heart-warming films about animals and peace.  Billie runs a transformational on-line school Rainbow Fianna, teaching animal communication with ethics and an eclectic blend of native  and visionary wisdom to help people evolve into the human angels animals need them to be. With her husband and daughter, Billie runs A Place of Peace at her home, where over 40 rescued horses run free, and is the founder of The Billie Dean International Deep Peace Organisation, a not-for-profit organsiation to promote peace and freedom for all animals through the arts, education and compassionate action. billiedean.com 

Copyright ©  Billie Dean, 2012.  You are welcome to share  this article but only in its complete form with author, author blurb, and website attached.  Thank you!

Photo credit: Billie Dean