I’m so excited to share that my film Ode to Wild Horses has been accepted into the Swedish International Film Festival. This short film has already won an award at the SF3 International Film Festival… so I’m hoping it can continue touching judges and audiences around the world.

The plight of the wild horse is something dear to my heart… and I have made some other videos to express my feelings.

Here’s a Plea for Compassion and Empathy… my response to the horrible propaganda surrounding wild horses and how it is making people chillingly cold.

It satisfyingly went viral on Facebook.

Here’s another work inspired by a documentary I’m making — Thundering Hooves.

I hope you enjoy them. There’s more to come!!

There’s nothing that I love more than filming beauty. I’ve been pretty obsessed since my dad lent me his camera when I was a little kid. I nearly swapped my journalism cadetship for photography when I was still in my late teens.

And today I just want to express my feelings about animals and nature through this medium and hopefully change some hearts and minds.

Essays and discussions aren’t the only thing on film that I’m doing. People learn through stories and I have lots to tell.

Today is all about being authentically yourself , digging out your childhood dreams and having the courage to go after them. Advocacy isn’t a happy thing to do — it’s a calling to stand up against injustice. But I can balance the pain I feel at animal suffering, with making beautiful stories that touch and inspire. That keeps my frequency up!

I hope you can find your way to your passionate purpose this year too. It’s time!