22 January 2012

Greeting the Sun

The long awaited  year of 2012 has arrived and I’m reminded of the first time I heard about it in 1978.  I was a herb student, and after a field day identifying plants in the wild, our hosts offered a vegetarian lunch (potato patties and salad). The conversation, as we dined alfresco, me with the resident dog at my feet, turned to conspiracy theories.

It was one of those days you just don’t forget. I loved the company I was in, even though I was the youngest there, feeling much more at home in this alternative environment than anything else in my life to date. There were bees buzzing. The dog and I were quietly communing, and the human conversation and company were fascinating.

The conversation turned to 2012.  Was it really the end of the world?  Would a UFO come and get the “good” people? Did you have to believe in Jesus to be saved? Was it all a furfy?  Our host, a very tall man with a beard and overalls, stood up and talked about the Hopi Prophecy, a golden era of peace that needed 144,000 rainbow warriors to make it happen.  I signed up there and then in my heart and soul. That resonated with me. I couldn’t fathom what an era of peace would look like. But I was there.

I attended and filmed the Glastonbury gathering for the Harmonic Convergence, I have had Hopi Elders come and speak to me about putting the word out about the coming earth changes, I’ve talked to all kinds of people, and done a lot of Listening myself.

I even made a film to help people through this time  of change – 2012: This Sacred Earth (or This Sacred Earth:The 2012 Phenomenon).

I learned what it took to be a Rainbow Warrior, and worked hard toward that goal for myself. You can’t sign up for that position with anger in your heart and dirty chakras full of sludge. It’s about getting over being wounded, and becoming as whole as you can be. I founded Rainbow Fianna, a wisdom school, with the intention to help get a few more warriors for peace out there.  This was the mission I felt called by.  When people are at peace, the animals are free.

And now here it is – the Big Year.  What will it bring?  What we call the 2012 Phenomenon has to date been ruthless in its desire to shift people into wholeness. Resist and it goes rough for you. Surrender and you fall into grace. So despite the brutal, grasping of the falling dark masculine archetype, by the end of the ninth wave of the Mayan Calendar according to Calleman (Amazon aff link) and the Gateway of 11:11:11, one could sense the joyous buoyancy of the time to come. And this, by the way, will be a time of balance with the Divine aspects of masculine and feminine in harmony as the Divine Feminine takes her rightful place in each of us.

The holiday season brought relief.  A rest from the world and the realisations of old patterns fell fast and thick– if you were being mindful.  And the wheel turned and 2012 arrived.

Here at A Place of Peace, thunder rolls in the distance and we have just had a shower of much needed rain. It settled the dust. Outside the window are three wild baby foals with their mums, and in the kitchen are two new rescued baby goats sitting together on a pile of hay.

I’ve spent the last three weeks withdrawn from the outside world, “resting” – although it is pretty impossible to rest when caring for animals is a full time job. But to do just one “job” was heaven, and it made me realise that trying to do more is probably crazy. To have time to be, instead of do do do, is something I have heard many, many  people yearning for. Including my own soul.  This is a big note  and something to pay attention to.

For me, as a natural telepath and creative artist, to simply listen, to write, to film and to be with animals and family are things I have been yearning for for a long time. Oh and to be more silly. Definitely that!

Like many people, many ‘aha” moments were had over the holiday break – things like:

“Oh my god, what happened to self love and self care and all the other things I tell everyone else to do?”


“Why is it not okay for me to be comfortable, and what is the block in the way of me going for what really is my authentic self – and prospering from that.”

Now when I say the word “prosper”, I mean it in a different way to the way our society currently sees “wealth”.

For me, it prosperity is about being comfortable, yes, but more about energetic nourishment. It is about the ability to be fully authentic in a world that is rapidly disintegrating and changing, with old ways of working no longer working.

As Phillip Carr Gomm says in our documentary This Sacred Earth: The 2012 Phenomenon, we need to learn to make do with less, and make that hallowed.

Values need to change.  Imagine a world where everyone was nurtured in a wave of self -love and community, occupied by sacred and meaningful encounters with nature and animals, being self-expressive, and generally “playing”.   We can no longer occupy the material mindset.  it doesn’t work.  People aren’t happy with things.  They need meaning.

“Frustration” is the word of the month, I sense. With many people feeling as I did – “Why am I killing myself working like this, and for what?” Frustration is actually a healthy emotion, because it is the first step to wellness. I read somewhere that 97% of people were bordering on burnout. What does that say about our society?

I have been saying for a long time that we need more community, more support of each other, and we really need to follow our hearts into creative authenticity.

This takes courage.

The other thing that has been up is a feeling of irritability, stress, anxiety, general unsettledness.  People have been behaving the opposite of love and peace.   Relationships are being stretched and strained because of this.  The old dark energies are grasping at straws, niggling at the chinks in people’s armour and trying to cause chaos.  It’s more important than ever to be discerning, to be strong, and to focus on shining your light and shining  it on the world you want.

I bring all this up now because on Monday we have a very, very powerful new moon, followed by Mars retrograde. And while I originally thought it was simply a clearing out of old stuff time, it seems there is much more. It feels we are being asked to stop living from external programming – from past lives to parental – and start examining what we are yearning for at a heart and soul level.

Imagine a world where people were actually fulfilled, simply being their unique selves.

Imagine actually following your heart’s true intelligence.

That is surrender. And that is what this time is all about.

When I think about all the things I have to do in order to pay the bills, I feel my body tense and my frequency shut down. Things have changed and I can’t go back to who I was. Frequency is all important in the new era – finding peace within.  And resonating that outwards.  And it seems more urgent than ever that we move into our heart work/play.  Not just for ourselves, but to aid the prophecy into being.  We have a choice — stay in chaotic suffering — or move into peace and grace.

So if you are feeling sensitive, frustrated, irritable or edgy, know you are sensing the energetic shift that is coming. Do you have the courage and discipline to put new habits in place that will take you down the path of soul fulfilment? Or are you going to stay in the same old rut?

Here at home, we’ve started working out again. Sugar is off the menu; pea protein shakes are in. More boundaries will be put into place, more time for spiritual practise, back to yoga and meditation – all the things that were dropped because everything else and everyone else was more important. Hmmn.  And 2 am bedtimes have to go!!  This all calls for discipline.

When I was being trained as an actress, we were taught that our body was a temple.  For many reasons we had to honour our body.  So for me to not take care of myself because I am too busy caring for others, was quite shocking to me, when I realised I’d slipped into patterns of behaviour that were not self-caring.  Caffeine to keep going is not on.

So now we are making decisions based on our heart intelligence and the frequency we sense the activity will bring.  Because the edges are sharper and more defined in 2012.  It is a year to take action, or watch out.  And I say that not to scare anyone, but to try and motivate you.  It is no longer time to put off what you are yearning for.  For the sake of animals, for the sake of the earth, find the peace and contentment you crave.  When you resonate that, you are one of the 144,000 rainbow warriors needed to make the tipping point in the golden era.  You are needed.

2012 is a pivotal year. The spirits are whispering massive change. But if we resist the whispers and don’t put in place the things to support the change, then the Mack trucks will come. Sorry – but my sense is that change is being demanded from our beautiful Mother Earth as we can no longer live so disconnected from her and cause her so much pain. Humans must evolve.

Our beautiful rescue dog Dusty put this very eloquently when he began having seizures recently. He told me it was because he wasn’t able to let go of his old past pattern of persecution and abuse. And in this new time, these things are no longer buried. They are intensified.  It goes harder when you don’t let go.  So we are working to assist him release more fully, to let go into the love he has found here.  So far so good!!

It really is time to work on your stuff.  Let go!  Ask yourself why are you still holding on to that old story?

I’ve noticed “out there” in 3D land it is still pretty crunchy, as most people don’t know what the heck is happening and are feeling activated and scratchy. That’s because of this coming energetic shift.

Even people who do know are feeling exhausted and can barely drag themselves from A to B. Or they did — there seems to be a rising of energy now, strength returning, curiosity as to what this year will bring.  On another level, the new energies are so free-ing and magical that they have me wondering why so many humans are so addicted to suffering? Just let it go already!

Monday’s New Moon is a biggie. It will thrust us forward into a new era like a huge tidal wave of energy. So get out your surfboard, dump all unwanted baggage and start to drive your car and your board forward in the direction your heart wants to go.  We are in the era of a new sun, a new beginning, a new you.

Trust your heart.

In Divine Love and Infinite Peace

– Billie

. . . . . .

Billie Dean is an internationally recognised interspecies telepath, animal and peace advocate and award-winning creative artist.  She  is the author of Secret Animal Business, and  an independent filmmaker of inspiring and heart-warming films about animals and peace.  Billie runs a transformational on-line school Rainbow Fianna, teaching animal communication with ethics and an eclectic blend of native  and visionary wisdom to help people evolve into the human angels animals need them to be. With her husband and daughter, Billie runs A Place of Peace at her home, where over 40 rescued horses run free, and is the founder of The Billie Dean International Deep Peace Organisation, a not-for-profit organsiation to promote peace and freedom for all animals through the arts, education and compassionate action. billiedean.com 

Copyright ©  Billie Dean, 2012.  You are welcome to share  this article but only in its complete form with author, author blurb, and website attached.  Thank you!

Photo credit: Sooraj Shajahan