Natural First Aid for Animals: Kitchen Cupboard Essentials

From bumps, bruises, aches and scrapes, there’s a treasure chest of simple, natural remedies you can keep in the kitchen cupboard to help your furry beloved. Ease your mind and expand your healing skills in this almost three-hour  information-packed workshop. Be prepared at home for upsets that your animal friends might face, from wounds to colic. Build a great natural first aid kit, understand how the remedies work, and learn how to treat common afflictions.

Never feel helpless again! Help your beloveds with natural first aid, whether you’re at home, on the way to the vet, or waiting at the clinic. We cover everything from homeopathy and herbs to essential oils, energy work, and frequency. You’ll understand the metaphysics and emotional causations of “accidents,” while learning so much about the animals who share your life.

In the workshop, Billie discusses the healer’s mindset, and gives you spiritual and physical tools to help your animals. She specifically discusses the herbs, essences, homeopathy, and essential oils that she thinks every animal-loving home should have. 

This course was recorded live at The Hierophant in June 2024, and is available for your immediate learning. You get access to the full recording, plus a suggested list of essential healing books.

Cost: $150.

About Billie Dean

Billie Dean is a globally renowned animal shaman and innate interspecies telepath. She began her foray into natural therapies 50 years ago, and has studied many healing modalities from herbalism, homeopathy, and essential oils to acupressure and shamanic and druidic healing. Living remotely and caring for hundreds of rescued animals in her animal sanctuary, Billie has a wealth of experience in first aid for animals and has helped thousands of animals across the globe in her 40-year career as an animal shaman. She is a passionate animal advocate and runs one of the largest sanctuaries in Australia. Billie co-founded the charity the Billie Dean Deep Peace Trust, which has a mission to foster deep peace for all species. She is also an award-winning filmmaker and the author of several books, including her signature work, Secret Animal Business.