There was a presence in the room.  I was in the old timber kitchen, minding my own business, not focussed on anything but the job at hand—feeding seven hungry dogs and six hungry cats.  It was winter 2017 and the presence was a tall, bearded man in a robe.

He told me he was the Merlin.

I find many of the unseen will turn up in attire to help us recognise them from the stereotypes that have been fed to us, but I checked in with my own guide, Grandfather, first. He nodded his okay. And I asked the Merlin if I could help him.

The Merlin said he did need my help. And he also wanted to help me.  I wondered what that meant!

We were just before the great 2017 solar eclipse, and obviously he was aware of the destruction that followed in its wake. At that time, I didn’t. But my constant flow of tears told me someone was going to pass. Sadly it was thousands lost in fires, floods, and hurricanes.  Even if I had known that, I couldn’t have helped.  And for those of you reading this who don’t understand.. my heart intelligence and maybe yours too, knows things before they happen.  When my family find me crying for “no reason”, they know and I know, someone is going to pass.  In Celtic lore, it’s a certain kind of faerie trait.  

But at the time, the first thought was, he’s going to help me with which part of the messy life I’m living? But before I could ask him, the Merlin was gone.

I sat with the visitation, as I doled out home made vege stew for the dogs.  This is not a spirit I call on. I wasn’t thinking of him. True I was writing about him for my screenplay and book –  The Return of Arthur, but he isn’t a major player in that story.

It seems he was very pleased with being mentioned in my writing work and wanted to give back.  An exchange for the help needed.  It seems the worlds need bridging. The crack between the worlds needs mending. And this is what I often write about. That is why he came to me to ask for help. One of the reasons.

But I think this request is for more than just me.  It’s for you too.

So how can we help the Merlin and others who reside in the other realms?  By knowing they exist.  Depending where you live, the understanding of the Other realms might have been stomped out of you.  Or you might have been taught to be afraid of them.  But our world is magical and enchanted and we often forget that in the busyness and stress of trying to survive in the muggle world of our making.

Knowing that all things are possible and there are other realms and folk who live there, is the first step to strengthening the”bridges”, and reclaiming your own wild as well.

The other thing the Merlin wanted me to get across was how important it was to shine right now,  He showed me an image of a person who was illuminated, standing out from the crowd, with a huge grin on their face.

When someone shines in this respect, they are blazing a trail which others can follow.  They are leading human evolution, helping humans become more refined so they can dance in the higher realms .  And how do we do this?

By being the best example of a human being we can be. Walk in gratitude and beauty. Remember your wild.  Always give back. Show others how to be, by leading by example. Don’t tear them down, build them up.  Pick up garbage,  lobby against killing the homeless (animals), the unwanted, killing at all. Demand peaceful, uplifting screen programming that doesn’t reinforce the culture of violence. Change the culture to a kind one with acts of kindness every day.  Inspire others with your compassion. Walk with Divine Love as your moral compass.

In this way, the Merlin says, lies the path of meaning, and lives with meaning have extraordinary purpose and fulfilment. They also have “fun-filment.” (His term!)

And that, according to the Merlin,  helps you roll with the life punches, climb out of the troughs, and levitate over the valleys and the hills. When you have a sense of humour, you can win at life. 

The next night was the American Solar Eclipse and our family did fire ceremony. I knew this eclipse was going to be big somehow. I didn’t know what to expect. But now I realise the import of his words.. because when the sun and the earth do their dance together, we collectively have a choice of how we can be, and perhaps make the passage a little easier. 

Listen to the voice of your heart intelligence. Trust it, and even though the road might be hard, it will take you where you need to go. Walk the road with love, laughter and light.  And the stars will shine that much brightly in all the realms, when you do. This is the message from the Merlin.

. . . . .

©  Billie Dean 2018  Billie Dean is a writer who lives on the edges with her husband and daughter, and hundreds of animals who live with them in sacred sanctuary.  You can read more about her on billiedean.com, deeppeacetrust.com, and wildpureheart.com.