October 1, 2013

dog_in_wind-5589853521_98e67fbc6c_bCan you feel it building? We are in a time of great change! and the planets mobilising for the New Moon  this week are huge.  As I write, the wind whistles around Owl Cottage, heralding this time of change. Once again we have gale force winds. Last week they carried off our beautiful true daughter of Avalon, Faerie. She had run free here all her life, being a yearling we inherited when we bought the property. Her death was so unexpected, so sudden, it shocked me to the core. I have written her story here.

There are many souls choosing to leave as the Light rolls over the planet, for whatever reasons, and the advice I am being given is to honour this process and be grateful for every moment with every being we love. Love is the only thing that is important. Loving ourselves, loving others, being kind with all our choices.

We don’t know who will choose to go next, and instead of getting wrapped up in grief, we have to do what it takes to respect their choices, love hugely, and be gentle with ourselves.

To heal, I took rare time out to hang out with other artists, and then took teens to the beach. The beach with teens was so relaxing – the one day perfect, sunny and still. Exactly what I need for recuperation. So grateful, thank you Great Spirit! And then I was hit with light-headedness, like I was on a rolling ship. The next day, I could sense the energies build again, and there was an earthquake in New Zealand. (Prayers and blessings)

My sense is that we are still being affected by the new light flooding the planet from the Equinox portal. It is stirring up the muck and we are being asked to honour nature and be aware. Things are different now and all those people who can’t wake up to that are going to find it tough.

So what does the new world look like. How do we operate? How do we come Home to Heaven on Earth? Well, it looks like the New Moon on October 4/5 is going to help with that. It looks like change, change, change. Pluto is going to help the shift.  And there’s Jupiter to provide expansion to whatever is going on.

If you are stuck in a situation, let go, and flow where the wind leads you. Follow the Light. Does it feel light in your body to do this? Get your intellect out of the way. Get the programming out of the way. Follow your gut. Your instincts. This is the rusty Divine Feminine rising. We need to get back to honouring the lessons from the animals.  Things like, stay in the moment, play hugely and love your humans no matter what!

I was given a heads up by the birds about this coming time. I had taken the teens to the park at dusk and a magpie landed on the car and stared at me. “Do you have a message for me?” I asked.

“Be aware. Be careful. Be mindful. Be brave. There is new coming on the wind.”

Okay, I thought, and got home to the rolling sensation that made me understand that the earth was shifting again.  We’ve been having major solar flares and every sensitive I know is feeling them!!  We can all feel the hugeness of this time!!

Yesterday the wind blew such a huge gale that when I got out to open the front gate I was showered with pebbles from the road.  “You’re trying to get my attention,” I said. But the wind was silent. I was given the sense that the gale force nature was cleansing the energy, exactly like I do in a shamanic healing, cleansing the luminous energy field of the Earth. The wind smiled.

In town, I met a guy at the service station whose car had been smashed by a falling tree. The windshield glass was everywhere. A minute before the “accident” he said to himself, “The trees are going to fall” (a heads up from Higher Self) and then they did.

The rules of the world have changed. Mother Nature is speaking to us and like the animals, her behaviour is a communication. Unless you are of a sufficient frequency, on days of intense weather, stay home!

Or raise your frequency.

To understand the concept of safety in these times, see my CD/audio Safe Places, Safe People.

There are many ways to raise frequency!!

I’m also finding many people lost in the sea of these changes. Put it into the perspective of a boat sailing across a sea of wild emotions until one arrives on the golden sand of the new world, then people can more easily find their footing.  We are moving into a whole new paradigm.  The things from the old world, no longer operate in the same way.  We might have chaos and havoc, but the seeds that have been planted, are growing and will one day soon shoot into beautiful flowers of human compassion and kindness.  I hope it is soon.

We are changing and we’ve received a blast from the Equinox energies to rocket us forward. Hands up those who have been receiving wild dreams, unable to sleep, new abilities, crying, new sensititivies, shaking? This is a new one for me. I was down at the yards, shovelling manure and I started shaking. At first I thought I’d eaten too much dark chocolate! But it turns out the shaking and the kundalini rising are all part of the changes.  It was so intense I had to stop my work and lie down.  I fell asleep, woke up and then couldn’t get back to sleep.  Lots of people have reported this sleeplessness.

This new moon is really about leaving behind the things that don’t serve your highest self.  It feel like we are all moving into “position”.  The image I am shown is one of an old “mask” breaking open, to reveal the new, upgraded version.  The messages I have been receiving are all about the dance.  Moving our bodies to activate the upgrades.

If you have a desire to de-clutter, to simplify your life, this is part of the new. The image that is forming is one of a strong human race of ethical people who care about each other, the environment and animals. If you are reading this, you are one of them. This new island we’re arriving at, requires us to be magical in our care and living the highest moral codes.

In the new world we don’t hurt other species. We don’t see them as dinner. We don’t exploit or cause pain. We are the new. We are kind, we are caring, we are gentle, we are peace.

The month of Libra is all about social justice, beauty, relationships, love. This month could mean rapid shifts in everything. To all Australians who were devastated by the current politics, don’t be. This is an old paradigm whose time has come. Put your energy into the Light, into the new, into building the world of peace and plenty we all want.

At home we are building the new with our Deep Peace Farm Project and our Million Kind Hearts for Animals Campaign. There is such urgency to these projects. I hope you will be part of them.

. . . . . .

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