Is the Matrix glitching? Here at the beginning of April 2018, in a promised year of marvellous manifestation, we’ve continued to be battered by eclipses, sunspots, solar flares and, cosmic tough love to help us shed our old stories and karmic loops.

It’s very difficult to be our real authentic self in a world that doesn’t accept that a bunch of us just want to be the Light our souls came to be. Who wants to work at something that goes against who they are naturally? And why are humans the only species who have to do this? We have to work to earn money to exist? Right. Sadly, we are enslaved and thus we enslave others (animals). The lie being perpetrated is one of competition, fear, lack and disempowerment from our true divinity.

The world works this one way because we’ve been programmed to think that that is how life works and how it should be. And so it is. We feel trapped because we know there is so much more. We know in our bones, that our lives are a lie. 

But lately, with so much cosmic help disintegrating our “known” reality, the glue that holds the matrix together is beginning to soften and fall apart. The veil is so thin, people are experiencing seeing spirits around, experiencing the Mandela Effect, time slips and shifts and other glitchy things. The hologram isn’t so stable. People’s beliefs are changing. And this is creating change in the outer world. Yay to the trailblazers forging new trails into the etheric, and making it possible for others.

So what does that mean for us? For me, it means you don’t have to accept your current reality. You could perhaps set an intention for a different timeline. If you don’t feel safe enough to leave your debilitating day job right now, then start doing more of what you love, and Seeing yourself as your New Upgraded You. And don’t let age stop you. One of the things I’ve found interesting is how we perceive age. Now 64 is considered the bridge to middle age. And we’ve all seen the vegan and body building seniors who defy the old age concept. Even 80 is just middle-aged. And I think this will shift too the more we break down old paradigms of belief.

We also don’t need to accept our current state of health. But for this, you need to really Know you are fluid not fixed, and maybe get someone who understands this concept to help you.  One of the phrases that helps me when I get a glitch in my template, is to say, “It’s just stuck energy.” One of the things we do as shamanic healing practitioners is keep health imbalances at the level of energy. When a health practitioner names it and thus staples that thought form into the reality matrix, its much harder to shift. But you can still do it. 

Which brings me back to glitches. Have you been experiencing glitches in the matrix? Have you been seeing people or animals or Others across the veil much more frequently? Have you been “forgetting” to do things you could have sworn you did? Have you lost time? Have you gained time? We know time is a man-made concept, but we do live with time in this dimension. Does it seem more fluid? Does the world, when you think about it, seem to have less of a solid foundation?

If so, this is exciting. Because if the matrix is loosening its cement-like grip on our reality, then we can choose the reality we want to inhabit, not from our past traumas and wounds, but really brand new. From the best version of you, you can possibly be.

And if you choose to follow your bliss, to be that radiant peaceful, contented human being, despite the world as we know it, collapsing in front of our eyes, then we really can create a higher consciousness world with humans who value kindness and live in harmony with all beings (including so-called farm animals), and the living being called Earth.

Let’s create a dynamic, blissful heaven on earth—for all species. And all realms.

The more we do this, the more we can help tone down the massive shifts and explosions in weather patterns and societal collapse that we are currently experiencing, aided by those dramatic sun spots.  Let’s choose to shift up from joy and love!  And help Mother Earth by being the Soothing Ones.

Interested in getting a community together to do this while the Matrix wobbles?  Join our class in Spiritual Wildness.

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© Billie Dean 2018.  Billie Dean is a writer who lives on the Edges of reality and doesn’t like labels, but is the founder of the Billie Dean Deep Peace Trust caring for hundreds of animals in sacred sanctuary and working for deep peace for all species.  Billie also writes for the story studio Wild Pure Heart, co-founded with her husband writer Andrew Einspruch.