In today’s world we are striving to live more authentically and meaningfully, especially if we want social change to bring us the kind of world we are all dreaming of — a kind and peaceful world for all species.

One of the things we can do right now is remember how to live with our planet, not just on her — to see the other animals as part of ourselves, to see the trees, rocks, and rivers, as part of ourselves. We are all connected and now is the time to remember that.

My name is Billie Dean and I was born remembering the Universal Silent Language all life speaks. Some people call it telepathy, but for me it is more than that. It’s experiencing the world from a non-human perspective. It’s walking in the footsteps of others who aren’t human, and sharing their perspective, thereby gleaning answers to this world’s many problems from those who are most affected by the heavy human footprint. It’s feeling their pain and their joy, and experiencing deep knowing and a deep love, the result of a deep connection. Imagine if all humans came back to that and treated the natural world accordingly.

I have been a voice for animals and nature since I was a child of eight, speaking up about the wrongs I saw, and being told I was “too sensitive.”  I started communing with other people’s animals over three decades ago, when an ally in spirit suggested I use my gift that way. He called me the Woman with Twin Tongues. I had a career in the entertainment industry and was worried what people would think of me, so I started just with my friends in natural horsemanship circles. Word spread, and soon I had an international clientele. After I wrote a book about my work, Secret Animal Business, I was in demand globally as a teacher also. Thouands of animals helped later,  my soul had other plans. The animals were calling me to create a safe refuge and more and more turned up at my doorstep. So now I run Australia’s largest farm animal and wild horse sanctuary, with my family, communing with all the beings who live with us in this special place where every soul has agency. It’s a blueprint for tomorrow, embedded in this reality today.

I want to help you remember the old ways, not just of communing with your own beloved, but walking in the world in a way that makes your light shine, that makes our great Mother Earth smile and say, “There’s another of my children come Home.” All beings speak this language — the rocks, the rivers, the trees, the living and the dead. And they need to be heard.

Today, we’re at a tipping point. We can choose to go down the drain of fear or we can rise up, resist, and remember ways of walking that will take you on the journey you came here to make — a journey that will make a difference to the world.

We are spiritual beings having an experience in a body, and for centuries, we have been disconnected from the truth of these physical vehicles. We need now to open up our hearts. We need to run wild again, as part of the natural world, not just observing, but experiencing with every sense.

This workshop is designed to help you sharpen your telepathic skills, and give you some tools, techniques, and ways of being that will help you dissolve the walls between you and others… both seen and unseen.

This is old knowledge handed down from the unseen from the days when humans were stewards and guardians. It’s time to be that again.

Please join me for an adventure in learning — not just how to communicate, but how to be your highest and best self, to help the planet tip in the right direction, not just for people, but for the entire natural world, and for our Mother, the Earth herself.

What People Are Saying

I attended the Introduction to Shamanic Interspecies Communication course, and found it most helpful with interacting and respecting animals. I especially love the meditation section, going on the journey with the drum. —  Judy Fountain

* * *

I have participated in a number of Billie’s workshops in the last few years. I have enjoyed them all. I love the things Billie teaches, as I can use them to help in magic ways that benefit animals or humans, plants, all kingdoms. And that’s what we are here for. I loved this course. — Tammie Morton

About the workshop

In this Introduction to Shamanic Interspecies Communication workshop, I will share with you a way of being in the world that will make a difference, not just to your own life, but to the Others who share this planet with us.

You will learn:

  • What the shamanic perspective is and why it is important today, with its focus on respect, reverence and permission.
  • Tips, tools and exercises for shamanic telepathy, as well as normal telepathy.
  • Ways to commune with and have better relationships with your own animal beloveds, and everything in the world today… alive or not!
  • How to form deep and beneficial relationship with the Others who share this planet with us.
  • How to garner a non-human perspective so vital for today’s world.

I’ll also take you on shamanic journeys to learn who your compassionate allies are, and get the highest guidance for yourselves, and our planet during these troubled times.

It’s an introduction to a whole new way of being in the world. By the end of the workshop, you’ll understand how to be a human who walks more humbly, with new admiration for the astonishing living planet we inhabit.

Right now, we need people willing to be different, to remember the old ways, the old knowledge. We need people to be true guardians and to be the Light! This makes our own personal lives so much richer and more meaningful and authentic. And if we humans get on track, we impact the collective  consciousness and make it brighter

This is a transformational class. But it’s also going to be fun, because that’s the best way to learn.


Where: online.

When: The workshop recording is available for you now.

Cost: $110