Val Heart

Val Heart

I was thrilled to have been interviewed by American animal communicator Val Heart on her show The Real Doctor Dolittle. Val was a delightful host, and we had a lovely discussion. You can listen to it in the player below (requires Flash), or click through to Val’s web site and have a listen there (and even if you do listen to it below, go have a look at Val’s site).

[audio:https://billiedean.com/bd_content/val_heart_real_doctor_dolittle_10nov2011.mp3|titles=Billie Dean Interviewed by Val Heart on The Real Doctor Dolittle radio show]

We had a lovely discussion about a lot of things during our hour together, including:

  • What the animals want us to desperately know right now.
  • What is behind the need for social change and compassionate action.
  • Whether animals have an understanding of humans as carnivores (you can guess my take on that one).
  • What an animal shaman is and what they do to care for the animals on our planet.
  • What my New Shamanism is, and what it could mean for you.
  • How The Billie Dean International Deep Peace Organisation will work to support animals across the world.

Here’s Val’s bio:

Val Heart is called The Real Dr Doolittle and is an Expert Animal Whisperer.  She helps people who are struggling with their animals training, behavior, health, and end of life transitions.   She resolves problems in minutes not years because she bridges the gap between people and their animals.  She can also teach you how to be your own Dr Dolittle so you can save money at the vet, and resolve behavior, performance and training problems yourself.  Free AnimalTalk QuickStart Course (value $79), The Real Dr Doolittle Show™ (free podcast) now on iTunes!  (210) 863-7928,  http://www.valheart.com

Enjoy our talk together.