About Animal Communication

Many people ask me about animal communication but essentially it is the lost language.  Once upon a time we all spoke the Universal Silent Language of thought transference.  Then it became the realm of very few humans.

Billie Dean meeting a camel in 1989.

Billie Dean meeting a camel in 1989.

To be fluent in this language, you need to have great humility and to clear your programming about death and love and what seems to be.  And it takes time.  There are many people who think they can communicate, but they don’t understand the wider energetic world the animals live in.  This can cause animals great pain and abuse,  such as punishing a cat for peeing inappropriately when that cat is merely crying for help for a condition such as cystitis, or  aggressive or ill animals who have merely taken on the energetic stuff of their people, or  animals who run away  – not because they are “naughty”,  but because they are in pain from some energetic imprint left in the home from a build-up of toxic energy from humans.


It helps if you can learn to see the world of “spirit” and energy and understand that so many animals in our society live with trauma and soul loss.  This is what I teach in my school Rainbow Fianna.

Animal communication or tellepathy is spoken fluently by everyone except humans (in this time, anyway), and it is the language of the heart and soul.  You may recieve words, thoughts, images, or feelings.  The silly thing is, all humans practise telepathy – we’ll know when our children or spouse need us, we’ll know who’s on the phone when it rings.

But we haven’t been trained to accept that all things speak – that the rivers, the stones, the trees, the animals and even the flowers have a voice.  And they would like to be respected.  They would like to be heard.

Imagine a fully telepathic world.  You can’t lie to animals now.  We all know that.  One day soon, we will all be proficient in this beautiful ancient  language of the heart, and the world will be a different place.