Interspecies Telepathy

There is a Universal Silent Language which every being speaks.  This is the language of thought transference or telepathy.  I grew up with this gift being highly  sensitive ( Ultra-Sensitive) and able to feel the pain of plants and animals.  I received images as well, and later understood that often the thoughts in my mind, were words and thoughts from the world around me.

Kangaroo In my early 20’s, I began developing my innate ability for animal communication into what it is today through meditation  and the help of my late animal friends — my horse Sollie, Burmese cats Binah, Chockmah, and Pukawan, and German Shepherd Reka.

I have practiced animal communication professionally for three decades. I speak with all of nature, and my international client base has asked me to communicate with a wide range of beings, including cats, dogs, horses, rats, ducks, trees, and animals in spirit.

“Animals say we speak in the ‘language of the tongue’. They speak the language of silence — the whispers in the stillness.

“Hearing that voice is a skill we all once had and can have again. It’s simply a muscle gone into disuse.

“The language of silence can be experienced as mental images, feelings, words, and thoughts. It’s the forgotten art of telepathy. Once mastered, you can hear the voices of all of nature. You can speak with spirit everywhere, no matter which side of the veil, or what form or shape.

“Today more than ever, the natural world needs us to listen. In this way, we can regain the dignity and humility the ancients once had. We can walk in harmony with all species, offering them a respect long forgotten.

“Animals are not for us to own. We are their guardians. They are our teachers. This is the soul pact we made on the other side of the veil.”

— Billie Dean

I talk a lot about animal communication (including how to do it) in Secret Animal Business.  You might also enjoy Time of the Drum, a set of guided meditations that help you foster your animal communication skills and connection to the natural world.