11 Ways to Get Through Eclipse Season

Change is upon us. One day we will look back at this chapter of our lives and see how clearly and beautifully the Divine Pattern spoke.  And the way we glided down the rabbit hole into a brand new world of magic, mystery and wonder.

The Eclipse season is three eclipses and right now, we’re in the middle of it, with a major full moon and Lunar eclipse on July 27.

How are you handling it so far? Are you taking notice of the speaking Universe? Are you listening? Paying attention? That’s what this potent time is about. The Universe is wanting you to listen.

If you feel at all wobbly and emotional during Full Moons you might understand that this one, with a long lunar eclipse (one hour and 23 mins!),  the experience will be intensified tenfold.  Maybe 100fold. So if you can’t sleep during the full moon, be prepared for a night in with binge netflixing. Or you might just pass out  with exhaustion instead.  This is a heads up.  Don’t fight it.

 This is a time to protect yourself, not leave yourself wide open. There will be a ton of crazy energies flying around on this night! So maybe give wild parties, drugs and booze a miss!

Chocolate and uplifting movies. A really inspiring book or two and tons of hankies. This just might be the best medicine of the moment! If you have a close friend, invite them to join you. In person or by Skype.  You might even want to talk to others about the changes in you or the world.  It can be a confusing time. Surprising.  Startling.  Volatile. Astrologers across the board are calling this full moon The Game Changer.

It’s a good time to visit ancient roots and do ceremony.  Anchor the light, purify yourself with fire ceremony, set the intention for a good world at the bottom of the rabbit hole. Hares in Celtic Sacred Lore were linked with supernatural powers and forbidden to be eaten.   And even though there is a big difference between a rabbit and a hare, something to consider is how supernatural and sacred this hole we are jumping into really is. It’s the tunnel to Wonderland.  But a Wonderland with the possibility of peace for all beings.  And it might not seem like that now.  But we can intend it.  And make it so.  And create it by refining our energy, raising our frequency and lifting our perspective to the highest of high.  We are changing.  We are change.  We can float through the chaos with an umbrella.

This Eclipse season is bringing to a head  all the stuff beneath the surface. Volcanos erupting, lava flowing, and whatever is lurking within you that needs to be seen, drained out and healed. What no longer serves, goes.

Its clear that the old structures of our civilisation are falling. Now is the time to be the still centre. Not easy. We are being buffeted by not just the cosmos, but the collective density. Buttons are pushed, triggers are triggered. Anxiety at the obvious change racing towards us.

Change can be rough.

Now is the time to be the pioneer, the leader, and the wayshower. It’s really not time for people to be passive and think they are enjoying “downloads of light” that will take them to another place.  Without doing any personal work.  Or helping Gaia. She is our Great Mother after all, providing us with all our needs.  It’s give back time.

 How would divine love act?  How can I walk my highest path?  Am I walking my talk?  How can I improve and be the best version of me?  These are the questions of the time.  

Look at what the Universe is throwing at you.  What is working?  What doors are closing?  Be the observer of your own life.  Dispassionate.  Personally you might be called to a completely different path.  And that might be unexpected and it might be incredibly exciting. Lady Luck will be dancing with the stars while the planets drum up disruption.

What is needed globally is creative solutions, imagination. It’s obvious most of the governments aren’t governing for the people and the planet. They aren’t thinking seven generations ahead. 

So we the people have to rise up now.  Creative solutions.  Where are you called to be of service.  What are you in the community?  A carer, a nurturer, a gardener, a hero, a problem solver, an entertainer, an Elder?  Whatever you are, answer the call of your soul. Take those first wild footsteps and be the one we’ve been waiting for. Plant community gardens and fruit and nut trees.  Sign the petitions. This is a time of change. A tremendous opportunity to turn the world rightside up. Yay! Let’s create a new civilisation built on unity, trust, love, compassion, and loving kindness,

The Eclipse Season is turning life on its head. Awesome. But meanwhile it gets to people. Crunchy, agitated, suicidal, depressed, scared, anxious, angry, frustrated, teary, excited ……that’s the energy of the time.

How is it possible to deal with it?

Here’s some thoughts I offered someone with that question just the other day.

  • Breath.  This is a long hallway down the tunnel of change. It eases at the end of August. Maybe. So now is a good time to take a long calming breath. And repeat  Understanding the big picture helps keep it all in perspective. 
  • Nature.  A walk in nature is always calming. Trees are your friends.  Flowers uplift the spirit. And animals open our hearts.
  • Lie on Mother Earth. Let your body relax.  She loves those dark emotions to mulch into light.  Give them to her.  And thank her with a gift of oats.
  • Distraction  Uplifting screen content, good fiction.  Stay away from violence.  I can recommend the Canadian show Being Erica, my current favourite. (In Australia, find this on Stan) I also find Andrew’s books fun and engaging.  Check out his (free) novelette The Wombanditos.
  • Chocolate — really good vegan chocolate and other comfort food. Probably bad advice, but lets be real!!  There’’s nothing like a really good mug of hot chocolate! 
  • Good friends and great (vegan) meals.  And I mean plant based because of course when you have animal products you are continuing the cycle of violence and fear.
  • Immersion – shamanic journeying, meditation, yoga,  journaling.  So important! And perfect for this time of self nurturing and self reflection!
  • Chanting, dancing  singing—this helps raise your frequency  So belt it out!
  • Fire ceremony.  Light a fire or candle.  Write all those things that no longer serve you, and ask the fire to burn it for you!  Like the Earth, the Fire loves to transmute and release the Light!
  • Forgive everyone  — I love you, I’m sorry, I forgive you, please forgive me, I release you with love. And mean it!  Repeat.
  • Create a place for yourself on the Inner Planes. A sanctuary of the heart. A refuge for the soul. Make it protected with whatever protection you like to use. Make it a place of great beauty and tranquility.  Build it on the etheric.  Is it a grove, a kitchen hearth, a place by the sea, a cafe/bookshop, a temple, a beautiful garden? Is it a special room lined with books or crystals, or both?  Use the imagination of desire.  See it in your minds eye… somewhere you can feel safe and loved.  Somewhere where you can find.. deep peace.  The more you go back there, (to the same place) the more it builds. It can be very calming. You can retreat there at any time when 3D gets a bit much.  Use it as a place to breathe, decompress and get re centered.  Enjoy. 


© Billie Dean 2018. You may share this article in its entirety but please credit the author (me).

Billie and her family of three elves masquerading as humans, live in sacred sanctuary with hundreds of rescued and wild animals. Billie’s vision is one of deep peace for all species.  She founded the Billie Dean Deep Peace Trust, a social change charity based on her teachings  of the Old Ways and Celtic Mystery Traditions. She and her family are also Wild Pure Heart , a story studio to uplift, inspire and entertain,  www.billiedean.com  www.deeppeacetrust.com www.wildpureheart.com