July 16, 2012

Brumbies on a Hill

Welcome to the second half of the most important year of our lives! Don’t be surprised if it proves to go past at lightning speed, that you find yourself planning for the unexpected, that planning anything is nearly impossible and that you begin to find the work you do best is not the career you have chosen but actually who you really are, and it feels more like play.

Love for self and others, and finding your Joy continues to be vital in making the shift.  That and making the choices to free yourself of old karmic debts. Do lots of forgiveness. Let go the past. Send love to everyone in your life. And note who triggers you and figure out why so you can learn to respond, rather than react.

Are they wounded and hurting you from a space of the wound, projecting their wounds or mirroring your wounds? Does their light shine into your shadow making you feel uncomfortable because of something past life or some guilt you feel because deep down you want your own light to shine as brightly? Whatever it is, love and forgiveness are the important keys to moving forward. Simply let it go. Those who don’t stop creating karma and letting go the baggage of the past, perhaps won’t be ready to step off the wheel during the December 2012 Gateways. I would love to see everyone leave behind the world of duality and suffering – but I’m not sure how it will go and from what I have heard so far, the world is splitting into two. One can only have compassion for those who have not yet awakened.

On top of the huge energies of solstice and the full moon, we are being bombarded by extraordinary solar flares at a time when Mercury goes retrograde (get your computers backed up) and Mars is in the mix as well.  Watch out for flying tempers and fraying nerves as this combo intensifies everything, including any residual ascension symptoms for us and our animals. Don’t forget our animals are going through a change and a shift too, and many are sadly leaving us. Others are having strange illnesses, just like us, cleansing and repairing their energy fields. I have come across some beautiful passings, and also animals who have come back to live some more.

Don’t forget the animals, like ultra-senstives, are sensitive to the earth changes.  They are also sensitive to the energies others carry.  This is a time when we have to be vigilant about keeping our home our sanctuary and our space and person energetically clean.

Ascension symptoms are rife:  This time people are reporting colds, flu, headaches and back problems, amongst the normal dizziness, ringing in the ears, fatigue, and so on.

My back went out and at first I was focused on the physical, and then I did a shamanic healing on myself and realised that this was an old stuck lifetime come up for healing and release.  The realisation I had from this lifetime is something I am working on to share, because it effects us all.  It also pointed to the power of love, forgiveness and joy.  My back is fine now.

You can minimise ascension sysmptoms by being kind to yourself and others, nourish yourself and  others, drinking water and eating a very simple and light diet of vegetables, nuts, beans, legumes, fruit, smoothies, vegie soups, stews and easy stirfrys.

I’ve heard many people are now simply having to give up meat as their bodies no longer tolerate this dense and toxic food. People are finding they are more sensitive to the needs of animals, they are less able to tolerate those who still indulge in flesh eating, and some are  phsycially purging the stuff from their bodies. This is not an illness, it is the nature of bodies becoming more refined. The process of ascension is about high frequency and the more refined energies of love and compassion.  Since solstice I have been hearing heaps of stories of spontaneous transition to a cruelty free diet.

This truly is a time to be out in nature whenever you feel emotional or wobbly.  Focus on the light and the beauty.  There is a lot of that as our world becomes more illumined.  Note the light photographers!!  The veil is also thin and more people are seeing and experiencing strange and wonderful light and spirit visitors. A couple of us have taken pics that has shown the wobbly nature of the illusion we live in.  For a day or so, the world went “soft focus”.

Hug your animals. Many are feeling needy right now and want to be close. As well as an air of excitement, there is also an underlying feeling of slight anxiety as people dont know what is going to happen next.  So I am hearing that families are getting closer, that people are really wanting community, that animals are needing reassurance. This is what I mean about the importance of love. Everyone needs each other right now. Be there for your extended family.

I’ve also heard there are so many teenage or younger girls who are leading the way and telling their parents they refuse to eat flesh. It’s okay. They will thrive. And  there have also been several accounts of  young people not wanting to go to school., or needing extra reassurance from their mums and dads. Like the animals, children can act out instead of being able to express clearly what they need. But rest assured, they need your love.  Cuddles, closeness, family evenings around the fire, feeling safe in an uncertain world.  Things might seem normal, but they aren’t and sensitives of all ages and species feel it. This is also a precurser to the future we need to come back to – close families, close communities, home education,  community gardens, stewardship,  people caring and watching out for each other.  This is a world that is simpler, grass roots, kinder, and more nourishing with calmer, happier people and deep peace for all species.

Allow your hearts to open.  It is a time for patience and reality checks as partners and loved ones are also being effected and going through their own inner journey to radical change. Your buttons will be pushed and I can only say one thing: Choose to Evolve. Choose LOVE.

Love really is the only way forward. So be gentle with yourself and others, be kind and focus not on fear, but compassion and kindness. Calibrate high. Walk the high road with your dealings with others.

Until next time,

In Deep Peace and Divine Love

Billie Dean

. . . . . .

Billie Dean is an internationally recognised interspecies telepath, animal and peace advocate and award-winning creative artist.  She  is the author of Secret Animal Business, and  co-founder of Wild Pure Heart Productions which produces  inspiring and heart-warming films about animals and peace.  Billie runs a transformational on-line school Rainbow Fianna, teaching animal communication with ethics and an eclectic blend of native  and visionary wisdom to help people evolve into the human angels animals need them to be. With her husband and daughter, Billie runs A Place of Peace at her home, where over 40 rescued horses run free, and is the founder of the Billie Dean Deep Peace Trust, a not-for-profit that promotes peace and freedom for all animals through the arts, education and compassionate action. billiedean.com  Copyright ©  Billie Dean, 2012.  You are welcome to share  this article but only in its complete form with author, author blurb, and website attached.  Thank you!

Picture credit: © Billie Dean, 2012