This is a quest post by animal communicator Val Heart. You can also listen to the interview I did on Val’s show The Real Doctor Doolittle.

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Val Heart

Val Heart

One day I happened to glance outside onto the shaded area of my patio deck and noticed my grey tabby cat laying in a regal pose, front arms stretched out with her paws elegantly crossed in front of her. Her eyes were half shut, she seemed to be smiling a Mona Lisa smile, and even from inside the house I could see that she seemed to be vibrating.

Fascinated I watched as her energy seemed to grow and grow until it connected with every living thing and object within at least 50 feet of where she was. The air around her seemed charged with life force and peace, humming with power.

I asked her what she was doing, since it was obvious something remarkable was going on, and she said:

“I am blessing my space, being one with everything and everyone from the trees to the earth to the birds to the insects to the wind…, sharing healing and balance, harmony and peace. This is how to connect and be one with life.

If humans did this regularly, they would not be so sick.

They could allow the richness of life, which surrounds us always, to support, heal and nurture them.

They would be able to hear the wisdom and heart of the world.”

Learning to be fully present, emotionally peaceful is a very fine goal in life.

How does one achieve such a remarkable way of living and being?

To start, begin carefully and consciously observing your animal teachers.

Adopt a daily practice of being in the moment, doing nothing more than letting yourself truly feel all that is around you. Breathe in the richness and fullness of what is. And one day you will find yourself effortlessly connecting with the magic of Source.

See then what new understandings, insights and clarity you become aware of. How different do you feel about yourself, your animals and your world now?

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