This is a follow-up to my original blog post about the Jeparit ponies.

Two Rescued Jeparit Ponies

Shannon (l) and Jadae (r) and Two Rescued Jeparit Ponies. Too dangerous to be rehomed?

July 29, 2011

Sadly, all the remaining Jeparit ponies were hunted down by riders on horseback and in vehicles.  And if they had to run and run until they were exhausted and could be killed, then surely they were fit enough to be saved.

Like everyone else, I am thoroughly disgusted by the events and the way the authorities chose to act.  But we need to choose to act for peace instead of fuelling the fire with anger.

There were 147 ponies saved, and the nearly 100 killed turned up during my Divine Love Healing Circle on July 15th as soon as I thought of them.  They were angry.  I worked shamanically with them to release them fully from their earthbound state and with lots of forgiveness.  They vanished soon after, lighter and definitely free to go the spirit realm of their choice.

Later that night, a young Jeparit pony came to me as I communed with the pine trees.  She wanted to thank all of those who cared, and said that “when humans loved it made a difference.”

Because we were all so upset by this event, it made me firmly believe that the ponies made an enormous sacrifice for social change.  They have made us wake up to the terrible cruelty considered acceptable in this country, and there is no going back.  We must honour their sacrifice.

The story is not over.  The Victorian DPI of course are claiming that what they did was humane.  They say that the ponies were suffering, that they were wild and unhandled and therefore unfit for re-homing. They are not taking into account that Pony Rescue would have found loving homes for all of them, and did save 147.  Above is a picture of two “suffering wild” ponies who I’m sure were grateful to be homed and loved.   To be sure, some of the ponies needed more help than others – but isn’t THAT the humane thing to do – help, not kill?

What is needed now is social change.  This is what Andrew and I are doing with the Billie Dean International Deep Peace Organisation, whose mission it is to promote peace and protection for animals through education, the arts and compassionate action.  The Deep Peace Movement will continue to call for social change for animals until it happens.

Please use the Contact page to send Andrew a note if you are interested in becoming a member of the organisation and joining our movement for animal peace and freedom.  Together we can make a difference.

In peace,

Billie Dean

The Billie Dean International Deep Peace Organisation

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