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10 Secrets the Animals Want You to Know ebook

“10 Secrets the Animals Want You to Know” ebook

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“10 Secrets the Animals Want you to Know – beautiful, inspiring and so true!” – Pamela Whitehead

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From the  ebook:

The animals are the holders of much wisdom, and often their attempts to communicate with us are labelled “bad behaviour”. When we see animals in the light of who they truly are, humans can access the wisdom teacher in their living room who is helping them on the road to enlightenment, especially in this time of the 2012 Phenomenon.


You might have noticed the animals and the natural world behaving a little oddly lately. Perhaps there is an increased volatility at times, or more timidity. Perhaps your dog is snapping, your cat is urinating or your horse is pigrooting. It’s not “bad” behaviour; it’s an urgent communication, which means we really have to listen. So before you reach for the mobile to call the vet, trainer or behaviourist, let’s take a further look at the animal companions in our lives, understand who they truly are and what secrets they need us to know so urgently now.

There’s plenty more where that came from.

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About the eBook “10 Secrets the Animals Want You to Know”

In these changing times, the animals have a huge amount of wisdom to share with us.  And they want us to know things about them.  What some people take as bad behaviour is nothing more than a communication targeting specifically to you.  This eight-page ebook brings you ten secrets the animals want you to know, to help you be the best you can be right now.

How about I tell you two of the secrets right now?

4. Animals are the first tribes and the holders of much wisdom.

9. Animals are helping you become enlightened.

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