A New Era for Animals

A New Era for Animals: An Introduction to the Deep Peace MovementIn her latest video, A New Era for Animals, author, peace advocate, and animal telepath Billie Dean brings you her latest information on how we can make the world a better place for animals and humans alike.

She also introduces you to her Deep Peace Movement, which promotes the idea that we will only have true peace on the planet when we have deep peace for all species.

Do you think that animals deserve better than they get now? Do you or someone you know need a healthier, more compassionate lifestyle? Are you ready for change? Then this film is for you.

“This gentle, yet inspiring and powerful film touched me deeply when I first watched it, because it is full of vision, beauty and truth. Through Billie, animals communicate their important messages, hoping that soon, everyone will hear what they say, and will feel what they feel. This film is a beautiful must-see, highly recommended to every human on planet Earth.”
– Margrit Coates, Animal healer and communicator, and author of Hands on Healing for Pets.

A New Era for Animals is a 56-minute talk Billie delivered by film at the inaugural Awakening to Animals conference held in March 2012 in the UK. But more than that, it is a call to action. “The animals are finished suffering,” she tells us. And she wants you to join her in making a difference to the world of  animals – by understanding them better, by respecting them, by not eating them, and by seeing the divinity that lies in their hearts and souls.

A New Era for Animals is without doubt the most inspiring, moving, powerful and yet sensitive video presentation I have seen to date on the subject of non-human animals within society. Billie’s message is one of re-membering and listening – to the animals, Mother Earth and our hearts again, so that we may take our beloved planet and ALL her inhabitants back home – to peace. As always, Billie delivers spirituality and intuition alongside science and fact with equal doses of empathy, humour and wisdom. I sincerely recommend it to those who wish to be part of the change.”
– Emma Simmons, Animal healer, intuitive and horse sanctuary owner.

About Billie Dean

Billie Dean and Willow

Bilie Dean and Willow

Billie Dean is the author of Secret Animal Business, an international speaker, peace advocate, and an internationally recognised animal telepath. She is the founder of the Deep Peace Trust and is a staunch advocate of animal rights and a vegan lifestyle as a way of engendering peace. She and her family run A Place of Peace animal sanctuary.

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