Joy (Billie Dean) and Peter (Andrew Einspruch) in a scene from Finding Joy

“Finding Joy”, a feature film starring writer/director Billie Dean

This is where I’ll be posting screen stuff that I’ve written. This might be short films or lyrical video too.

We at Wild Pure Heart currently have 12 screen projects to our slate, some of which are currently being turned into books or being sent to producers. Or both!

I love to write warm-hearted, uplifting, often humorous, and often mystical stories about worlds that are kind, where animals are treated well, and where people are decent human beings — despite quirks and flaws. When we screened Finding Joy in Katoomba, the audience all wanted to be friends with Joy. That was even more rewarding than the Best Actress I got for playing the part!

In the meantime, we have our original indie stuff which we eventually will make downloads.  But for now check out he following:

  • A New Era for Animals – The filmed talk I gave for the 2012 Awakening to Animals Conference, full of inspiration, calls for compassionate action, and a plea for deep peace for all species. Awesome for those wanting to understand a vegan take on the world without the horror of slaughterhouse images.
  • This Sacred Earth – My documentary “This Sacred Earth: The 2012 Phenomenon”, which explores how we can better relate to Mother Earth to save ourselves and the planet, and interviews a wide range of spiritual people from different parts of the world, about the shift in consciousness which is still coming. It still holds up and is beautiful viewing with lush landscapes and tons of caring — a must for those on a spiritual journey.
  • 7 Days with 7 Dogs – A beloved “dog-mentary” about taking seven rescued dogs from A Place of Peace on the trip of a doggie lifetime. This was also screened at film festivals. I love that many people saw this film and started take their one or two dogs on trips with them.. figuring they had no excuse when we took seven! And an 8 year old!
  • Finding Joy – My feature film about a woman who wants to be a singer, but can’t sing. Her life changes when she takes in a stray dog. Synchronicities abound, lessons are learned.  This is a beautiful love story with a difference.. a gorgeous dog, and a soundtrack that truly rocks from indie musicians all around our district.  This film launched USA producer Stephen Simon’s  Spiritual Cinema Circle , was his best seller for two years and seen in 60 countries around the world. The screenplay was a finalist in the 1999 Sunrise Script Competition. It won me a AFTI Best Actress award for the lead role of Joy.  I also directed this film.  It’s an oldie now but still holds up if you want a feel good film on a Saturday night in.

My short about our brumby rescue work from 2011.