Muppet Shoes

Muppet Shoes

Welcome to June and the energy of “do”. I feel most of this year we’ve been shedding and waiting and hit by waves of incoming Light, and calibrating and re-setting and now, despite Mercury in Retrograde, it feels like a green light month. I hope I’m right about this! A recent gathering of tree spirits told me that this winter (now) was the time to implement all I have been learning while I was just “be-ing”. So I am quietly excited. I don’t know about you, but I feel motivated. There is a magical promise in the air. The gift of a higher frequency.

Meanwhile there is still what I am calling The Sadness. So many people and animals have felt it. A sadness. An unsettled feeling. Global tears. Much loss. People are feeling the sadness, the energies. They are taking their own lives. They are having accidents. They are taking the lives of others. They are getting sick. They are leaving. Funerals and wakes and a trail of tears. People are feeling the pressure to change. They are frightened. They feel alone.

But nobody is really alone. We are all one. We are all changing and having to change. And the sadness and unsettledness is how the collective is experiencing the change. The old ways and our old S-elves are dying, like the sloughing off of dead cells, and while many have chosen not to be here at this time, others are being reminded that the only thing we need to remember is that Love is All. The world is changing and a new world emerging, but it is going to take strong people to clearly understand the changes that have to be made — within. A change of values. A change in the way we live with The Mother and All Her Relations. New thinking. Loads of compassion.

These past weeks, I have heard many things that sadden me, and I feel for so many people facing challenges right now. The pressure is on despite a magical sense of good in the air. This is where I now set my personal compass. Being happy for the simple things in life. Being grateful for the little things that make life rich.

Like a pair of shoes.

For the first time in years, I bought myself a pair of new non-leather farm boots, because they were on sale, because Tamsin dragged me into the store with glee, and because Andrew begged me to get a pair of shoes because mine looked like they should be muppets.

Sometimes one has to look after one’s S-elf, and this was an amazing revelation. How warm and cosy are boots!

It made me think of all the things we in the West take for granted, and how it’s the humble and simple things we need to value for a better world for tomorrow. It’s time to see the world differently, not to take so much for granted. How much gratitude can you begin to feel for a pair of shoes, for your drinking water, for a roof over your head, for the love of your furry companion? Perhaps start with acts of mindfulness and kindness. Eating kindly, rescuing an animal, helping a neighbour, helping a stranger across the road, or picking up rubbish — all those acts of kindness ripple out and become a tumbleweed of compassion. And this is how we get a better world.

If you are having trouble with The Sadness, know you aren not alone and please see my latest video for some fun and inspiration on self-nurturing, because that is so important. And soon you will also be able to buy my e-book The Bush Elf Guide to Cosy.

In the meantime, think of some things you would love to do or do more of.  And wind that into your schedule.  Hint:  Your higher self is talking to you through your heart.  And wants you to be happy, not sad.  So remember to be grateful for every little thing, and take some me moments.

. . . . . .

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Billie Dean is an award-winning writer, actress and animal advocate. She holds a vision of global deep peace through human evolution. Billie is the world’s leading authority on animal spirituality and she and her family care for many, many animals who had nowhere else to go. She and her husband Andrew trod the stage as comics for many years, and made indie films for a living, and have also  written children’s books and for children’s TV. Billie can be found at billiedean.comwildpureheart.com and deeppeacetrust.com. Copyright © Billie Dean, 2014. You are welcome to share this article but only in its complete form with author and website attached. Thank you!

Photo © Andrew Einspruch, 2014