Intermediate Shamanic Interspecies Communication

The Faery Way with Billie Dean



Embrace the Enchantment of Celtic Spirituality

Do you walk a path of nature?

Do you need a break from the heaviness of the world and want to help make a difference?

Do you feel the call of the faery priestess whispers from Avalon?

Are you looking for a way that is different, deeper, more magickal and fun?

Do you want to break away into the wyld and enchanted?

Keen to help animals and nature?

Want an animal- and tree-loving community to be friends with, grow with, and do faery or priestess work with?

Then this course is for you!


🌿 Welcome to a Transformative Journey of Magick, Community, and Nature

Do you feel the deep call of nature-based spirituality within your soul? Are you yearning for a connection that is more profound, filled with magick, joy, and the captivating world of faery? Look no further – The Faery Way is the sanctuary you’ve been seeking.

🌟 Why “The Faery Way”?

In a world undergoing immense transformation, many find themselves at a crossroads, seeking light in the shadows. The Faery Way is more than just a course. It’s a beacon of light, guiding you through this tunnel of uncertainty towards a world filled with beauty, magick, and deep connection.

I’m Billie Dean, your guide and mentor on this journey, and I invite you to join a heartfelt community, bound by their love for animals, trees, and the ancient ways of the faery. Together, you’ll rediscover how to live in harmony with the natural world, just as the ancients did, creating a haven of peace in the here and now.

🌈 What Awaits You on This Journey?

The Faery Way with Billie Dean is an immersive seven-week online workshop series, meticulously designed to enrich your life with faery wisdom, shamanic practices, and a profound connection to nature.

  • 💫 Connect with the Elven Fae Elders. Immerse yourself in the luminous teachings of the Council of Elven Fae Elders, and become a beacon of light and stewardship for our planet.
  • 🌀 Embark on Shamanic Journeys. Dive deep into the realms of the faery, meeting the Faery Priestesses of Avalon for wisdom and guidance.
  • 🌱 Live in Harmony with Nature. Learn to walk lightly upon the Earth, stay in reciprocity, and navigate the mystical world of faery royalty, dragons, leprechauns, and more.
  • 🔮 Unlock Your Magickal Potential. Initiate yourself on the path of a faery priestess, engaging in powerful group work and ceremonies to bring peace and balance to all species.

We kick off on Wednesday, November 8th at 8 PM Sydney time with an evening filled with learning, laughter, and world work. Sessions will all be recorded for later viewing.

Are You Ready to Walk the Faery Way?

I look forward to welcoming you into this unique and magickal class, unlike anything taught elsewhere. Embrace the journey, join the community, and let’s create magick together.

My name is Billie Dean, and I have been deeply connected to the natural world and the Unseen since my earliest memories. Born with the ability to understand the Universal Silent Language spoken by all life, I’ve spent my life not just in telepathic communication with animals, but also immersed in the profound wisdom of trees, stones, the unseen realms, and the very spirit of the Earth herelf.

🌿 From Animal Whisperer to Faery Guide

My journey began in earnest nearly four decades ago, when a spirit ally named me the “Woman with Twin Tongues,” nudging me to use my gift of communion not just with animals, but with the entire tapestry of nature. Despite a thriving career in the entertainment industry, I quietly started helping friends connect with their animal companions in the circles of natural horsemanship. Word spread, and my practice grew to serve an international clientele, sparking the release of my book, “Secret Animal Business,” which shared my insights and stories from the heart.

Yet, the animals and the spirits of nature had a grander vision in store. They called me to create a sanctuary, a safe haven that now stands as Australia’s largest farm animal and wild horse refuge. Here, at “A Place of Peace,” every being—from the smallest insect to the grandest horse—lives with agency and dignity, showcasing a blueprint for a harmonious future embedded in today’s reality.

🌟 Embracing the Ancient Faery Priestess Ways

But my communion extends beyond the realm of animals. Since childhood, I’ve been in dialogue with the trees, the stones, the unseen, and the ancestors, learning and living the ancient Faery Priestess ways. My sanctuary is not just a refuge for animals, but a living testament to these teachings, a sacred space where every leaf and stone speaks the language of magick and harmony.

Through years of dedicated study in shamanism, druidry, and various natural healing modalities, I’ve deepened my understanding and practice of these ancient paths, ensuring that the wisdom of the Fae and the natural world is preserved and shared.

🔮 Sacred Listening: A Healing Art

The Faery Priestesses hold the art of Sacred Listening in high regard, teaching that it prevents problems from becoming problems. In our noisy modern world, we’ve forgotten how to truly listen—to the whispers of the Earth, to each other, and to the depths of our own souls.

It is my heartfelt mission to guide you back to these Old Ways, to help you shine your light brightly and walk in harmony with all of life. This is a language spoken by all beings, from the rocks beneath our feet to the trees overhead, from the living creatures that walk beside us to the spirits that have moved beyond. They all have voices, and they all need to be heard.

🌈 A Call to Remember and Rise

Today, we stand at a crucial tipping point. We can succumb to fear and disconnection, or we can rise, resist, and remember. We can choose to walk the ancient, luminous paths that lead to a brighter world for all beings, ushering in the promised Golden Age.

This workshop is an invitation—an adventure in learning and remembering. It is a call to sharpen your telepathic skills, dissolve the walls between the seen and unseen, and embody the highest expression of your soul.

Together, we will explore tools, techniques, and ways of being that reconnect you to the heart of nature, to the wisdom of the Fae, and to the sacred dance of life.

Join me on this enchanted journey, and become the steward and guardian the Earth is calling for. Together, let’s tip the balance towards light, love, and a thriving world for all.

What People Are Saying

Billie Dean (small in stature, but big of heart!) is a true global visionary, resonating with the wisdom of an elder. — Kayla Jakota, SA

* * *

Billie is a shining example of how being so gentle is such a strength. The animals are blessed to have her speak and act on their behalf with whole-hearted commitment and devotion to their entire wellbeing.” – Eve Nguyen, NSW

* * *

I have participated in a number of Billie’s workshops in the last few years. I have enjoyed them all. I love the things Billie teaches, as I can use them to help in magic ways that benefit animals or humans, plants, all kingdoms. And that’s what we are here for. — Tammie Morton, Vic

As you’ve heard me say before, the planet needs people willing to be different, to remember the old ways, the old knowledge. We need people to be true guardians and to be the Medicine and the Light! This makes our own personal lives so much richer and more meaningful and authentic. And if we humans get on track, we affect the collective consciousness and make it brighter. Ultimately, that’s what the Faery Way is all about.

If you’re open for it, this is a transformational series, but also  fun, because that’s the best way to learn.


Where: online.

When: Seven (7) Wednesdays from 15 November 2023, 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm (Sydney time). Click here to work out when that is in your time zone. Sydney, Perth, London, New York, and Los Angeles are already there. If you need a different location, just select it in the Add Location box toward the top.

Each session will be recorded, in case you can’t make it on the day.

Note that the course includes, as a bonus, my session held for Beltane at the beginning of November.

Cost: $449

Note that if you need a payment plan, please contact me and we can work one out. (Payment plans are typically some agreed amount at agreed intervals, adding up to $499.)

What to bring:

  • Candle
  • Smudge or clearing spray
  • Incense
  • A small bell if you have one.
  • Notebook and pen. Make it a beautiful notebook that will be your faery book of personal wisdom shared to you by other faery beings..
  • Your Fae Elders’ Guide to the Higher Dimensions deck, if you have one.