Bare Feet

20 September 2013

Woah! Can you feel the shifting of the energies? Happy birthday New Humans!! Welcome to the energies of the September Full Moon and Equinox! It is truly an exciting time, and while on the surface it may look like chaos, many sensitives will be able to feel the shift that heralds new land. This past weekend was a turning point.

Hope you took mental notes of what was up for you.  And also dropped it — or shifted in some way.  We really are creating the world anew with our thoughts,  So what are you creating?

There is an abundance of Light pouring onto the planet – solar activity galore and the energies have been edgy and crunchy. To me it feels like the splitting of the worlds. Or perhaps we are gearing up for the solar flip that NASA says is coming any time soon. I’ve been very light-headed, and it is has been almost impossible to function for about two weeks now. (Better today!)

Lots of people reporting the same. Unsettled, lots of crying, depression, sadness. Extreme fatigue.  And stuff is up for healing and release. Time to ditch the core issues now! Spring cleaning of Self!

Those of us who are the wayshowers, the lightworkers, the trailblazers have been doing so much conscious and unconscious work to change. And now many have reached a point where we can begin to move forward.

Are we collectively mourning the Old Earth, and filled with sadness for those who are choosing to have lessons in suffering? Are we clearing and cleansing? Or are we just feeling the sadness and suffering from the collective? Perhaps all three.

Laying Down New Tracks

It’s like we are at the crossroads now, and going through the door into the New Earth. But to do that, the old paradigm has to dissolve and chaos ensues. Look how much chaos is going on in the world right now and I would urge people to remember that it is an illusion and the more energy we put into animal suffering and other atrocities, the more there will be. We can act for change of course, but work for peace, not against war. This is why I founded the Deep Peace Movement for my own animal activism. (Please join us!)

Further, to change the paradigm, we must heal the wounds within. When we hold wounds, it is reflected into the world and the collective consciousness. So heal your wounds! When more of us wake up to the way the world is made, the quicker we will see change. And the new paradigm.

Many folks are considering this Equinox the real birth of the New Human – but again, not something to happen to us suddenly, but gradually as it has been. My sense is all the storms we have been experiencing, for example, are like the birthing waters. But “ascension” isn’t immediate. If the Equinox is our birthday, then we have to learn to crawl and walk, before we can dance. Most of us anyway. I’m going to still try for baby dancing!  Who knows!!

We are all yearning for this new world! Now is the time to lay down the new tracks, and this is what we are doing with our Deep Peace Farm Project. So exciting! This is a brand new blueprint of living with the Earth and animals. It is why I am here. If you want to be involved with this, support now by donating here. This is everything about new paradigm living! Come on board the Deep Peace train now!

My Spirit Sight has seen the doors opening and lots of Otherworld help for those of us who are feeling a bit bedraggled at the finish line. And probably everyone else as well.

I hope so. On top of that the last Full Moon impacted people, asking them to really see what is up and healing it and moving on once and for all. To change your state, change your perspective and thoughts. Reframe it.

Working in the Dreamtime

Many people have reported seeing me in their dreams recently, and in my own dreams I am busy creating something new, teaching, travelling. Little wonder one wakes up tired when we are so busy in the Dreamtime.

This is not a new phenomenon or upgrade. Ancient teachings talk about the Dreamtime across many traditions, if not all. It is well known that we travel when we sleep. However it is interesting to me that so many people have seen me in the last couple of weeks. This is new. I seem to be incredibly busy and most of the people I haven’t met in person in this lifetime—but all are part of this community. Some I do know, and I know we have been together before, doing our work.

The other day I woke up with what felt like a sprained foot. How do you get that when you are sleeping? I told Andrew it was because I was exploring the ruins in South America! The foot healed itself during the day.

My sense is that what we are all doing is healing old stuff – and perhaps it has been so intense lately because we are approaching BIRTH. Clean out the old!  There’s also a lot of other work happening.

We are multidimensional beings, and our task at the moment is to come into wholeness. It’s about healing old wounds so we can move forward as beings of Unconditional Love. It is about understanding how we create the world with our thoughts, words and deeds – and choosing the good ones.

Do the Tears Flow?

The intensity of change seems to have accelerated again and I know I am not alone in “tears for no reason”. I hear so many people say they are crying, and it’s almost a daily occurrence. The tears come and the unsettledness and waves of dizziness that tell me that the world is moving and that I need to hold the energy for myself. I need to be the calm in the middle of the storm. It also tells me that there is something happening, somewhere. Lately, it is been even more of a challenge to ground. But that has to happen too.

To reach the state of peace amidst the chaos is what we are being asked to do. And this is especially hard for animal sensitives and Earth stewards – because we care and feel so much. But for the animals and the earth—we have to. And it is easier in community. It is easier to know you are not alone. And it is easiest, of course, when we laugh and for those of you who know us, it will come as no surprise that Andrew and I are offering Laughter as Medicine – as part of our fifth dimensional work. This is what we both did when we met 27 years ago, and then together, until we went bush   Watch out for our upcoming launches – coming soon.

This time for me has felt incredibly intense on one hand, with enormous amounts of light on the other. It really is a time for us to get into our fifth dimensional places – relationships, work and homes. And across the board I am seeing people struggling with their relationships and work and whatever their challenge is. That challenge is what you came here to heal. This is your core wound.  We have to learn to step into love — not fear.  It is about living in a different way to what went before.

So let’s get on with it. The new earth is exciting. Don’t despair. Put on your dancing shoes and let’s roll up our sleeves and together put down the new tracks of a new way of being. This next period is about learning to walk! We have arrived on the beach of the New Earth!

Please note I am  currently available for personal shamanic healing consults for those who need help. Please get in contact for more information.

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