Equinox, March 2013

If you found the last quarter difficult energetically, you are not alone. All old core issues were up showing us how NOT to create. And the importance of healing ourselves. Time to see your core wounds clearly and let them go! After Mercury in Retrograde, heaps of planets putting the pressure on us, huge solar flares stirring the pot, I finally felt the shift of new breeze through on Sunday night. Phew. We have now suddenly arrived at the day when the energetic door on the old world closes, and from here it is up to all of us to learn to dance in the new world by understanding that We are All DIVINE.

Another big pointer to the change in the world is the resignation of the Pope, and significance of the new Pope to people like us.  Pope Francis, naming himself after the Patron Saint of Animals and actually mentioning the protection of the environment.  I will be watching what unfolds here with great interest.

The last three months saw the death of so many animals who chose this time to go.There were many animal suicides.  I asked them about this. Their souls, it seems, wanted to leave before the new energies came in.  Some will return in new bodies.  Others have other work to do, and other adventures, their work here done. There were a lot of humans who left also. There are still so many slumbering souls and an ocean of the angry wounded humans to navigate, but don’t let them pull you into their sea of coarse vibration. Fly higher. If you expand your field with love and acceptance, sending them blessings and love, they won’t be able to hurt you because they are not of the world of your making. To be awake is really about taking 100 percent responsibility for the making of our worlds. Make one that you love!!

This is now the time of the coming together of tribes, of higher frequency living, of dreams finally made manifest. But you can’t sit by and just expect everything to happen. We are in a new time with a new way of being and dreaming and it requires using the gifts we have been given. The gift of discernment. The gift of listening to our higher selves through the heart intuition. The gift of mental and emotional mastery. And the gift of the Anam Cara — soul friends who are your tribe, who help you fly higher when life feels bleak. Most importantly — the gift of intention.  It’s time to remember all our potential!  Enjoy — we have a big time coming up ahead of us energetically until the solstice.  Surf the waves!!! Wheeee!!!!

. . . . . .

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