September 23, 2011

The Equinox is a special day for doing fire ceremony and setting your intention for what you want, after shedding whatever it is you don’t want.  It is a day of balance and harmony.  It is made even more powerful by coinciding with the Sixth Night of the Mayan Calendar and truly a time to let go any old stories of the past forever.  A good time to ask the fire to help you dissolve the chains of karma.

The world needs us to be happy and alive because of the morphogenic field factor.  This means that we affect the world around us with our mood and emotions.  If we raise our vibration, we can shift the experience of the world around us.  So this is why I keep talking about finding out what it is that brings you joy, and setting your intention to do more of it.

What are your priorities? And think of this not so much in an old third dimensional way, because that way no longer exists for so many of us.  Think of it as new.  Really think.  What is it you want?  What are five simple things that bring you happiness?

The month ahead is one of solar flares and thinning veils.  Many of us who walk the path of the heart are sensing the winds of change.   It is time to be truly authentic and ethical.  My sense is of things going down the plughole, swept away by the winds, and wiping the slate clean for those with inspiration and the courage to manifest that inspiration with action for the New Earth.

On the physical plane, it could get crunchy. So make sure you spend time in nature – to calm and to nurture yourself.

It is a time of transition – which is why so many souls are taking advantage of the time to leave.  And others will be born.

This is the time of Libra – of justice and balance, partnership, relationship, beauty, love and compassion.  Embrace the goddess with love and surrender, or feel the knife edge of change being forced upon you.  We are really crowning now in this time of the birth of the new human – but we cannot go into the new, still wearing the dirty clothes of the old, and the lower vibrations.

So help the planet by singing, dancing, loving fiercely and deeply, passionately and with aliveness, by heart and soul connections with animals and nature and by the sheer joy of being human (or otherwise) in this amazing time of change – on this planet today.

Animal Transmissions

Today in my meditation, Lion, a solar deity and “king of the animals” came forward to request peace.  He said that in order for humans to experience “heaven on earth” we had to “be heaven on earth”.  He asked that humans stop abusing each other.  He said that people did this because “they couldn’t see the truth in front of them– the veil of sleepiness was in the way.”  He said “rub your eyes children and allow your Ego to stretch and grow wings.”   He wanted people to “grow as tall as trees and see Love and Light all around them and in everything.”  “You are loved,” he said.  “No matter what you think or shame you carry.  You are loved.”

Grey Kangaroo also came in.  She represents the Divine Feminine and made yet another request for people to stop killing her kind.  Her grief was palpable and I had tears in my heart and in my eyes as I wrote her message.    “It is time to stop .  Be gentle.  Honour us all.  You don’t know our souls and who we really are.  I might be you sister.  I might be your kin.  I just wear the clothes of another kind.  Please respect my kind.”

Grey Kangaroo comes in all the time to my meditations for healing and release of their earthbound spirits.  The ones who are shot and tortured.  The message from a huge male Grey Kangaroo today was” humans you hold the world so small in your mind.  Open up to the freedom of the magic of the limitless.  ”

The veil is very thin.  The animal spirits whisper in the wind.  It is time to shift your perception to the nature of ordinary reality and expand the vision of non-ordinary reality.

. . . . . .

Billie Dean


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Photo credit: woodleywonderworks