I think its important during these times to choose our words with care.  Instead of the words “quarantine” and “isolation”, we can call these pandemic measures, “cocooning” and “snuggling in”.  It’s also important to remember we are never really alone.   There’s all kinds of unseen ancestors and Others, nature spirits and fae, our animal friends, and the huge connectivity of the internet.  It’s hard to be truly alone .. especially as we are all connected.  And this pandemic is really showing us we are indeed all one global family.

Enter the delicious word “entanglement”  The New Earth is sprouting seeds of new words, thoughts and ideas.  Entanglement is one that I really like.  It speaks to me of our  interconnectivity .. with everything, everywhere.

You might hear this word paired with the word quantum.  Quantum entanglement.  An idea that supposedly freaked out Einstein!  He called it spooky.

It’s also paired as emotional entanglement. Usually related to lovers in perhaps not such a healthy relationship.  But let’s put that aside and explore the visual image the idea of emotional entanglement evokes. Getting entangled.  Being entangled with another. Hopelessly and hugely connected.. Let’s put the connection into entanglement!  Let’s take it one step further.  We are all entangled together in a web of light.

The ancient  word Ahimsa is also about this idea of connective entanglement. It asks to do no injury to others in thought ,word or deed.  Because we are all connected and what we do to others ripples. Violence ripples, and so does kindness.

We are entangled with our world and each other and the animals, and with the other dimensions and realities. We are entangled and its messy and glorious and perfect!  It’s a  great visual word which describes the net of light to which we are all bound, and explains why we feel the pain of others of any species.. some feeling it more acutely than others.  When we hurt others  by eating their bodies for example, we might not feel the pain of the animal’s fear, terror and slaughter. But because we are entangled , it remains a hurt in our hearts.

Entanglement. If we are so caught in a unified One with all the Light out there that is everyone’s true nature, then one can see the importance of being kind. We have a responsibility to be kind.  When we give love from a loving heart, when we feel love, our entanglement ensures that that love ripples.  When we feel fear, it creates a darkness in the net of light which brings it down.  I see fear-spreading as a kind of sorcery. (another juicy word)  It hurts the net. Because we are all entangled.

In these days of cocooning, many are forgetting the power of love and instead, are  descending into fear. They have not perhaps looked at their history books to see other pandemics.  We are living history in the making.  For those suffering and losing family and friends, we can feel huge compassion and empathy.  We can up our giving and kindness.  Their loss is our loss.  Because we are entangled. Understanding entanglement surely gives us more compassion.

While there is a lot of pushing to “go back to normal”, the Mother Earth, the animals, the trees, the stones, the rocks and the fae…they don’t want humanity to go back to the old normal. My sense is that Mother Earth needs to heal, the animals need to feel safe, and humans need to figure out how to live more lightly and with beauty. It’s time for reflection and invention. It’s time for a brand new world.  With new words. And new ways.

Really sink into the word.. entanglement. You are entangled with that tree who burnt in the fires.  That river who is struggling with pollution, that bird who has been poisoned, or shot. The person who was murdered on the other side of the planet. The little old lady who was kind to the cat in the alley.  The forest warrior helping save trees and winning.  The young lad who brought home a homeless dog.  The parents who let him.  And stepped up. The couple who bought groceries for the old lady who lived alone.  The young man who took in the homeless.  The cats and the man, giving them both dignity.

Our hearts are entangled in such a way that we respond to both the collective suffering of sadness and grief, and the joy of a good deed. We need to focus on the good deeds now.  And create more!

We are entangled in many ways as we create our world together.  If we form a collective, what are we creating in our unified field? Is it our collective shadow creating the dark? And if we are entangled, can you see how shining your light on your own shadow, can spark a wave of light to make bright the net? It might be the most important act of activism you make.. working on yourself so you can shine brighter and impact the net in a beautiful, positive way.

As the new earth continues to grow shoots I am reminded strongly of the 60s. The counter culture resistance was alive with love, freedom and peace. We can take  seeds from that era and sprinkle them with the purified water of an evolved species. How those seeds grow is entirely up to us, but let’s make it Good.  Let’s turn the world the right side up. Because right now, it’s upside down.

This cocooning time has brought so many sudden but good changes. Home schooling children instead of leaving them to the system,  creating veggie gardens to take the pressure of the supply system,  being home with your animal family instead of leaving them alone, working from home and  reducing stress and pollution and the risk of traffic accidents;  being inventive, creative, imaginative, having more time to just be, Going plant-based is a huge and important change right now.  Especially because we are entangled with cows and calves, sheep and lambs, hens and chickens.. and so on.  We are entangled with their suffering, which humans cause.  And it darkens the net and pulls the collective down. It’s time to set them free. So we can be free.

Social cocooning is a good time for kindness. Do you know of any sensitives or creatives who might need help, or elderly, or struggling solo parents or people in abusive relationships?  People who have suddenly lost their income and might need help brain-storming new ways of living and giving? Reach out. Can you help the animals of the world or the forests or reefs?  Now is  good time to protect others and let them know they are safe.  A feeling of safety is a feeling of peace.  Peace ripples. Entanglement makes it possible.  And it all grows the New Earth.

The elders are saying we need to be very focussed on our peace at the moment. Make our collective of light strong. Radiate peace and calm. Put your attention on helping others. Of all species. When beings feel safe, they feel more at peace.  And deep peace is needed for the world to shift.  Imagine a world of deep peace.

Love and peace is our natural state. Imagine that so we can have that again.

I’m writing this in the third month of  cocooning which studies have shown people find challenging.  But we have to breath and go deeper.  The Mother isn’t ready for us to go back. In order for us to untangle from  the old patriachal ways of doing things, we have to stay in the Light, and allow the shift to happen.  Allow the humans to be the change the Mother is begging them to be. We have to end the old scientific materialism paradigm and go back to the Beauty we can be.  With reverence.  With humility.  With loving kindness. Make untangling beautiful.

Can you untangle from your conditioning?

I’ve noticed how many of those suffering and wanting things to go back to “normal” are the ones who haven’t untangled from the old paradigm.  They are caught up in the tension of staying in the old, instead of bending like a willow in the wind, and finding the new.  Relaxing into the new.  The new calls for slippers, and walks in nature. Working from a lap top on the bed with dogs or cats or both beside you. Allowing yourself to be. Having more family time with the children. Inviting them to help you make a plant-baed dinner, grow a veggie garden, camp out in the yard. Moving from rigid schooling, to unschooling, trusting that they absorb like sponges and can learn from books and audio stories and podcasts, documentaries and nature walks, family discussions and problem solving.  Even the youngest might have a good idea about problem-solving or creative input..it makes them more equipped for a changing world. The new world isn’t about rushing and pushing with no time to breathe or be.  It has space.  Untangled from old karma and past conditioning .

We have to reset. Take this pause and think how the Earth would like us to be?  How do the animals and trees and plants want to be treated.  With acknowledgement and respect — and honouring our entanglement. Our deep connection with each other.

Rise strong in your cocoon. This is a great opportunity.   We are One with All.  We all share the divine spark of light which fear dims.  There is so much good coming from this time of enforced change. Animals who have lived in fear of the predator human are emerging, the human stains no longer pollute the seas and skies.  The true waking up is to remember entanglement and the power we are by simply holding love with mastery, over fear.

Ahimsa. Entanglement. We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for.  The change is now. Be the divine love, and deep peace we need right now.  Make a difference. Be the light, the light house and the lamp post.  The fire in the night.  The flame of light.

We are entangled. So  light up the earth like the stars in the night sky. Impact the world with your light.  And watch it ripple.  Don’t forget the cocoon is from where the butterflies emerge!


Billie Dean is a writer. She also founded the Deep Peace Trust a social change organisation which also supports Australia’s largest farm animal and wild horse sanctuary A Place of Peace which Billie founded with her family over two decades ago. The sanctuary is a ripple pool of peace from hundreds of animals who feel safe, creating a blueprint for one aspect of the New Earth.  Billie is the only known vegan animal shaman in the world. Her book Secret Animal Business changes lives.  Her course 30 Days of Spiritual Wildness transforms and uplifts. Not just humans but everything and every being they are entangled with.  All proceeds from the books and class goes to support the sanctuary.  To help support the sanctuary animals please donate to www.deeppeacetrust.com/donate.  To support Billie’s writing –  www.billiedean.com