26 Nombember 2012

Mercury Retrograde stations direct today  and we are in the middle of a powerful eclipse season, complete with huge solar flares and planetary line ups. There are earthquakes everywhere as our Mother rumbles and shift.

People are being challenged in all kinds of ways on all kinds of levels. My sense is this is a last powerful cleanse and if you watch what has come up for you at this time, perhaps you can take the opportunity to change your direction and set your new compass for alignment with your highest potential. Which is even higher than you can imagine!   This takes courage but really look at where your energy goes up and where it goes down.

It seems to me the energy of love is here and if you choose it, you can go through the next few weeks with gentleness and spiritual aid. The veil is very very thin. And signs and symbols and messages from the other realms abound. Manifestation is getting faster.

I’ve noticed that the people who are doing their work have started seeing miracles come into their life.  Good things happening.  It’s the carrot that I have been constantly speaking about.  Trips overseas, long held dreams, cherished beloveds recovering.  The trick is to understand the teachings – and understand the grace unfolding.

The messages I have been receiving are simple: “Be peace. Stay in the moment. Trust. All is in Divine Order.” Some of them have been loud – such as the horn on the car being stuck on, giving me the fright of my life. But when I glanced at the clock it was 2.22 – and I knew there was a message, and recalled what I was thinking at the time. I wasn’t happy with the way they delivered the message – but I was pleased it wasn’t the car blowing up! It was just the horn, and it healed itself. And I got the message loud and clear.  So in the end, it was a very clear message!

I know that the 2013 I “see” for our family looks very different from anything we’ve personally done before – and I am already excited about that. We’re setting the tracks for a new tomorrow, right now.

So watch out what lower vibration thoughts might be creating your world. What are you focussed on? Are you staying in the moment and in gratitude for what you have? Or are you sliding into fear and survival?

Are you acting from old wounds, from victim consciousness, from an old past life that’s still running you?  What about old beliefs and limitations.

Time to shed and shift upwards into wholeness.

I’m noticing a lot of people wanting to “Go Home”. A lot of people are desperate for change and the shift upwards into a better world. Some are taking their own life. Others are crying. Others are tired. All I can share is what soothes my spirit when the sadness gets hold of me like a black cloud – and that is walking in nature. I walk. I go barefoot. I focus my thoughts on the beauty of the setting sun, the light, the animals I see, the trees. By bringing yourself back to the moment, and focussing on this beautiful planet, the spirit within is soothed and can move into spontaneous gratitude and higher frequencies of love and peace and joy. For me it is always a powerful reminder of how beautiful our planet is, and how life really is. As Keats said:

“‘Beauty is truth, truth beauty,’ – that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know”.

Poets often “see” the truth of the world. And that truth is we live on a beautiful planet and how we steward needs to be a priority. The human spirit cannot thrive without beauty. It is soothed also by kindness and love. And this is the time we need to reach out to each other and be gentle with ourselves, and all our brothers and sisters who walk on this earth.  It is also soothed by creativity and positive self-expression.

There are so many reports of dogs being aggressive, cats leaving, animals going missing. People are in all kinds of crisis whether it be emotional, physical or financial. Spiritual emergencies are rife.

Now is the time more than ever to dig deep, be still, and listen to that quiet small voice within you for guidance. Your animals, for a start, will applaud you.

All the aggressive and missing animals have the same thing to say – they are sensitive and affected by not only the waves of energetic shifts bombarding our planet, but also the distress and tension in their people. I’ve noticed that the clients who take the animal’s advice, always report great results of calm and happiness. And have the tools to a new door opening.

This advice includes to chill out, take a breath, do some yoga, meditate, turn off the stress-inducing show on television and read or talk instead, get out the lavender oil, stop eating crappy food with no nourishment, stop eating sugar, stop drinking alcohol, stop eating meat. The animals say “go walk in the garden/bush/beach”, “be grateful for the sun’s return”, “do something creative”.

The animals tell me they are often responding to messages from your Higher Self – to put you on the path you need to be.

The other thing that is happening is I have had a wave of people talking about killing their animals because the vet or someone else says so. All those animal clients are alive and recovering, living to live another day of precious life. Their people are relieved and happy. So please listen to your heart and know there are animals acting strangely, there are strange maladys about, and people lashing out because they are under pressure or have run out of answers. There are other answers.

Now is about giving the gift of life, of being kind, of being compassionate and breaking free from the social mores of the day and following your own intuitive wisdom.

Now is about finding out what makes your heart sing. Where do you get excitement? Where do you feel content? What do you need to do more of in your life? Do you need a day off? What would it take for you to feel nourished – today? It is vital we focus on the things that are going to lift our vibration and a human being who has their real needs met is a happier one. And by real needs I don’t mean the kind of things our society thinks we need to have to be happy, because we have learnt that plastic crap doesn’t make us happy.

Instead we need to figure out what the real needs are. As Elder Min Mia says in our film This Sacred Earth: The 2012 Phenomenon – the changes are here to help us get our priorities right.

What makes us feel good – love, compassion, and kindness. It feels good to give. It feels good to create. It feels good to be loved and give love. These are the priorities of a better world.

One of the life gifts we have received lately was a tiny baby goat who moved in as if he owned the place. On one level you can look at this situation and say – expensive to feed, constant bottle feeding, can’t leave him, he pees all the time, there goes the floor rugs, awkward to deal with when you are on your own and need to work in the horse paddock. We even had to take him to a script meeting in the city because he couldn’t be left alone. He managed to pee on my last pair of clean jeans.

But the reality is – what a gift of love and humour!! What a gift to see our daughter chuckling as she cuddles him in her arms. What a gift to hear him race up the hall, or doing his tap dancing happy dance. The smile on his face and the way he curls upon the dog bed are heart expanding. The gifts of heart and spirit far outweigh the ‘inconvenience and expense” which are the excuses I hear from so many people. To me they are blocking their heart and the animals are here, in part, to help us open them.

And right now, we need open hearts, so we can live a heart-centered life and lay down the tracks for the new dimension.

So if your heart is called to take on an elder or younger animal, take the risk that you might find more joy in the moments. And the moments are what this life is made up of.

Mercury stations direct  today.  On Wednesday we have a partial Lunar Eclipse on the full moon, and if you are paying attention and doing your work, you might find your dreams being answered. Ancient teachings remind us of the power of the moon and the eclipses in manifesting and creating. Watch your thoughts!

I have been guided to teach a powerfully, transformative class – Engaging with the Sacred – just before the 12 12 12 gateway. This is because Spirit wants people cleansed and ready to fill up with the enormous download of Divine Love that will be flooding our planet on that day. One needs to be light for the next part of our journey and old baggage weighs us down. One needs to be lighter physically too so a plant-based diet is the best at this time for cellular transformation as animal foods are energetically dense and heavy.

If you are interested in this class, please contact us, and come to a retreat that will leave you feeling extraordinary.

. . . . . .

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