21 September 2012

This weekend is the Equinox, and it doesn’t matter which hemisphere you are in, it is going to be big.  Many people can feel it and emotion is running high.  The weeks heading into this gateway have been compressing many people into a shamanic dying process – lots of depression, tears, fears, frustration, hopelessness, helplessness, until you finally surrender, drop the last of your shadow and story, and stand there in front of the Equinox glass door, naked, vulnerable, humble, excited, content, peaceful, expectant.

What I’m being shown is an image of a glass door (like a human size cat door)  to a different world – a veritable enchanted garden paradise which is the New Earth,  and it is going to be open to anyone who wants to walk through. It is no accident that people call this time a Gateway. It is.

This simple vision means so much.  It shows the result of the paradigm shift.  The place we will create – we can create –  we are creating with our co-creative power.

We can choose to focus on the nightmare that is our current reality. Or we can choose to focus on what will come into manifestation through the healed and evolved human. And the power of their bright and beautiful thoughts and words, and their surrender to the Divine Plan for the greater good.

It is time to create that different world with our thoughts and feelings, dreams and words. With the extra oomph of the current Uranus/Saturn alignment, we are poised on the threshhold of huge change. And manifestation is potent.

So many of us have felt the old world dying over the recent months, and now with the world around us exploding into confusion and collapse, the new earth is emerging from the bright souls who have the presence of mind to dream in peace, and a new way to be.  The new world is like a rainbow, shimmering in the air, whispering and calling to us, as our more purified thoughts and selves, reach up to touch it.

This is what we came here for. To unitedly hold a grid of light by becoming potent lighthouses of Divine Love, holding the vision for the kind of world we really want and leaving the door open to manifesting magically and amazingly and with grace, this world of beauty and deep peace – for all species.

I want to make a point about Dreaming here. It is important we don’t get hooked into all the limitations of the old paradigm.  It is important  we leave the door open for possibilities greater than we can possibly imagine.  This Equinox, we have the opportunity to set in motion the painting on the canvas that will become the enchanted garden made manifest.

For ideas about what could be possible we need to look to the Masters.  These evolved humans are found scattered across cultures around the globe, beaming their light in the hope that others will seek their nourishment and grow.  Think of the Buddha and Jesus Christ for example, and just some of the miracles they performed.

We are shifting on many levels – our chakra system is changing as we leave the old survival/limitation behind. Our new brains are being charged. Our  ESP gifts are being set free. So imagine a world where people care for each other and the non-humans, where instead of greed, compassion and kindness rule and joy is the milky nectar we drink from daily.

You could take all the world’s current problems and turn them around one by one, because as one beautiful cat told me: “The world is back to front.”   But I think it is better to trust that everyone learns to listen to the soft voice of their muse, and downloads the new blueprints for living for the collective benefit.

Yes it is strange.  Yes it is unfamiliar ground.  Yes it can be confusing and wonderful and scary all at the same time.  But in order for our species to survive, we simply have to do a complete change in the way we behave and think and be.


In the meantime, I was told we needed to do ceremony, but that the old magicks belonged to the old world, and were not of a high enough frequency.  Simply embodying the frequency of Divine Love and Deep Peace was magic enough for change.

The vision I was given was of a person sitting in meditative stillness, perhaps the only light in the room being a candle or a fire. And to quietly focus on filling each cell with Divine Love from the heart chakra and spreading outwards – through the body and the home, to the country, and across the planet.

I was told to embody love and radiate that love out into the world. Divine Love for the planet, anchoring the light with our bodies, like lighthouses of shining strength dotted across the planet, holding the grid, anchoring the love and the downloads of light for the new era.

This was the message and vision  from a beautiful cat called Sabian, another one of my clients. She also said:

“There are a series of these gateways, and the world will be buffeted by intense emotion from those who don’t know. It is up to people who hold the light, to save the day.”

She said people should psychically cleanse their homes and that “this work is a lot easier when we all do it together.”

She said if we did the Divine Love ceremony daily, it would lift the energy of our homes into alignment with healing and the Gateways.

During the Equinox, the Earth’s magnetic field is very low, and this opens the doors to other dimensions. So while some say the Otherworld is near, others say manifestation is potent. Both are true. Please remember to be kind, gentle, respectful and loving in your requests.  If you do ceremony, do it in sacred space, protected.

And to keep in right relations, give back.  I like to sprinkle oats on the ground in thanks.  Sometimes I will bake a special faerie cake that is healthy and not chocolate in case the dogs enjoy it as well!  Equinox is a thin time, and for me, requires a special gift to the Otherworld and to the Earth.  A gift of thanks.  A gift of expectancy.

This past week I have felt the Earth’s shifts in my own body. Sudden dizziness that has me almost falling is always a sign that the Earth is “talking” and on the move.   The day after that, the animals at A Place of Peace were very disturbed, acting out, agitated and distressed.  I had a brumby stallion chase a colt into the mares’ paddock, breaking down fences. And a young cow got tangled up in a fence. It was another sign that “something” had happened in the outer world, as it is my experience that animals at peace, normally stay calm.

We treated the little cow for minor scrapes and moved the boys into a different paddock. A day later, their usual harmony was restored. I learned later that an astrological alignment had occurred, opening the door to powerful change.  The big guns — Uranus, Saturn, Pluto.

In the weeks preceding this event, I had my own shamanic disintegration process.  Spirit called it a “re-set” with an “upgrade”.   I was hit with flu-like symptoms, but the reason I knew it was more ascension than flu was because of my mental state.  ( and no tissues required!)   I found myself wondering who I was really.  Was I simply a product of my past incarnations?  Who was calling the shots?  Was I walking my Destiny and truth, or was I out of alignment?   What is my true purpose?  What does my heart really yearn for? All these questions came up and my outer life was reflected in brick walls.

I surrendered to Spirit.  “Rest”, I was told, “and when you re-emerge, the writing will flow and your path will be clear.”  I realised the date they gave me the all clear for, was the week of the New Moon, Uranus Saturn alignment and Equinox.  Interesting timing,

A lot of bleak blackness came up for clearing – old sadness and despair. And in checking in with others, I found this was common across the board.  Depression was rife.  This feeling of Dark Night of the Soul.  Hitting brick walls. Being hit by Mack trucks. So if this is you, you are not alone. We are being scrubbed clean, so we can enter through that door, all fresh, shiny and new. Exciting!

I was reminded of the time when Spirit took away my energy over two decades ago, and changed my life’s course from entertainment to animal communication.  “You have to speak with other people’s animals,” my spirit tribal elders told me during this six-month long initiation into shamanic stillness.

It was never my idea or my intention.  My telepathy was a natural gift which I kept to myself. So I was firmly put on my path – I just didn’t know it then.

While I lay in bed this time, I wondered what the outcome of the new upgrade or re-set was going to be.

Like so many I have heard from, I wondered what my new role will be .  We have all been remembering a different way, perhaps even living it, as we do at A Place of Peace, and struggling with the bridge of the 3D reality and the downloading of the New Earth, which makes so much more sense.

Are we going crazy, no.  We are simply pioneers.

I was told the body was a hologram, and that it was time to take care of it better, and outside one night during ceremony I was told that my etheric wings were in tact.  Okay!!

I wondered if my upgrade would include some extra gifts – and then , before I got too excited, I remembered that Buddhists say that the wanting of the gifts keeps you from the enlightened state. I want the enlightened state.

Freed from my work schedule, I found myself staring at my book case. Surfing the Himalayas: A Spiritual Adventure (Amazon link) put up its hand, and it was coincidentally about a guy who meets a Tibestan Buddhist master. Ha ha.

And then Eileen Caddy’s autobiography, Flight into Freedom and Beyond: The Autobiography of the Co-Founder of the Findhorn Community (Amazon), jumped out demanding attention. Her life was one of surrender.  I found a lot of parallels, and I understood why Spirit wanted me to read it at this time, because of the work being done at A Place of Peace with animals and nature spirits, laying down the footprints into the new.  The new codes and templates for how life will become.

Finally, when I was really lost, I dreamt of a key.  I went hunting for this key.  A very slim book, well read for many decades, popped out of my bookcase.  The late metaphsyican Florence Scovel Shinn’s book The Secret Door To Success (Amazon).

The lock opened  the door and I found myself in a beautiful garden in my mind. Upgrade  and re-set complete. We truly do live in a world of our own making.  Mine just shifted.

Words from the Animals

This past week, I was guided to help others remember the potency of our thoughts and words. It forms the backbone of  my teaching in my school Rainbow Fianna.  The ancients all understood the power of words and thoughts.

One of my students, Kayla, shared her dream message from a couple of years back, from our late dog Raffi, then still in the physical.  It is pertinent to our discussion today, so I will share it.”

“It’s as simple as people changing their thoughts, just that, right now, and we will have the world we want to see,” said Raffi.

The last word on the Equinox comes from our cat Lilac, who sat on my desk and purred as I wrote this blog post.  I know better than to ignore her.

She said, “You must tell people they are to ditch their old cloaks of fear and their grasping hold onto the intellect. Remember, we animals are divinely taken care of by you. We created that. So you can create being Divinely taken care of as well. It is that easy.”

She added, “When people let go into Love and Trust, they will find  joy and we will enjoy the sound of gentle laughter on this planet again.”

. . . . . .

Billie Dean is an internationally recognised interspecies telepath, animal and peace advocate and award-winning creative artist.  She  is the author of Secret Animal Business, and  co-founder of Wild Pure Heart Productions which produces  inspiring and heart-warming films about animals and peace.  Billie runs a transformational on-line school Rainbow Fianna, teaching animal communication with ethics and an eclectic blend of native  and visionary wisdom to help people evolve into the human angels animals need them to be. With her husband and daughter, Billie runs A Place of Peace at her home, a haven for many animal souls, and is the founder of the Billie Dean Deep Peace Trust, a not-for-profit that promotes peace and freedom for all animals through the arts, education and compassionate action. billiedean.com  Copyright ©  Billie Dean, 2012.  You are welcome to share  this article but only in its complete form with author, author blurb, and website attached.  Thank you!

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