July 29, 2013 

Today, July 29th 2013, is a very special day astrologically.  We are being given the opportunity to call in the beautiful world we all yearn for — peace and plenty for all.  And of deep peace for all species.

Please join us in a meditation tonight at 8 pm Sydney time — to spend a few moments, giving thanks and appreciation for a beautiful , gentle, kind world of happiness and abundance for all species and our beloved Mother Earth.

Today is a portal to the higher dimensions.  Are you ready to make the leap?  Keep working on letting go old karma, working with forgiveness  and moving into Divine Love.  This is the key.

We are currently going through a time of expansion and compression. You might notice what is showing up for you in your life and dare to ask for your fullest expression of you. Where are you holding yourself back? This is a perfect opportunity to let go all that doesn’t serve you.

This is a perfect time to look at the mirror of your life and  see what is unlike love that needs to be transmuted.

The energy is such that I can feel the tear in the veils now, the bliss, the humour, the wild freedom that we can touch when we allow the cosmic frequencies of Divine Love to touch our souls.  That’s the expansion.  And it is holy and it is the way of tomorrow.  And it is here today.

The compression is everything unlike love.  It is the smallness, it is the wounded, it is the unhealed.  It is all the triggers, and fears and pettiness that we see in our world that is programmed for hate and violence.

It is up to us to break through this density and rise above it.  For the world as we know it, is crumbling and will continue to crumble and those who stand in the faith of a new tomorrow, are the ones who will create it, and soar with it

Meanwhile it is vital we focus on the love and beauty we see in the world.  The day I saw the sad old cow shambling up the road with a working dog at her heels and a man at her back, I was filled with so much sadness.  I could feel her thoughts as she radiated misery and dejection.    As an empath it is hard not to feel the misery of these animals our kind consider less then sentient.   They are sentient, and they do suffer terribly, knowing their fate as somebody’s hamburger lunch.  This cow was the epitome of everything that I know to be truth.  She didnt want to be there.  She wanted to be free to be loved and cherished and run with her tribe.  Cows are very very social beings.    She didnt want to be sent off to an ignoble and frightening end in a slaughter house.  She was depressed and reluctant and frightened.

I prayed for a miracle.   I was going to the feed store, sometimes challenging for me.  But I kept my focus on love and being the gentlest, most loving I could be. A kind man materialised to help me load the car with hay. He didn’t even work there. But I asked, and I received angelic help that day.

On the way home, the light glistened in the trees, just as the fae had shown me the fifth dimension looked like.   And when I posted about the old cow, people rallied, also hearing her call for help, and now she is to be saved.  Because people cared.  Because action was taken.  That is a miracle.

The day before, Andrew and I were driving home from our photographic exhibition, the car loaded up with boxes, when we saw two dogs on the road. We pulled over with the intention of reuniting them with their people. They wore no tags. They had taken off on what I call a “glee run”. As I stroked them and went through a number of scenarios in my mind of how to find their people, I set the intention that the person would materialise.  And soon.  We still had an evening of feeding out hay in front of us and it was cold and rapidly getting dark.  The next minute a large truck pulled up in front of me. A guy got out who knew the dogs. The following instant, another ute pulled up with another guy who was going to see the dog’s people.  The dogs were thrown on the back of the ute (I held my tongue and my breath) and were delivered safely home – just up the road from where we were.  It was all handled in seconds.

These may not be miracles to others, but they are miracles to me. This is a road where few vehicles are ever seen. To have three in the one place is a major rush hour. And to have two people who knew the dogs, was a major miracle.

This is the world we are moving into.  One of grace and beauty, synchronicity and trust and magic and miracles. Enjoy the unfolding – because it is happening now, and we still have a few more months of alchemical change to go  Expect the best!!

. . . . . .


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