Emergence. Interesting word. Almost an emergency. Almost a butterfly breaking free of a cocoon. Perhaps it already is.

Is it time for you to emerge? Those of us here working for the prophecy of peace have been hibernating, changing, holding the light, remembering.

And now in this time of emergency on the planet. It’s time to emerge.

The old energy is one of seeking power, drawing the cloak around oneself, sucking it out of others if you can. Talking the talk but not walking it. Wanting to be the guru. Drunk with directions from the ego.

It holds so many, oblivious that the frequency of light is calling their name. Not listening, they miss the train.

Emergence. Interesting word. Interesting idea. We who have been here before shed the cloaks of invisibility and walk forward with our Remembrance. We were killed before. But we no longer have to stay hidden. Today we are needed. We are free. 

Labels. Interesting concept.  Old concept.  We are not the labels of western materialistic culture.  We are nothing like that. But you see labels everywhere as people try to get others to look at them.  Me. Me. Me.  Do I sound interesting enough?  I am amazing!

In the new reality everyone is amazing and unique with their own special signature. There is no need for pretending.

In this new reality there is only who you are, not what you claim to be.  Who are you at your core?  What are you offering the community?  

Don’t tell me what your qualifications are or what label you hang on your door.  Tell me who you are naturally, authentically, transparently.

Are you a singer, a performer, a carer, a nurturer, a mender of hearts,  storyteller, a healer, a gardener. an animal friend? Are you many things rolled into one?

Your natural tendency should be rising to the surface right about now.  This is your new role here in the New Earth.  The one that is you. The one with your unique stamp on it.

This is the true emergence.  Separate yourself from the story you have spun about yourself to make yourself sound interesting, so you can get rich.

This emergence is not about that.

It is about the alchemy of discovery.  Of discovering truly how you have come to be here right now and the service you are offering your loved ones. Chunk it down.  If you lived in a hamlet with no money,  who you are is what you would offer. You contribution would come from the signature of you.

Are you an entertainer? A cook? A handicraft person? One who creates homes? One who creates buildings? One who tends the sick?  

Travel inward.  What are you at your core?

Sometimes it’s hard to find that person because we are all covered up with labels, conditioning. Insufferable conditioning which seeps into our blood and our mind and makes us think a certain way about ourselves and the experience we have to present.  We are not our labels.  So  go on an inner  journey to take off all your baggage clothes of the 3 d world. Go deep. Find your inner child.  The laughing one who was so curious about life and remembered, really, why they came here.  Explore yourself.  Go inward.

Find the things which light you up.  Not the things which society tells you you have to be.  The things which make you come alive..curious, wanting to explore more.  Find the words to describe that.  Drill down.

Once you have found it.  Get creative.  How does your soul want to express itself in this un-Western labelled emergence? It might not be forever.  it might be a hat you want to try on for a while and see where that magic hat takes you.

Free yourselves from the old and tangled webs of old time lines, old conditioning, old karma. Are you acting out from these ancient tangles?  Take the golden knife and cut yourself free.  You are born brand new, emerging from the waters of creation.

Who are you at your core?

Not who think you you want to be.

Who are you really?

What is it that you cant seperate yourself from?  You are it. Because it is you.

This is who you are in the time of now.  The second beginning.  The new earth that is here now, growing and flourishing like a wild meadow, wild flower by wild flower.. a new creation appearing like a painting from an artist of passion.

Who are you really?  Unpack yourself.  Create yourself anew.  This is the new you.

Together the new caring, openhearted creative geniuses of the new world, will make a Blanket of Beauty.  With all the beings and for all the beings on this beautiful planet.  Humbly, simply and with powerful magic. And so it is.

©  Copyright Billie Dean 2019.   www.billiedean.com

Billie Dean is a writer, passionate about human evolution and the indigenous Prophecy of Peace.  She co-founded the story studio Wild Pure Heart with her husband writer Andrew Einspruch, and she founded the social change organisation  Deep Peace Trust  which runs the largest farm animal and wild horse sanctuary in Australia. Billie also teaches her unique non-human perspective in her classes and tells many stories of the animals in her care.  Check out her signature book Secret Animal Business. You can find out more on www.wildpureheart.com www.billiedean.com www.deeppeacetrust.com